OotP teaser trailer release date : Nov 17th

That’s all for now…


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7 Comments on “OotP teaser trailer release date : Nov 17th”

  1. Kmille Says:

    Hello ! I’m Camille, I’m French, so sorry for mistakes. I’m reading the senventh Harry potter en english because the French isn’t in the shop ! Snif ! You are luck (chanceux, I don’t now how say) ! Others must wait the 26 october ! I knew a little and I learn your word ! Dementors (détraqueurs in french), Parseltongue (fourchelangue in french), wand, bloomstick and full names (Ravenclaw = Serdaigle !, longbottom = londubat or snape is Rogue !) it was fantastic to enter in the world of Rowling ! Thank you for this seven book, you are the best ! Thanks, Thanks, thanks !
    I wait the french with ‘impatience’.
    Lots of love,
    Kmille, a french fan.

  2. berowl Says:

    Kmille you’re luck ’cause I’m french ^^
    Bah ouai comme quoi tou peu arriver!!!!
    c clair que c enorme de pouvoir lire les livres avant tou le monde en meme tps quand ca traine autan pour la vf… enfin bon

    entre fan on se comprend.


  3. Maddie Says:

    wow this is really great. I wish I could draw like this

  4. garlock Says:

    hello, my english is very small, but visit my blog
    in spanish

  5. margot Says:

    ou je peux trouver tes autres dessins?

  6. Melissa Says:

    Nice pic! I recognised it strait away, and I didn’t like it when they didn’t include it in the film..:S

  7. finnishgirl_Emmi Says:

    What the fucking muggleclothes they have???!!!

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