Mushishi 25 : Fortune Eye and Misfortune Eye

At last a new episode of Mushishi ! It was long, but that was worth waiting.

Ginko arrives into a village (again ! lol) where a female singer sings mushis’ stories… The singer, Akane will tell to Ginko her story : born blind, with a father who used to be mushishi, this one have done everything for her so she could see in her life. One day, he comes back at home with an eyeball in which there’s an extremely rare mushi : a Ganpuku, well known to heal blindness…

Again, an incredible episode with a huge storyline and a magnificent OST, well you have to see it.

(Here’s the direct download link)


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2 Comments on “Mushishi 25 : Fortune Eye and Misfortune Eye”

  1. carineswan Says:

    Just watched it. Nice. Till now I’m still very fasinated by their mailing system. Still doesn’t make sense to me how it works. My favourite episode throughout Mushishi, would be knowing how Ginko lost his eye.

  2. berowl Says:

    Same as me, 🙂 lol
    The mailing system is great and was explain in an episode, mushi inside the egg travel throught darkness from an egg to another, still how the mail appears???
    And you’re right, the episode where Ginko is a kid is great and it s my favorite too.
    But first I thought he lost his eye because of watching the river of life composed with mushis, like the girl in the dark, this one is good too.
    Mushishi is my favorite series so it’s hard to tell which episode I like most, but the one i particulary like is the one where a kid can’t ear a thing but the sound of mushi’s voices…

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