A new interview with Rupert

In an interview with AM New York, Rupert talked about the latest on Order of the Phoenix filming, saying that they recently finished shooting the thestral scenes in the film and are now working on “a lot of the final scenes” as well as “Dumbledore’s Army stuff.” Here’s a snippet from the interview:

You were recently getting ready to film the thestral scenes in the fifth Harry Potter movie. Have you finished those yet?

Yeah, we did those the other day. It was really a good time because they had to make a mold, a specially made harness that goes under your legs, because in the film it has to be invisible. They put you on this crane and lifted you up in the air. That’s been my favorite scene so far.

And that was done on a green screen?

Yeah. We are working on a lot of the final scenes now, the Dumbledore’s Army stuff.

When does ‘The Order of the Phoenix’ wrap?

We’re finished the middle of November, I think… We don’t start the next one until next summer, so there’s quite a big break. I’m going to try and do something else in-between.

I’ve heard you’re afraid of spiders. Are there any in the new film?

They were going to put in a scene where a spider comes down on my leg while I’m hiding under a tree, and they were going to use a real spider. So they were doing tests with different spiders, letting them crawl on my leg. They ended up cutting it because I couldn’t really deal with it.

Were they using tarantulas?

Yeah, baby tarantulas. They’re horrible.


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