Let’s talk about GoF…

We must admit that the realisation of this movie is some kind of perfect.

Patrick Doyle’s music is nice with the film, even if it’s not John William’s level (…), Mike Newell’s direction is excellent with a lot of British humour and Steven Kloves script who has the delicate mission to cut the noble work of JK until the Philosopher’s Stone.

I think everyone will agree with me if I say that the movie was a bit too fast… with pass a subject and action to an other without explanations…

But we must admit that the 4th book is huge and Steeven Kloves did well. Also, as JK has the author’s rights she can destroy Kloves’ script at will so…
In conclusion, it’s a good movie, with a good storyline even a little different from the book (I’m thinking about Barty Crouch Jr’s plot) and a good play from the actors, all of them.

Yet again, Harry Potter bewitches us…

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