Death Note : the most original anime ever!

Thanks to carineswan, I discovered Death Note in anime, and you must believe me when I say it’s great.

It is the story of a Shinigami who loses his “Death Note” in the human world. This “Death Note” will come into the hands of an intelligent boy who will let his way of justice be expressed through the “Death Note” by writing the names of people in this book. He will be named “Kira”. Some rules must be respected to use this book as you must see clearly the face of the person you kill when you write his name in the book.

At first, I though the anime will lose its breath after many killings but a man named “L” appears to resolve the case and here begins a dual between “Kira” and “L”…

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3 Comments on “Death Note : the most original anime ever!”

  1. carineswan Says:

    Woh woh. You watched quite a number of animes too! =p

  2. berowl Says:

    I really was surprised by the quality of Death Note’s true story, the plot of “L” is great, and I can’t wait the “pact” between Kira and Ryuuku….

  3. i have to read this book. & i want to say:” i’ll kill you!!”

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