“OotP emotionally rich”_David Yates

At last an interview of the director of OotP which will replace some speculations…

“I think what the producers were looking for when they asked me to do this was to make sure we had a story that felt emotionally rich and that’s what I’m trying to bring to it. It’s probably a little more emotional than the others; it’s a little more grown up, inevitably because of the story.”

“And in terms of the reality of magic it’ll feel a bit more raw and edgier, darker and tougher than the others.”

Also, Dan, Katie, and David Yates were each asked about the kissing scene. After being told that Katie said that “Daniel is a good kisser; I really enjoyed it,” Dan said, “My God. It was fun ; me and Katie – we were awkward and nervous at first but once we got it, it was fine.” And lastly, Yates said that “it was a very interesting experience and I wanted make it feel as real and truthful as possible. We did many, many, many takes and it’s very tender and loving, as the first kiss should be.”

Again, that’s gonna be a good movie !

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