Harry kissing Cho, at last…


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9 Comments on “Harry kissing Cho, at last…”

  1. yq potter Says:

    i think that if they show haryy kissing cho, it will take away from harry kissing ginny(which has meaning behind it)

  2. hmm Says:

    Knew it even harry potter likes asian chicks!

  3. berowl Says:

    Lol, ok guys!!^^
    yq potter: harry kisses ginny in book six not five^^

  4. Epi Says:

    YEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!That’s wat I wanted!!LOL!!!I love their pair!!

  5. kerkoda Says:

    wow this is nice picturebut
    i read that danilal was intersting in the kiss sence also cho and its tast was fine he said that in abc i think and he said he retern the sence 30 times hheheheh ooo i want to watch the movie im burning of wating im in egypt if any one in usa record it that will be good i reelly cant wait for the filme to come egypt and also i want to see behind the sence of that kiss and how many reely he retern the sence but any way thx>>>>>>>…………………………..

  6. glagata Says:

    ohhhhhhhh i newit was going to happen i mean at hismatch aginst ravenclaw he could not take his eyes off of her he had to contrate hard or get hit by a blunder

  7. glagata Says:

    i love it when they kiss i mean she is crying and it is all emontional and everything they seem a great pair

  8. glagata Says:

    the thing i like the most is that they are alone and in a dark room it is really really emontional

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