Eragon’s game Theme

It came out a long time ago and I just linked it in my favorites. Last night I clicked on it and listened properly, it is quite beautiful, it has charisma, an epic color and a really huge heroic sound.

The link to play it is here (Quicktime).

A new poster came out too… 😉


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14 Comments on “Eragon’s game Theme”

  1. carineswan Says:

    Very grand. I hope someone will go arrange it so that I can play it on my organ. Perfect piece for organ!

  2. berowl Says:

    Well all we have is hope that the original soundtrack of eragon movie will at least be as good as this one…. Can’t wait!

  3. deanna Says:

    you guys are all nerds! i only like eragon cuz ed speelers is HOT!!!

  4. chad bro chill Says:

    t-t-t-t-totally dude!

  5. chad bro chill Says:

    u think ur funny? i love those books. when i go to sleep i think about saphira. i found evidence that galbatorix was a real person who lived in the 1400’s. you guys arent real fans.

  6. karmen Says:

    i hate when ppl pretend to be someone their not.
    every one these days are trying to be emo!!!!even if they dont have any real problems, emos cut besause there are things in our lives we cant handle, and thats how we let out our emotions.

  7. eragons hot Says:

    ithink that eragon is the hottest guy EVER!! i love him! i am such a nerd! 8-| i love to read this book, i have read it 6 times now! 🙂 almost as big of a nerd as ernie…sheck is hot too

  8. Happy Dragon Says:

    Come on! Who doesn’t love Eragon?! It’s like the perfect fantasy! Who doesn’t want to believe in a world of magic, involving the struggles of good vs evil in a battle of power, where forces greater than we know fight for and against us!I would love For it to be real, though the males are generally portrayed as stronger CP has done what few authors bother todo and pointed out that as in reality there is ALWAYS a powerful girl, and that men don’t rule. He puts Nasuada in a position of great power, and shows how men try to manipulate her and importantly fail to do so, showing that unlike as some males seem to think girls can actually look after themselves!!! I can’t wait for the third and fourth books!!! I was gutted when it was delayed, but now there’s going to be not just one but two new books, so I think it’s worth the wait!!! P.S. The third book is due out September 2008!!!

  9. shurtugal Says:

    if anyone here has a neopets account and is looking for an eragon guild then try

  10. assyifa14 Says:

    hi! i like ur blog…especially about this Eragon, haha. I mean.. gosh! Edward Speelers is SO cute… =)
    okay, thanks, by the way, for the poster.
    See ya! =)

  11. Stenlit Parker Says:

    Gla…edward speeler kren abs kpn y dya k jkrta, k gding ato k lapiz gtu?

  12. hot Hot almost as hot as my barrel horse Razzy

  13. Marianthi Says:

    Ed speelers is sooooo not hot!!!!
    I think Murtagh is a pure hottiee!!!

  14. The REAL Marianthi Says:

    Okay peoples, that is soooooo NOT true, that wasn’t me, seriously!!!! I hate Eragon and Murtagh is just a stupid copy of Arargorn, who is like WAY cleverer and no way do I think Murtagh is a pure hottie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That girl who posted that had better leave me alone!

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