How have I become a fan ?

At first I knew nothing about the books… As everyone did I just watched the first two movies with my best friends who were already talking about the 5th book to come out.

When the Prisoner of Azkaban Came out, I came to the cinema as usual with my friends and during the film one of them, Driliox, just couldn’t stop barking… He who is a huge fan of the books was indeed a bit disappointed.

But as for me, I loved the 3rd Harry Potter, it was darker and more grown than the other, it was also really well played (I’m thinking about Daniel Radcliffe).
When we came back home, he gave me the 3rd book witch I read in the evening. I forced him to give me the other of course, I read 5 books in 5 days… I’ve never been so sticked to a book before, sticked to such a world and its characters…

Thanks Driliox Thanks J.K.Rowling

Driliox JKR

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