Release date for the third and final book of Inheritance?

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I have some of an information for all Eragon books’ fans. I bought today the pocket version of “Eragon” which came out yesterday in France. And the back cover had this indication:

Book 2 : Eldest

Book 3 : Release in 2008

2008 in France of course, so it could be late 2007… But that’s better than nothing, now we know it will be long… I just hope the third book will release for 2007’s Christmas.

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  1. krasus Says:


  2. josh Says:

    gd for u

  3. berowl Says:

    the book come out the 13th september in Australia according to a visitor who commented in another post.

  4. Nik Says:

    2008!! thats ages away…DARN YOU CHRISTPHER PAULINI!!
    goona rock!

  5. manny Says:

    it has been released that the title will be EMPIRE

  6. M JACKSON Says:


  7. robert mann Says:

    i highly dopht that it will be that 😦

  8. robert mann Says:

    There is this guy named kerr who says that IT HAS NOT BEEN DECIDED IT BE EMPIRE so manny u r wrong d:(

  9. Christopher Polani Says:

    robert gets all of my books singhed and deliverd to him by me

  10. berowl Says:

    I don’t think he will be that happy, signed by an unknown guy who mistypes quite everything.

    And I confirm, the title of the book is not released yet.

  11. kimberley Says:

    i am in despair waiting for book three is their no clues out their at all?? help… i think the book are brilliant and the film does it justice!!! how un exciting does our world seem compare to eragons and saphiras?

  12. sunshine and lolipops Says:

    our life sucks compared to theirs, and the supposed release date for the third book is really depressing and sucks as much as the fact that their life makes mine very insignificant.

  13. katie Says:

    Major kudos from another Montanan!!I am in love with this trilogy!! You have such a talent and a gift that i am sure will take you far. I have read Eragon and Eldest in just under two weeks… i just couldnt put them down!! And now I cant wait to get the third!!…seriously chrisopher this is tourture…:) Blessings

  14. DannyBhoy Says:

    The first two books where KICKASS i read both in 1 day if the third 1 was out i would have read that to. I cannot wait for its release it will be great. The movie was amazing and i think i have a realy boring life compared to Eragon and Saphira i wish i was a Dragon Rider. Christopher i would kill you because you haven’t written the third book faster but we all need you to write it first 😦 hurry up your killing me !!!!!!!!!

  15. deathnote!! Says:

    this is torture!!!!! you cannot put these books down!! the books are imense but the film lets it down a bit 😦

  16. Eanna Says:

    Eragon was released in August 2003.Eldest in August 2005.Maybe book 3 will be released in August 2007?(Just a guess)

  17. kelly Says:

    Eanna thats actually a good idea! i wish it would come out tomorrow, im having to keep re-reading the books!!!!!

  18. cristy Says:

    somewere in june

  19. aresh Says:

    GODAMMIT……. this Christopher is slow godam slow at writing books…… I HATE HIM!

  20. aresh Says:

    If the 3rd book dont come out by 3 MONTHS mark my words 3 MONTHS i am gonna die im afraid

  21. berowl Says:

    I agree with the August 2007…

  22. Goddamitall! Says:

    I hope the book comes out soon i love the trilogy i’ve read both book 3 times now without skipping so much as a word and i have to read them again until the 3rd comes out by then i probably would have read it 20 times and memorized every god damned line of it *chants* bring me the 3rd bring me the 3rd

  23. chris Says:

    Although the books are brilliant, I think the movie sucks – big time!!! How could they try to bring the story of even one book onto 1 1/2 hours of celluloid – shame on the producer. They forgot to even mention the most important things concerning the band between a rider and his dragon. Facts are just nor true or mixed up and to all evil they show an obviously to Eragon attracted Arya.

    I read Lord of the Rings and saw the movies and I have to say they fulfilled at least partly the duty to capture the mysteries and the soul of the books, although they also mixed up a lot of things. But the Eragon movie, really, made me angry to anybody who had to do with that “rape”. Only good they did was to model a good dragon.


  24. chris Says:

    Ah, and of course – looking forward to the release of the 3rd book. Allas…

  25. pissedman Says:

    guys u rekon he shood make now? he shood make us wait so the temptations bigger!

  26. pissedman Says:

    but it still shood b out hey? they said early summer 2007! its Summer now!!!!!!

  27. Mel Says:

    A book shop told me that the 3rd book should be released in australia in march of 2007

  28. Alana Says:

    I LOVE the books! L.O.V.E.

    Is it just me or have the books got all of you guys saying “Aye” as well??

  29. vlad Says:

    i also agree with chris for saying that the movie sucked big time they missed alot of characters that are important tot the story lilke solembum or watever that wherecats name is and i dont even see how they can even continue the movie to the second or third part i think they should try again

  30. Baaaizley Says:

    We have to be patient
    if he rushes through it the books won’t be near as overpoweringly amazing as the first two
    and yes
    I say “Aye” constantly
    and now I have other people doing it as well
    I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the best response to anything
    These books almost make me feel depressed about how crappy my life is
    I want to be an eeeeelf
    I’m so excited for the third book it’s not even funny
    Omgosh I love you for writing these books Christopher Paolini!

  31. jen Says:

    The movie was really a sad try. i agree that they should remake it… maybe peter jackson should help them out. he did a good job with LOTR. the only part of the movie that was good was Saphira. As every1 else has already stated IM SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT BOOK!!!! woohoo!

  32. berowl Says:

    I agree with you jen.
    When I saw the movie, I dreamed the night after that I made a remake lol. And I was with Peter Jackson as a director, also the suits and weapon designer from LOTR. And I was also with John Williams for the music. Landscapes from New Zeland and rights for a 3h45min’s film.

    Well, quite a dream….

  33. I really want book 3 to the inheritance trilogy to come out now but , i think i can wait till later in 2007-08. At least by july. Eldest is a good book but i wish i knew what the name for the third book is!!!!!!!!!!! One thing that puzzles me is that in eragon
    Brom says that there were 3 dragon eggs in galbatorix’s possesion and in eldest it says that murtagh’s dragon was the last dragon. What about the other egg. I mean if the Varden stole Saphira’s egg that leaves 2 murtagh’s dragon hatched there should be one more! So what happened to the last egg???????!!!!!!!! That is whats buggin me!! I’m so frustrated because i want to know so bad! Peace out homies!

    May your swords stay sharp! Se` onr sverdar sitja hvass!!

  34. vlad Says:

    i dont get what your saying inheritence master when did it say murtaghs egg was the last???
    book 3 will have the birth of the third egg and it will most likely be a good guy because if another evil rider was born the Varden would stand no chance, people are arguing and giving paolini tips about who the next rider should be.
    i just think that its a shame the world is not recognizing the inheritence books to be better than harry potter i think paolini would be proud if they put HIS books on the news

  35. emerald Says:

    oh my god… how long does it take!!!! i need EMPIRE to come out now. well it might be ending, but empire is a better name. all three begin with e and have 6 letters pretty clever.
    release the book!!!
    come ON!!!
    i think the next rider will be arya as both eragon and murtagh are male humans so arya, being a female elf, would steady the balance. also the third dragon is green and green appears to me as a more elven color. i don’t think it will be roran as he is another male human and he is far to content on just seyyling down and marrying katrina, having a dragon would blow up his entire image.
    it might be vanirs (or however you spell his name) as he was eragons sparring partener, but, like i said, it will probably be arya for the reasons mentioned
    i need to know who dies and who the next rider is so i can finish writing the sequal!!!

  36. vlad Says:

    Yes i agree Arya would be very reasonable considoring Shes and Elf female but i do believe it will be someone we least expect but im pretty sure it wont be Eragons sparring partner because hes not too important in the story and the rider should be someone who is a main character.

  37. maximus Says:

    i know everyone is saying the next rider will be arya but it could be someone that no one has even met yet. i mean paolini has already thrown us through some hoops like murtagh being eragons brother?! never saw that coming. and eragons father, morzan?! wouldnt have guessed that in a hundred years. while emerald does make a few good points i have a feeling that we are in for a surprise. cant wait for the next book!

  38. vlad Says:

    im staying on this chat till the book comes out

  39. carolina Says:

    I want the third book of Eragon to come out now!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Carolina Says:

    I read the first two books in two weeks! I love fantasy books, it just makes it all the more exiting!

  41. Carolina Says:

    come on peeps! i need the other book. i cant wait until christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am getting tired here ……………………………………………………………….come out now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!or else i’ll…..i’ll…..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggghhhhhhhh!

  42. Carolina Says:

    What if I say PLEASE!!

  43. gregdaking2000 Says:

    the movie was a disgrace to the true greatness of the book. it left out over half of the events from the book. jeod, angela, solembum, time with murtagh, orik, and occurences in farthen dur were all left out. and saphira changing to an adult dragon with just some flashes of light! theres so much left out of the movie that i dont even think i could list them all. i read the books again after seeing the movie and i have to say i thought they left a lot out but after reading it again after seeing the movie i was truly amazed how idiotic the creators of the movie were. if they had followed the movie a lot more, it would have rivaled, if not been better than the lord of the rings. They may have messed it up so bad that they will not be able to make Eldest a movie or will have to screw that one up too. They left out a lot of chaacters and occurences that become more of the story in Eldest, this may end p blowing u in their faces.

  44. yo momma Says:

    I know the third book is goona be awsome but to tell u the truth i hope the next video game and movie are much better because the were awful. P.S. Chris is a great writer she just needs to stop makin us wait so long.

  45. Carolina Says:

    yeah he is but……….

  46. HC Says:

    First off the books are unbelievably well written, especially for such a young man. What else would you expect from a homeschooler? I truely hope that Cristopher continues writting after the Triliogy is complete. Secondly, The movie was such a horriable dissapointment. I can only think of one other time that I have been so disappointed by a movie taken from a book and that was with the Never Ending Story movies 2 and 3. (might be a little old for you young guys). Thirdly I don’t believe at this point we are waiting on Mr. Paolini to write the book, because he had at least chapter two written before the release of Eldest. These things do take time. Sorry, but they do. I wish it weren’t so.

  47. EXTREMEeragonfan Says:

    The inheritance trilogy is AWESOME, but I just wish they WOULD RELEASE IT ALREADY!!! I hate waiting for books in a series to come out. It’s really tense and stuff.

  48. EXTREMEeragonfan Says:

    Plus, 2008 is A LONG WAY AWAY!!! Come on Chris, dont torture the adoring fans of ur book. RELEASE IT ALREADY!!!! Don’t wait till xmas, come on.

  49. EXTREMEeragonfan Says:

    I WANT THE THIRD BOOK!!! I WANT THE THIRD BOOK! (Okay, maybe a few people think I’m dellusional, but -) I WANT THE THIRD BOOK REALLY BAD!!!

  50. JoNaYh Says:

    I’ve done a bit of reserch and some people said that it’s coming out in summer 2007. Here some people say begining 2008. So, we don’t have to wait much longer…hopefully >_>

  51. JoNaYh Says:

    ALSO, may I add, the movie was too short and horibly organized. The book had too much details in it that they just can’t make it into a 2-3h film. A complete rip off. (no offense to christopher paolini =D).

  52. harrypotterismyhero Says:

    ok. i just finished eldest and now i have to wait almost a WHOLE YEAR for the next one. THIS SUCKS!!! a little of topic but i’m already nearly going crazy waiting for harry potter 7, and i just started reading the inheretence to try to pass the time, but clearly that failed…

  53. harrypotterismyhero Says:

    oh! i also thought the movie was a POS!! yeah it really sucked…

  54. Hele_EEE Says:

    I reeally think that the movie in comparison to the book was awefull! Tey left out SOO much that they will also screw up in the Eldest movie! They are better off not even doing it! They left out little things that will later on, in eldest become important for Eragon…I am VERY impaceint for the last book to come out because there is soo many things that need to be resolved! I mean will Murtagh ever become good? Will the other dragon be a male so that he can be Saphira’s mate? Seriously i need it to come out soonnnn! They had told me the 3rd book wasa out and i got really exited u know…but in the ned its all a lie! I love Eragon and i admire Eldest so pleaseee christopher paolini hurry up!!!!

  55. HW Says:

    i’v seen the adverts 4 the flim, it looks really bad, want to know when the third book comes out, iv been looking on the internet and there is NOTHING on the release date, i hope its out some time the year. I lover inheritance!

  56. Taylor Says:

    I went on line for like 4-5 hours and my computer says that the release date for book 3 is somewhere in March 2007 this year but they might have been lying.

  57. Amber Says:

    i hope it comes out soon. I seriously cried in Eldest!! No, not even kidding, it was that good. How can so much talent be discovered at such a young age? i decided i’m going to marry chris! Hey, he’s not that much older than me!

  58. neal Says:

    ok first off the books were amzing and were more than I could have hoped for but you might as well rename the movie because it did not follow the book aside from the first 15 minutes. Anyway, i was hoping to get more info from teh third book because Paulini is leaving us in the dark with the details its one think not to publish right away but give a cover, name release date SOMETHING

  59. neal Says:

    Eragon and Eldest were the most well done and amazing books i have ever read (yes better than harry potter). THe movie however might as well have been named differently because it did not follow suit. The only time it was following the book was the first 10 minutes. Anyway, i actually wanted to talk about the third book. I understand that Paulini wants to put the finishing touches on the book, fine. However, at least give us a title, cover picture, release date, SOMETHING, im dying in anticipation.

    P.S. if anyone knows anything let me know

  60. guys!pauline is my dads best friend and look at i this ways the next book gonna be 2000 pages long!!!!so that wy he taken such a damn long time.and plus i got the special addition of eldest and the special edition has 10 chapters of the 3rd book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haha sucks fer yall!!

  61. Chris Paolini Says:

    So you guys want to know when the next book comes out?

    it is true that he wont tell anyone anything about the book( i wish it wasnt true)
    but fortunateley i can confirm that the book will be out this year (2007)

  62. Amber Says:

    Hey, if he’s taking this long it must mean its gonna be an awesome book right? Well all the others were awsome too but i think this one will rock them all!!

  63. Pkalltheway Says:

    what is the title and why wont you just release it already

  64. Corto_Maltese Says:

    I hate u paolini…
    I have almost memorised the earlier two books..
    I can’t wait..
    And that eragon is such a jerk … running off to Arya everytime…
    Has he got no honour
    Begging to her or running, apolozing like a kid

  65. Carolina Says:

    Eragon is not a jerk…’s the author who wrote it.
    Yet I love the books.

  66. *Anime Freak* (Carolina) Says:

    The books are great but if onley he would make the 3rd book a big fat one. That way the story lasts longer. And why can’t the series have alot of books. That is a bit wierd…but it lasts realy long, thats what I would want. A series that never ends! Cool!

  67. Saphira Says:

    I hope that the third book is at least 1,000 pages. I love books that take me very long to read. I took the test at school. I am in 2nd grade. Eldest is a 7th grade book, and I got a 100!! I was so surprised that Murtagh is actually Eragon’s brother. I read on one website that Brom was actually Eragon’s father, but I guess we will all know the truth when the book comes out! I wish that it would come out tomorrow!!!!Did you guys know that a first edition of Eragon is now worth 2,000 dollars!!! That is unbelievable! Of coarse, I have a second edition…maybe one day it will be worth alot of money too. The future is so annoying. I wish I had a time machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. james Says:

    april 3 2007 4:55

    Morzan is eragons father because murtaghs father is morzan and murtagh is eragons bro
    for those people who dont read a book and understand it properly and im only 12

  69. james Says:

    Morzan is eragons father because murtaghs father is morzan and murtagh is eragons bro
    for those people who dont read a book and understand it properly and im only 12

  70. james Says:

    my grandpa cryed at the end of the movie because he thought saphira would die lol. the
    Eragon book rules and so does eldest.

    but in the movie why were there no dwarves? and how would u know that Arya is an elf

  71. lachlan Says:

    i didn’t like the book 1/4 through the book but i think the movie was cool and i think my brother wants to marrie it

  72. james Says:

    that previous comment is not true my brother is evil and deserves to be sent to dwarve hell. brother =lachlan

    se’ mor’ sverdar sitja hvass
    se’ mor’ranr ono finna

  73. berowl Says:

    Murtagh said to Eragon he was his brother, but he thought he was….
    I think Eragon’s father is Brom

    To debate go here:

  74. Saphira Says:

    I think that the movie Eragon is horrible! Without reading the book, I would never have known that Arya is an elf. I think that Christopher Paolini should sue Hollywood for making his book such a bad film!

  75. berowl Says:

    The problem, he gave the rights! and he allowed them to do it !!! He even plays in it !! (one of the soldiers or something)

  76. Taylor Says:

    If you could give the movie a rating between a-f————- what would it be?

  77. Taylor Says:

    Did you know if you check the news on the computer you’ll see that Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) claims that Ed Speelers (Eragon) punched him but he says he didn’t.Anyway now Daniel Radcliffe is spreading rumors that Ed Speelers is gay.

  78. xoxo Says:

    is it just me, or is all the shows and everything i like on their final season and yet to be released. it should be out around the 1/2 way marker to the season finale 2 my fav show

  79. james Says:

    i read something on christophers site that he may be giving the claims to eldest!!!!!!!!

  80. james Says:

    for another movie!!!!

  81. james Says:

    i looked on google images and the third book is going to be green 😦

    i m so bored with waiting for it im trying to start memorizing the ancient, dwarf, and urgal lauguage

  82. Saphira Says:

    I would give the movie a rating of F!!!!!! I can’t believe that Christopher Paolini is going to let Hollywood make another film for Eldest!!! I guess he actually liked the movie. I hope that the movie has not made him think that all of the gore in the movie would make the books better! My mom, after seeing the movie, inspected Eragon the book because the movie was so gloomy. In my opinion, Harry Potter is wierd and the books are horrible…to think some people think Daniel Radcliffe is “hot!” He is UGLY!!!

  83. berowl Says:

    I think we can’t compare Eragon and Harry Potter movies. At least, the Harry Potter movies respect the books!
    And well, I’m a bit succeptible concerning HP because I was a HP fan before an Eragon one….. 🙂

    But I agree for the Eldest movie. If they have more money to do it, it could be ok but after we all saw what CP was able to let do for Eragon…. I think they can stop.

  84. emerald Says:

    hiya peeps! i aint been on this site for yonks but hey, so what!!
    i was wondering if you guys are HP fans 2? the seventh book will becoming out in july! how ace is dat?
    yeah i read HP b4 eragon coz it came out fisrt, it dont matter which fan u were first, its entirely irrelevant. plus HP books are brill and i think HP shud be a compulsary read for all authers b4 they start writing their own books. i am now writing the prequals for both harry potter and eragon, these serise are hopefully going to end way beyond the ending boundries of the origanal books.

  85. emerald Says:

    berowl, on dat piont bout murtagh n eragon bein brothers if fair, and you made me think tweice about it, but after rereading eldest and eragon, i realised this must be, as seleena had obiously been cut off from every one other than morzan and her son. the fact of this is clearly stated by murtagh (I think) but if your right then i may have to kill myself

  86. emerald Says:

    (i still think morzan is eragons father)

  87. emerald Says:

    hi james person, read my posts and then consider this, i am also only twelve.

  88. emerald Says:

    look in the film they totaly reced da book, the ending was so WRONG WRONG WRONG
    plus wat was with durzas dragon thing anmy way!! helo?
    wat happened to gettin slashed across the back by durza. IT IS CRUTIAL FOR THE ELDEST STORY LINE!!!

  89. emerald Says:


  90. scott Says:

    OMG i want empire to come out soo bad.. ive read eragon 5 times and listened te audio book once.. I think eldest was much better than eragon but Im waiting to see wut’ll happen next.. either roran or arya will get the green dragon.. Im hoping arya.. ohh and paolini.. next time u do an interview cut down on the elf/ dwarfish talk.. its kinda lame/weird

  91. Faith Says:

    My 9 year old daughter read both of the first one’s in just a couple of weeks…She wants the third one bad.

  92. LoyalFan Says:

    hey, good books take a while! Try this, it really does help!
    write your own story(ive done 21 pages).
    focus on different things(really long games work)
    remember that a good/late book is so much better than a quick/lame one! good luck: )

  93. Kedran Says:

    Just a thought…instead of freaking out on Chiristopher for not going fast enough with the third book how about you congradulate him for two really awesome books and just be patient until the next one comes out? I think it’s amazing that he managed to get this far at such a young age that we should give him his time. Until then, as LoyalFan said, busy youselves with other things like the last Harry Potter book will be out this July. Or here’s a thought, get a hobby or a sport, something to keep you busy. It’s not the end of the world, and there are billions of other books out there, so enjoy them!

  94. Saphira Says:

    I agree Kedren, Christopher Paolini has ecomplished alot for his age. Can you believe he wrote Eragon at the age of 15! Well…he started it at age 15. By the way, I feel sorry for poor Brittany Spears. She must be going through alot to shave her head. Let’s all pray for her.

  95. they call me the space cowboy Says:

    your all crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Faith Says:

    My daughter reads all the time so she can wait for the third until it comes out. She is just really excited about knowing what happens next. It is hard for a 9 year old to be patient like that. As for other things to do, there are plenty of other good books to read. I think it is awesome that a 15 year old could write such things. He should be an inspriration to all who wish to accomplish great things!

  97. Razac Slayers yay!! Says:

    WHEN IS THE BOOK COMIN OUT IM DYIN N SO ARE MY M8S ITS SOOO UNFAIR 2008 KISS MY ARSE I WANT IT NOW I DONT CARE HOW CRAP IT IS I JUST WANNA READ IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  98. Razac Slayers yay!! Says:


  99. kugan Says:

    im really dying for the 3rd book. christopher if u have time read this plz man finish the book soon.

  100. Saphira Says:

    I wonder if Christopher Paolini even reads this sight. If he did give out the title, maybe I could wait a little longer. After all, if we did know the title, we could predict alot of stuff.

  101. Anonymous Says:

    You guys remember the first Star Wars Trilogy? The events of the trilogy parallel the Inheritance Series.

    Think about it!

    Eragon = Luke
    Brom = Obi-wan
    Murtagh = Darth Vader

  102. Anonymous Says:


    (look at last comment)

  103. Big Fan Says:

    I Cant Wait For The #rd Book To Come Out!!! I have To Go To Chapters Every Week To Get A new book to keep me reading while i wait.


  104. Kedran Says:

    I haven’t gotten a chance to see the movie, but I have to say I feel pretty put out. I was actually looking forward to seeing it because the books are so incredible. But from everything I hear, it sucked horribly. I’m half tempted to not watch it because it may just piss me off. I really hope it wasn’t as bad as you all say!

  105. Kedric11 Says:

    I saw it just a while ago and everyone told me it was bad but I had to see it for myself and Like everyone said it was horrible. You probaly don’t want to see it. But maybe you should see it, just for you to know its bad.

  106. Kedran Says:

    Thanks for the imput!

  107. SrShadeSlayer Says:

    I know i just got done reading the second book and it left me with more questions than it answered. Like how the fook is Murtagh so darn powerful. And why are the three dragon hatchlings representing the same thing as the freakin Pokemon, can’t Paolini be a little bit more original(For those of you who don’t know the Pokemon at the beginning of all the games and shows are divided up into Water = Blue = Saphira, Fire = Red = Thorn, and the Plant = Green = The last dragon indicated by other blogs that will be portrayed on the cover) Yes, I know I am a nerd but what else was I supposed to do as a child, I had no friends 😦

  108. jrgn Says:

    Hehe, looking forward to the third book ! I guess the reason why Murtagh have gotten so strong has something to do with absorbing other souls. Eragon did feel like there was more then one mind when he crossed swords with Murtagh. More minds = more magic. well whatever… I can se a lot of inspiration from WOT (wheel of tme) in Paolinis books, but i dont really care… give me more… im an addict… GO

  109. Saphira Says:

    I think that maybe ==================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================

  110. nick Says:

    lmao, it was as if there was no planning at all, everything done on the spot. I was expecting them to realise how bad it was around the end and have them collapse dead on eachother, just to end the pain and suffering that they have already caused. I cant see how they will continue the series in theatres. They will lose lots of money.

  111. nick Says:

    the movie that is..

  112. kittykat Says:

    i cannot wait for the Eldest movie to come out!!!! The Eragon movie was so good i think this one is going to be twice as good!! anyone know the name of book III yet??

  113. gregdaking2000 Says:

    kittykat Says:

    March 1st, 2007 at 2:46 pm
    i cannot wait for the Eldest movie to come out!!!! The Eragon movie was so good i think this one is going to be twice as good!! anyone know the name of book III yet??

    what in the world are you smoking? the movie sucked. you cant possibly like the books and think that the movie was good. the movie puts shame to the book. it should have been titled “eragon: the way it shouldnt be.”

  114. Kedric11 Says:

    The Movie goes by nothing of the books. And can’t see how you could every like both the movie and the book. Did you even read the books?

  115. Kedric11 Says:

    “Cant you see”

  116. Saphira Says:

    No, I think they should have named the movie “Gory Freak Show!” It was really scary compared to the book. Like the scene where Durza stuck his finger nail into the urgal’s head…disgusting! I hope that the Eldest movie falls through. The only thing that was good about the Eragon movie is the music. It provides very good figure skating music,(I figure skate.)
    Oh, and does anybody think that Murtagh and Galbatorix might be getting their power from The Vault of Souls? It was just a thought because in Eldest, Eragon describes Murtagh’s mind having little whispering voices. It would also explain how their power grows….more souls being added to The Vault of Souls.

  117. Steve Says:

    if anyone has the excerpt from book 3 please email it to me i am desperate to read it. i just finished eldest and i love the trilogy so far

    my email is

  118. Qasim Says:

    It is cuming out in the late summers of 2007

  119. gregdaking2000 Says:

    i dont think anyone but the publishing company and chris know exactly when it is coming out. considering how we dont even have a name for it. thats kinda sad, like when you search for it on google you have to put “third book in inheritance series” or “sequel to eragon”. right now i would like a title.

  120. Saphira Says:

    I agree! I think that at least they should tell us the title to the final book. I wonder what they will choose?

  121. pcob3 Says:

    Paolini, if you’re reading this I love you for coming out with the first two books but could you please just tell us if the third book will come out before April 2007.

    P.S. The movie was stupid and don’t let them make an Eldest movie.

  122. TOM Says:

    The title for the new book will be EMPIRE. There is also a site with the front cover on it.

    I’d b careful though because the website may contain a few spoilers.

  123. pcob3 Says:

    I DON’T CARE I’M GOIN CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. gregdaking2000 Says:

    UH NO. the title is not comfirmed to be empire yet. and that covers not even real. its says right below it “A mock cover of Book 3 “. Wikipedia is gret and all but i want it to be on a more reliable website.

  125. chuckles Says:

    why over intellectualise every thing, it is what it is ,and it aint what its not, damned cyber geeks get a fuggin life!!!!

  126. berowl Says:

    you say wrong
    I know for sure that no title has been released and that the cover on this site was the second cover for Eldest.
    Don’t base facts on wiki as it’s made and edited by visitors.

  127. sweet pants Says:

    the movie was horrible! and the game is quite gay. i want an rpg like starwars kights of the old replic. not something you put 50 cents in and see how far you can go.

  128. ArYa Says:

    I LOVED the 1st and 2nd books i cant wait fo rthem to come out. i heard that it will be a green dragon lokking to the right on the cover. Also it could be called empire. following the 6 letter begins with e code .I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. chuckles Says:

    anonymous, to compare the star wars trilogy with inheritance is absolute blasphemy,paolini is still an under done kid,which you can see as his writing style changes continuously through eragon, and then again through eldest! and its not murtagh = darth vader, but morzan i think youll find is the comparison that u were looking for.

  130. Saphira Says:

    I bet Christopher Paolini will surprise us with some title that does not follow the pattern. I just hope the third book will be huge.

  131. ERAGON Says:

    I wonder what th dragon will look like on Inheritance?

  132. ERAGON Says:

    I hope Inheritance is the best book he has written yet! I bet u that Eragon will fight the king. I just hope Paolini does as good a job with Inheritance as he has with the other 2 books!

  133. coolcat70444 Says:

    Are they making a movie for eldest
    if so then when

  134. ArYa Says:

    well eragon i have some news for u if u want to know what the dragon looks like then keep reading for i heard it is going to be green. the last color of the last dragon. they also say the book is going to be green to.

  135. Saphira Says:

    I also heard that the dragon will be facing to the right.

  136. Kedric11 Says:

    were did you here that from?

  137. brad brown Says:

    it is rumored to be a green dragon facing to the right and the name is empire that is all i know but i wish i knew more but the longer it takes to make the better it should be right. now the movie that is a diffrent question it was soooooo diffrent from the book and so bad i wanted to cry.

  138. brad brown Says:

    i have cheking evrey website i could find for some kind of clue to othe third book

  139. chris Says:

    when is the book coming out i cant wait any more ahhhhhhhhhhhhh if some one has the excerpt from book three email it to me plz im thinking the third book will be released in august just like the first to where eragon 2003 and eldest 2005 book 3 2007 every book has a two year span tell me what u think :p

  140. bobby123 Says:

    I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER!!! I probaly agree the last dragon rider is ayra because she is a Elf. Or It could be Orik the dawrf. Who really knows? I will also call the 3rd book Empire because it begins with an e. Aye.

  141. lab23 Says:

    what about Elva being the third rider? arnt her eyes green?

  142. bobby123 Says:

    No they are red i think.

  143. bobby123 Says:

    I also need to say that the movie SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!! They skipped half the towns including Terim!!!!! The only good thing was Saphira and the special effects. Also the person who played eragon was UGLY!!!! The only good actor was brom. They really shouldnt make Eldest.

  144. nick007 Says:

    I luved the books but they sucked at the movie! half of the characters
    weren’t even in the movie. I don’t think they should make a movie for
    eldest. If it’s like eragon i wont watch it.

  145. Saphira Says:

    I think there are only three good things abouth the Eragon movie. Number 1: the music. I really like the song Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne. Number 2:the special effects on Saphira. Number 3: the fact that they did not show the pile of dead bodies that where in that one town,( I forget the name of it.)

  146. Bhanuka Says:

    Come on Mr. Paulini, We cannot wait for book 3 as the other 2 books are great. Release it as quick as you can

  147. eragon Says:

    I can’t wait

    hopefully it’ll come out thi spring

  148. harry pothead 7 deathly hallows Says:

    ok i read the books and ya im excited but cmon that movie sucked good graphics an all but still if u saw some of the crap they did omg like 4 ex. the helmet for saphira it changed like twice or 3 times and the shades scars they changed like 20 times but his dragon was kool (the shades i mean) but all u nerds that wannna be eragon r pretty gay nerdy or no life but i dont no? hope the third book is good not like the screwed up movie

  149. nick007 Says:

    I can tel ya 1 thing, i definitley dont wanna be eragon!
    I can liv my life the way it is.

  150. Sasbo Says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwww, sooooooo long. can’t wait! they’re my fave books so far!

  151. nick007 Says:

    hurry up!!!!!!!! i’m going 2 dy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. JRGN Says:

    for you people that cant wait- here is something to read while you wait:

    Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan (12 books, 11 are released)
    Belgariad by David Eddings ( 5 books, all released)
    The song of ice and Fire by GRR Martin(7 books, 3 released)
    The Krondor trilogy by Raymond E Feist ( all 3 released)
    Lord of the rings (of course you already read this one ? !!)

    For all you that have read them, hope you enjoyed them as much as I –
    i you havent read them .. i envy you….

  153. jess Says:

    i read eragon feb. 20ish finished it in 2 days and fell in love with them
    i also read the eldest and finished it in 3 days
    i didnt get to c the movie (but every1 says its bad)
    im DYINGGGGG!!!!!
    i need the books to came out!!
    i think its either elva or arya(the next drangon rider)
    i need that book!!!!

  154. Galbutorix12321 Says:

    OK Murtagh was lie when he said the morzan was his father because brom was, want evidence well there was blagden’s riddle.While two sons (Eragon and Murtagh) “may” share the same two parents (Morzan and Selena),
    And one parent of two parents, the Mother-Selena, is certainly the same one parent of both sons,

    One parent, the Father, might be two Fathers (Brom and Morzan) each having one of the sons.

    Also angila said the brom whas destind to fail at all but one thing. (not going to go into all that) but she said that brom loved but it ended in tragity. (selena dying after returnig to morzan,or she haveing to leave him in the first place. also blagden said “Son and Father alike, both blind as bats”.

    This is about betrayal. Brom was blind to Morzan’s betrayal, and Eragon was blind to Murtagh’s betrayal. And why else would brom hid in carvahall exept to watch over his son! also brom told Saphira about him being a rider and about dormnad and other things which saphira would no mention unless nessary (brom being his father! duh!) she knew but didnt want to tell him because he was or is not ready to Know.

  155. Galbutorix12321 Says:

    OK Murtagh was lie when he said the morzan was eragon’s father because brom was, want evidence well there was blagden’s riddle.While two sons (Eragon and Murtagh) “may” share the same two parents (Morzan and Selena),
    And one parent of two parents, the Mother-Selena, is certainly the same one parent of both sons,

    One parent, the Father, might be two Fathers (Brom and Morzan) each having one of the sons.

    Also angila said the brom whas destind to fail at all but one thing. (not going to go into all that) but she said that brom loved but it ended in tragity. (selena dying after returnig to morzan,or she haveing to leave him in the first place. also blagden said “Son and Father alike, both blind as bats”.

    This is about betrayal. Brom was blind to Morzan’s betrayal, and Eragon was blind to Murtagh’s betrayal. And why else would brom hid in carvahall exept to watch over his son! also brom told Saphira about him being a rider and about dormnad and other things which saphira would no mention unless nessary (brom being his father! duh!) she knew but didnt want to tell him because he was or is not ready to Know.

  156. orimis2.0 Says:

    Who ever was the directer of the eragon movie obviosly didn’t read the book. I hope they don’t make another movie because if they do it will be a Huge failur

  157. orimis2.0 Says:

    I cant wait until the 3 book come out it gonna be awsome

    I think it is going to be Arya or Roran

    It cant be elva because if eragon remove the spell elva would just be a girl (too young)
    And anyway if eragon didnt remove the spell she would grow up if she needed to but she would have to go and help thoughs that are hurt are about to be hurt so she wouldn’t have time to be a rider and if she inflicted pain on someone else “It would cost her dearly.”

  158. nick007 Says:

    i dont care who the next rider is i want the 3rd book!

    and i have read the wheel of time,
    the song of ice and fire,
    the krondor trilogy,
    and lord of the rings
    plus maaaany maaaany more!!!

  159. Caty Says:

    No offence to anyone, I’m dying to get the 3rd book, but if I become a writer as CP, I think it would make me smirk a bit on how fans are dying for the next book. But, then again, I wouldn’t have the heart to keep them waiting. Anyway, the movie was HORRIBLE! Did, you notice the “love” galnces between Arya and ERagon, what’s with that. If they make a second movie, I wouldn’t be surprized if they were making out! Arya is my fav character, I love her attitude, all hard to get and all. I love a girl who can kick butt and who isn’t afraid to fight to death I bet that she was in love with Faolin, her escort as she delivered the egg. After he was slaughtered before her eyes, she was broken and swore to never love again. Then ERagon comes along, she remembers her oath. ALsoI think Arya will be the next dragon rider, and that dragon may mate with Saphira. Elva is another possibility, but I don’t think so. Keep it up CP! If Eragon and Arya don’t end up together, i’ll probably thrust the book againest the wall, burn it, and give CP a call. (Just kiddin!)

  160. jess Says:

    i dont rele care wat happens i just rele want the 3rd book!!!

  161. Caty Says:

    I can partly agree with you. I’ll cry if something sad happens, and scream if if something good happens. (lol) There is a couple of things that I really want to happen.

  162. Caty Says:

    Where is everyone, I know i’m new, but this was rolling!

  163. frankie Says:

    the movie sucked they skipped the twins/katrina and arya went to ellesmera alone booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo movie also dude hurry up u r killing me im gonna read eldest again till i memorize it

  164. frankie Says:

    they also skipped the traitors in carvahallllllll razacc have beaks and are hunch backs brom dies in wrong time arya out cold when eragon gets to her but in movie she awake only good thing is shes hot.

  165. frankie Says:

    roran is prob gonna get the next egg also in the seacond movie they cant even touch each other.

  166. frankie Says:

    they also skipped jarhad which means that they can not get roran down to the varden

  167. reagon freak Says:

    arya and eragon cant touch each other

  168. DA dragon rider Says:

    ????????????? why cant they touch i have read both books and couldnt put them down and i am 13!! but i loved both books they rule

    i though harry potter ruled but eragon and eldest makes harry potter look like it is a pop up card its great!!!!!!

  169. Caty Says:

    I’m 12 . So, some people are actually on. Maurtagh didn’t “disapear” in the end!

  170. Caty Says:

    I’ve done research, and i’ve found that CP had nothing to do with the movie. SO, there was no author to guide them into the scenes and story. That’s why it sucked so BAD. I’m gonna get the dvd though. Maybe if I watch it again and forget about the book, i’ll like it.

  171. Caty Says:

    Most of the character were good. Arya, my fav, character was perfect, though iut said in the book she had black hair, and they forgot the ears. Murtagh was exactly like I imagined him! Eragon was alright, though I imagined him with medium-long brown hair. Brom, alright. I imagined him looking older, white beard and hair.Roran was good. Sloan was good. Garrow wasn’t that great. Durza was good. Galbatorix was horrible. Didn’t look evil enough!

  172. nick007 Says:

    i agree! almost none of the characters lookd right!

  173. nick007 Says:

    helloooo! anybody els here?

  174. Caty Says:

    I’m here!

  175. jess Says:

    i agree in the movie murtagh looked soo much like i pictured him! but they cant make a second movie because they left out wayyy to many characters! like where was orik???

  176. Caty Says:

    They probably will make another movie. Cause everyone was excited and bought lots of tickets. Thye got all the money, whether people liked it or not.

  177. jess Says:

    true but the movie was rele short it could have been a little longer and all the sceen’s were messes up

  178. Caty Says:

    so true! They weren’t in places long enough! The lord of the ring movies were 2 hours to 3 hours. This was only like 1 hour!

  179. jess Says:

    i no like it took then 2 seconds to get to the varden!!!

  180. nick007 Says:

    hello? why am i the only 1 in here

  181. bobby123 Says:

    You are not the only 1 here!

  182. Luky Says:

    As far as i am aware of, in the limited edition of ELDEST, there’s an excerpt of book 3!! now could someone PLEASE find me a link or anything that i can read that excerpt of book 3! it has to be out there somewhere…. n i aint buyin d damm limited edition book… not for a few pages of book 3…

  183. Nick Says:

    Is it odd that i read both books, a total of around 1100 pages, in around 15 hours straight?

  184. Caty Says:

    No, i’m sure I could do it it if that’s all I did!

  185. Caty Says:

    Luky, why don’t buy the paperback version of Eldest? It’s alot cheaper and has the excerpt!

  186. jess Says:

    i read on a interview from chris p that elva’s eyes are purple because of the magic that she has. so this means that she cant be the 3rd rider because her magic is purple and the egg is green.

  187. jess Says:

    i was also rereadin the first book and i noticed that it said there was a burst of emerald light in the forest from wen arya sent the egg. now i am pretty convinced that the new rider should b arya but chris p can always have a surpiseing twist which propbably might happen because everyone is tinking the new rider is ayra. so it might not b her…
    but this is just wat i tink 😉

  188. de naggle Says:

    Yes, the books are amazing!!! i have read many other books and have never seen a more gifted writer!!! And yes i hope the new rider is arya…. if it is and Eragons and her dragon mate then that would definitely push them to fall in love, besides Eragon is pretty much elf now anyway so it would be a great match!!! You rock Paolini! P.S. I cant wait!!! the book is gonna be awesome!

  189. Luky Says:

    Caty… urmmmmmmm i dnt wanna buy d book… dats d fng lol haha. nah ive already got one of the eldest, hard cover one. i jus dnt wana buy d oder one. fanx for dat tho… i myt even consider it… paperback…. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  190. Caty Says:

    Actually, it i said elves, not arya! It even said in the book she had emerald green eyes. I’ll find it some where for u. Like I said before sometime before, CP said that the rider would be obvious and hinted throughout the book.

  191. Caty Says:

    The only thing about this book that I don’t like is it’s sooooo like starwars. Okay, farmboy no family uncle killed. Luke, no parents, uncle killed. Eragon, mentored in the ways of magic and rider. Luke, mentored by Obi-Wan, mentored in the ways of the force and Jedi. Eragon’s father is evil. Luke’s father is also evil enemy. Luke, finds Leia is his sister. Eragon finds out friend is his brother. (Just in case someone hasn’t read Eldest) I could go on, but it would take to long. Get my point?

  192. scott Says:

    yes i agree taken long for book three but think of it this way y rush it it lets u think on what he will do and how he will finish it and yes wish the dercotor did do the movie closer to the book miss some good key parts but what can we do but will say he does keep us readers on r toes and any ideas on who the third dragon will go too i’m hoping for the cousin roan i’ve notice chris keeping the dragon riders so far in the same family so makes u think is it going to roan maybe i think and just that small page he did allow out it looking good a nice tease but good

  193. curtis Says:

    i read that christopher hopes to be finished the book in spring 2007 so it will probaly come out in autumn or winter 2007 or even 2008
    at least we know the book will have a lot of story in it

  194. Caty Says:

    Curtis, I heard the same thing! On shur’tugal it siad that on that there was seens with Katrina in the movie, they just cut them out! Those scenes are featured on the dvd of Eragon!

  195. radl22 Says:

    i will agree on the fact that the movie sucked from the view of someone who has read the books, i have read them and loved them and had practically begged to go see the movie to my parents. We went and saw it and my parents were talking of how great it was when we got out….. meanwhile i was saying how bad its sucked…. this shows that the movie is good to someone who has not read the books but obviosly thatif u have read the books then you hate them….

    enough of that however i must saying i want the book out as soon as possible but would prefere him too take his time and make it just as good or better then the first two then to hurridley do the book and make it as bad as the movie(oshoot not back to that again)

    luky 1 good reson why people are not just sending you the chapter of book 3 is that it is copyrighted so unless you and them want to break the law then…. i can however sum it up some what it basically starts with ereagon and roran starting thier attack on the razac’s lair at helgrind i don’t think its the first chapter it would be kinda weird if it is doesn’t start out like you expect a first chapter too….. if you really want to read it yoreself and don’t wanna pay just do what i did and go and read it in the book store…. lol

  196. radl22 Says:

    i am also glad too see that i was not only that thought that this triogy has alot of star wars gone fantasy story line too it here’s my major contribution to this
    fall of jedi = fall of riders
    galatic empire = empire(even the name in this one is very close)
    rebel = varden
    luck i am your father = besides zar’roc should have gone to morzan’s eldest sun not his youngest.
    darth vader + leia = murtagh
    there’s alot more when you fully think about it too many to list but the good thing is that i don’t think CP will continue with this simularity, murtagh cannot betray galbotrix do to swearing to him under the ancient language even though yes he has found loopholes i don’t think he will be able to do that again and the fact that i don’t think that CP, even if murtagh betrayed galborix, that he would have him kill galbotrix because galbotrix is using some really painfull magic on eragon and then have murtagh throw galbotrix off a cliff…………
    if he really does do this then i’ll probley shoot him for doing so then write my own version of the last book and realease it……(Please if you reading this somewhere CP don’t do this theory i don’t want to go to jail especially for killing my once favorite writer(that is if you did that))

    but sorry for the two long posts know to go do something to keep me busy intill the third book comes out… probley some zelda twillight princess and finish the shannarra series(I would recommend this book to anyone who likes eragon)

  197. Shade_of_blades Says:

    The name of the third book is gladr just go to the bookstore and look at the special edition of eldest and there is the cover of the third book and a chapter from the book.

    P.S. the movie sucked

  198. jess Says:

    i rele need that book i was rereadin them(for bout the 10th millionth time) im like startin to like memorize the ancient laungue. yea and its kind of scarin me!lol I RELE WANT THAT BOOOOK!!!!

  199. shane Says:

    this is crazy IM GOING CRAZY i cant wait for it to come out it so long till 2008!!!!!! urgg

  200. radl22 Says:

    the third book will not be gladr, if you read it thoughroly that picture is just a bonus that comes with the special addition to give readers a visual on what he is supposed to look like, besides it has been confirmed the name will follow suit of the first two aka. starts with an E and has six letters in it

  201. nick007 Says:

    duh everyone knows that

  202. jess Says:

    yeaa every1 does no that. the book will most likely to b called empire (as u all probably no)

  203. Carolyn Says:

    i love the two books they are so great!! while i was waiting for the 3rd book i started reading the twilight series by stephenie meyer and i fell in love with those books they r so awsome!! there are only 2 of them though and the 3rd one comes out in august i cant wait. ok back to the inheritance books i think CP did a great job on writing them and yea i want him to hurry up to but it takes awhile to write over 700 pgs of a book and expect it to be thrillfull!! serious people be patiant and find other books to read to pass the time!!

    i liked the movie but i saw it b4 i read the book. after i read the book i realized the movie didnt do the book justice at all!!! it sucs they should redo that movie and make it at least an hour longer!! i mean the pirates of the carribian movie number 2 is 2 and half hours long y cant they make eragon that long?? im rele frustrated y they would take so much important things out of eragon that may not have much a role but if they plan on mkin eldest a movie they rele shouldve added the important stuff. like durza cuttin eragons back and the werecat sollembum or whatever they also should have made aryas ears more pointed so we wouldve known she was an elf. im 14 and ive read the books a couple of times and it only took me like a week!! and twilight and new moon only took me 3 days. i gotta say i like twilight and new moon a little better than eragon and eldest but i cant wait for Eclipse (the 3rd book in the twilight series) and the 3rd book in the inheritance trilogy to come out. i cant wait i cant wait i cant wait!!!!! i dont know wen the 3rd book will come out but i do hope it is soon!!

  204. bobby123 Says:

    Then why are YOU on this web site if you like the twilight thing a LITTLE better!!!???

  205. bobby123 Says:

    The kittykat girl in this chat room a while ago said that the movie was awesome. Is she MENTAL?????????????? I think so.

  206. Caty Says:

    No one has poof that it’s called Glaedr, it could be Empire, just because there’a picture of Glaedr doesn’t prove it. In a interview with CP, CP said it would start with E and have 6 letters like the rest of the books.

  207. nick007 Says:

    glaedr isnt the name of the third book!
    thats the name of a dragon in eldest!

  208. jess Says:

    yea its not gonna b called gladr

  209. nick007 Says:

    thank u at least someone knows somethin about it

  210. Lina Says:

    Oh my! I just finished Eldest a matter of minutes ago and now I have to wait until around late 2007 to get the 3rd book from the best series ever! Well i guess it could be worse but it should come out earlier. (hopefully it is out by Christmas)

  211. outsid3r Says:

    im almost crazy waitting for harry potter 7, and now this!!!!!its torture man!

  212. curtis Says:

    the three top things im waitng for are

    harry potter 7
    book 3 of the inheritance trilogy
    avatar the last airbender series 3

  213. nick007 Says:

    why r u waiting for harry potter?
    I already know whats goina hapen, j.k. rowling is goina
    kill harry potter n the last book!

  214. Eldest One Says:

    i honestly can’t wait for the book to come out because i read through the first two books so fast that it wasnt enough.

    i personally havn’t seen the movie but from what i heard from those who did and read her i don’t want to watch it

    but i agree that the book needs to come out now

  215. Shade_of_blades Says:

    hey i wasnt guessing the name of the third book. and it isnt just a picture of the dragon it looks like a book cover in the back of eldest special edition so its not my fault if the name is empire but if it is gladr when he CP finaly releases it im going to laugh at you guys.

  216. Kedran Says:

    I just watched the movie and I was sorely dissapointed. It seemed very rushed, and too short. My bf thought it was really good, but he never read the book. I couldn’t believe how much they left out! They really should have taken longer on making it.

  217. coooool Says:

    hey does any 1 know why shuriken (galbatorix dragon) was not killed when his rider was killed

  218. coooool Says:

    galbatorix dragon shuriken used to be some 1 elses but galbatorix killed the rider of shuriken and took shuriken 4 himself in the book it says that a dragon dies when its rider dies

  219. coooool Says:

    so how is shuriken still alive amd well

  220. lab23 Says:

    I think the book said that the dragon and rider had not bonded yet.

  221. Blademaster Says:

    hey guyz by delaying the book for so long they are actally killing my interest in trilogy and i ve taken 2 ther books.bad tactic.

  222. Blademaster Says:

    after 100 yrs staying together ,(oromis said) the bond tween galbatorix n shruikan may have become very strong but dont b surprised if shruikan ends up killing galba.(the dark magic of galba may if he is weakened by eragon or something like that>>>>)

  223. Blademaster Says:

    the dark magic may break

  224. Blademaster Says:

    i think that “drogon-rider another death after the first” is a weak and unexplained theory propounded by Cp but it may have some significance in the 3rd book

  225. nick007 Says:

    thats what i think too

  226. LoyalFan Says:

    Guys, just do fanfic.! Besides, remember how Harry Potter was practically yanked out and was kinda a let down? I put down Grenwud for my fanfic dragon (lack of imagination is due to TV brain rot!) and the FEMALE ELF has a traitor in her midst( sill blaming TV) ; )

  227. arun Says:

    for the record harry potter sucks ive seen all movies released randomly read half way in to the half blood prince and guess wat harry potter is the WORST books ever made(EVER)and the film are so bad it makes wanna kill myself . unlike LOTR movies were immense havent read the books to hard (only 12)and the eragon movie sucked the game is gd on xbox360 but i thnk the eldest bttle rocked along with roran stronghammer.
    i think murtagh should die( its not tht i dont like him)by commiting suicide and explodin galbatorix and kill him them roran gets ripped in 2 by a Ra’zac(in the ra’zacs lair place) and eragon escapes the lair(cave) and saphira makes the lairs roof collpase and every main character is fightin for there lifes at the time some die and some dont a new enemy arises and the 4th book should start from there. wat u think about my ending 2 3rd eragoon book if you think of your own send it 2

  228. lab23 Says:

    sorry arun but its only a trilogy

  229. Me224 Says:

    ya have 2 agree w/ lab23 murtagh is way 2 hot 2 die! The storyline for eragon and eldest were actually prtty good for a 15 yr old 2 “make up” on his own but the story… mmm….read the reviews! I think Murtagh and Nasuada had sumthin goin on n the 1st book…they should get 2gethr! ttly! The movie ttly suckd though and they should redo it! I doubt they’ll evr make the 2nd 1…they didn’t make enough money…hmmm…

  230. Raghu Says:


    I have heard from a confidential source (a friend who knows Christopher) that the the third egg will indeed hatch and it would be for Roran!! Roran will also become the king because in reality, his father Garrow was actually the son of Vrael…the previous ruler of the dragon riders!!

    Wow..nice twist to the plot…Cool eh?


  231. Raghu Says:

    And to also explains why Morzan got involved with a commoner..Selena (mother of Eragon and Murtagh)..Selena was not just the sister of Garrow, but actually the daughter of Vrael!! ….so Eragon´s paternal line might be sullied, but his maternal line is Good!

  232. LoyalFan Says:

    To arun: O_o( a bit…well, nevermind)

  233. EroFan Says:

    There is something you are not getting. Morzan is not Eragon’s father. Brom is Eragon’s father. Selena is the woman he loved. If you read the books again, you will see it all there.

  234. jess Says:

    well no one is rele sure about wat is gonna happen until the book comes out… i rele cant wait that long

  235. Caty Says:

    Raghu, how do we know that your not fakin that! Cp said in an interview it would be obvious and hinted throughout books 1 and 2. It could be Roran, but I perfer Arya.( I’m gonna laugh if it turns out to be Arya!)And Arun, there isn’t a fourth book.

  236. jess Says:

    y cant he lyke gove us a hint on wen its comin out??? i read somewhere that its coming out some time this yr. i just wanna no wen!!!

  237. nick007 Says:

    no kidin
    arun- sory to say theres no 4th book

  238. jess Says:

    i need that book im goin for readin the book for a 10 millionth time

  239. nicole Says:

    hi im new but i figured i would go ahead and chat with a bigger paragraph than usual. the other chat room blocked me for writing big paragraphs i guess
    Are any of u inspired by cp’s books?
    If u r i need 2 ask somethin, r any of u goin to try and write a book?
    i am! i’ve already written avout 100 pages
    mines going to be about vampires though

  240. nicole Says:

    sory i meant 2 write about not avout~

  241. nicole Says:

    NERDS? i dont think so!
    if ur not crazy about the books then u just need to get off this
    chat room
    and u need to shut the hell up!!!!!!!!!!

  242. LoyalFan Says:

    Yaeh, not really smart to diss the book that the whole web page is about!

  243. jess Says:

    yea rele if u dont lyke wat we say then go and make ur own friggen chat

  244. nicole Says:

    what they said
    thanks 4 backin me up guys!

  245. Caty Says:

    I’m writing a book. I like vampire books, like Twilight and New Moon. Mine’s fantasy though, and on the computer it’s about 10 pages so far. Anyway, back to Eragon. Eragon;’s father IS Morzan! You know who is Eragon’s brother, and his father is Morzan. (Just in case u haven’t read Eldest for some reason) I NEED THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  246. Goose Says:

    i kinda feel like i know everything that is going to happen in the book already just becasuse all the theroys are so well researched and cited it almost seems like they cant be wrong i wish i could stop readin them but i cant im 16 i’ll be 18 in 2008 i hope i dont forget bout eragon PHISH wtf am i thinkin

    also i think there will be a second movie but itll be so far off it’ll be sensless cause nomatter if you liked it or not all the fans went and seen it and i mean come on no matter how much you hated the first movie you’s still go and see the second movie come on you know you would those corperate bastards are hittin where it hurt

  247. nick007 Says:

    helloooo? any body here?????????

  248. aaron Says:

    the books were great, the movie was a waste of time. WRITE FASTER PAOLINI

  249. Cerill Says:

    the title of next book could be ending? e n six letters

  250. Angeleyes Says:

    I have read both books,there fantastic!!!the film on the other hand was a let down. When i read them i passed them on to my Daughter and now my Nan is reading them,But i sooooooooooooooo need the thirds release date please,please give us a hint

  251. harry potter girl Says:


  252. harry potter girl Says:

    both books are very good though and the movie stank!

  253. Caty Says:

    My friend had read most of the book, and she didn’t see the movie in theaters. SO, she bought it on DVD, watched it, and couldn’t believe that I said it was horrible.(She’s a book freak like me) Somehow, she convinced me to watch it again. It actually was pretty good, just don’t think about the book, just a plain old movie you’d go to see cause you love fantasy movies. Now, don’t go cussin me out cause I said!

  254. Tara Says:

    When I got Eldest Christopher Paolini said the Dragon on the cover would be green. The title Empire was suggested because of the starting-with-E-and-being-six-letters thing however I don’t he’s decided the title yet.

  255. jess Says:

    just a realease date would b fine!

  256. Tara Says:

    And yeah. the movie is so so so so so so sooooooooooooo wrong. And the computer game is really boring.

  257. Tara Says:

    And if Catty is still “here” one reeeeeeeally good vampire book writer is Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. She also does shapeshifter books but the vamp books are better.

  258. Caty Says:

    Yeah,i’ve read one of those, it was called the Shattered Mirror. Anyways, lets try not to get off topic.

  259. ArcticForse Says:

    I wish that this book series was more than just a trilogy, or that this last book is like 1500 pages long. Cause once im done reading this last one its gonna suck.

  260. ArcticForse Says:

    I just bought the movie and watched it. I wasn’t ready for such a huge letdown. The movie was so far off from the book, and i think the movie brings a bad reputation to the series. Hopefully if they make another movie there will be a new director and they will make the movie worth watching.

  261. TLS Says:

    OMFG the movie was horrible they shulda made it longer (2 disc even) if they wanted to try to make it as good as the books so whoever the director is, is a ho for bein a lazy bum. i also think the book will come out in june round the 14 that way i wont have to pay for it an get it for my birthday 😉

  262. nicole Says:

    sure of cours it was!

  263. Ajihad Says:

    greetings everyone, i have just finished Eldest and i can’t wait for the next one. Everybody saying its titled EMPIRE but my friend says its titled something else, forgot the name. Ands the movie sucked big time, like some of you have said, yes they should remake it with peter jackson or with christopher poalini himself…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  264. Celtan Says:

    hello people i love eragon

  265. Celtan Says:

    I Love eragon the book and the eldest but the movie kinda sucked sorry of course we all know that

  266. TLS Says:

    i think eragons real father was brom
    just thought id say that

  267. jess Says:

    yeaa i tink eragons real father is brom 2

  268. raini Says:

    his father is brom thats why he wanted to give eragon his blessings but i ask this who is ganna be the green dragons rider arya??? most likely bcuz on wickipidea it was conformed that the dragon is male, thus saphira has a mate thus eragon and arya hook up

  269. raini Says:

    (just a side note) its not 1 am where i am its 6 pm

  270. TLS Says:

    another reason y brom is eragons dad is cuz he apperently “missplaced” his sword an it was saphire blue same color as saphira so then eragon wulda have a sword that matchd his dragons. also its the Inheritance series so that wuld also b like his inheritance from his father brom

  271. Ajihad Says:

    so brom is eragons dad?

  272. Sam Says:

    How can Eragon’s real dad be Brom…. OMG Get it right…. Murtagh said that murza or wat eva was his dad nd he said it in the ancatiant laguage… so he cant lie…… STUPID PEOPLE U SHULD HAVE READ IT PROPER!!!!!!!!! (sorry for any spelling errors u just really pissed me off!!!)

  273. Sam Says:

    and i bet u all £5 that the nxt rider is Arya and Roran will be king of the land….. orik will be king of the dwarfs… the old rider guy will die…… galbatorix will die….. murtagh will live nd be on the good side…. Eragon will bring someone back from the dead to help out coz he needs help….. mayb Brom……the queen of the elves will die coz the war goes in2 the woods were the all live nd that how eragon geta a sword from under that big tree coz brom left it there… nd it lk that other sword coz it cant brake but it has a blue sapphire in the middle were the red 1 was in other 1 nd evry1 lives happily ever after except all the people that died!!!

  274. TLS Says:

    ok buddy it also says that u can lie in the ancient language to if u dont kno all the facts so they culd have same mom but different dad witch wuld makem STEP brothers so go home an read the book again if u dont know shit

  275. Ajihad Says:


  276. Ajihad Says:


  277. Ajihad Says:

    HEY TLS, i think the same, brom has to be eargons dad. did you see the movie?

  278. Ajihad Says:


  279. jess Says:

    ummm sam yea murtagh could TINK that murzan is eragon’s father too but that doesnt mean hes rite. he could say it in the ancient language because he BELIEVES that its true. lyke wen eragon made that poem and he read it in the ancient language he could read it even tho it wasnt true becasue he BELIEVED that it was.

  280. Ajihad Says:

    jess, thats very confusing, but yes. lol

  281. rej Says:

    they won’t release the 3rd book until maybe late into 2007, i think. it will be overshadowed by the release of the last book of harry potter. the inheritance trilogy is good, but hp is a much more compelling read. i like the books though. 🙂

  282. nicole Says:

    harry potter sucks i thynk!
    the dude that plays harry potter posed naked on a horse for a
    but the books r ok

  283. TLS Says:

    the book will prbly come out in augest 2007 like the others eragon=augest 2003 eldest=augest 2005 then next one=augest 2007

  284. TLS Says:

    but thats a bum cuz then i wont have a good summer read untill augest but meh good things take a long time to be made

  285. nicole Says:

    sam: u say we dont know the book! u cant even spell MORZAN!!!!!!!

    Ajihad:i have read his dark materials and luvd them

  286. Ajihad Says:

    Nicole: yes same here read them all twice, which was your favourite? i think i perfered the subtle knife.

  287. Ajihad Says:

    Nicole: did u know they are making movies of His Dark Materials, cool.

  288. Pellare Says:

    I first saw the film, it felt like the film was to short but beautiful. Then I read the first book and I loved it. Just today I read the second book and it was awesome. Know I’m waiting for the third book and the second movie. I want a second movie because I don’t care if it’s not like in the books, its just a relaxing fantasy movie. Just try to enjoy the first movie and don’t think of how it goes in the books. If we always want films identically like in the books, then we never will be happy.
    Actually I would find it a shame to start with 1 movie and say it is the first of a trilogy and then not finish.
    I still have to wait untill 30 May 2007 to buy the Eragon movie because it’s not out in Belgium yet.
    And I read somewhere that the actor who played Eragon had signed to play Eragon in 3 movies. So I’ll think w’ll have a second movie. I hope we’ll have a second movie.

  289. Caty Says:

    CP is not really the best one, but that’s your opinion though. If you think about it, alot of the thingsa are resembled to starwars and Lord of the rings. He simply mixed the stories and characters around a bit, changed a few details, and whal a, you get Eragon. So techincally, it the some of the greates sci fi/fantasy books combined in one. I watched the movie again and liked, though it could be longer and less cheesy lines! Oh, and BROM ISN’T ERAGON’s DAD! IT’S THERE IN INK IN ELDEST. ANd the movie is different from the book, so Brom is definitly NOT Eragon’s dad! TLS, I agree with u 100%! They should come out around August of this year cause it took 2 years for the other ones in August, plus each one got even longer so it fits.

  290. Caty Says:

    Oh, in the inheritance trilogy wiki, it said CP is trying to finish the book this year in spring, and the projected release dat is 2007, if not then, 2008

  291. jess Says:

    i just rewatched the movie and besides from the fact that the events r all messed up it isnt SO bad

  292. TLS Says:

    i didnt like the movie cuz it left out parts like when they went to c joed an it didnt say ne thing bout the foursworn (i dont think) an it seemd to go by to fast an they left out solbums thingy to the um well when he told him bout the wepon under the tree i also thought they culdov made it longer like lotr so it wuld b kinda like wat happened an also didnt eragon first say brisingr (fire) in the town where all the urgals were burnin all those ppl NOT in the port where joed an the fortunteller lived?

  293. Ajihad Says:

    Yeh it was a bit rubbish, because when the werecat tells them about the weapon under the moanour tree thats kinda one of the most important things in the book.

  294. Ajihad Says:

    does anybody here know a site where you can write to christopher paolini?

  295. CP HIMSELF Says:

    Hello incredible fans, this is the author of the inheritance trilogy, christopher poalini.
    i am very glad to see how many people on this site have said my books are fantastic, its very pleasing. Give the best to all of yours friends and family.

    I just wanted to give you all some clues about my next book. Well, first of all, it will be entitled Empire and i will be submiiting it to publication by October this year, which means it will be in international bookstores later this year if not next. The front cover will have a illustration of a green dragon facing the left by John Jude Palencar.

    This book will contain many of the answers to your questions.
    I am very happy to meet and talk to you all and once again am happy to see you enjoy my creations in writing. Thank you.

    Atr gulai un ilian tauthr ono un atra ono waise skolir fra rauthr!

  296. Ajihad Says:

    Nicole and Caty: yeah i’m planning on writing a book, i’m just not sure what to write about. but i would luv to here a bit more about ur books if possible.

  297. Shade slayer Says:

    what does atr gulai un ilian tauthr ono un atra ono waise skolir fra rauthr mean?

  298. Ajihad Says:

    It means: May happiness and luck follow u and u be shielded from misfortune.

  299. Ajihad Says:

    Jess: did u think the movie sucked?

  300. jess Says:

    if u dont consider the things they left out then it isnt that bad but it was pretty disappointing. mi sis that never read the book lyked the movie.

  301. jess Says:

    just sayin its 9:37 where i am

  302. Goose Says:

    wo i ut saw an shurtagual that the relese date is june or july 2008 for fucks sake ill be going into college

  303. LoyalFan Says:

    its actually very likely that brom was eragons dad. i mean, if you THINK that whatever is true, the youd be able to say it in the ancient language. plus, there are alot of loopholes to the ancient language (even eragon used one!) But of course we can only guess. Also, instead of blaming CP, he really deserves a bunch of credit for such a great book!

  304. book three Says:

    u know what is funny about the third book nobody can get thier facts straight and the book has been pushed back every time. If someone could actually get me facts not this speculation i might actually send a thank you its one thing to wait on a date, its another to keep changing the length of time i have to wait most of all i cant even put a preorder on the book that was originally suposed to come out in a couple of months

  305. PCM Says:

    I’m sad to see some of u are swearing on this chatline…GOOSE!

  306. Ajihad Says:

    Jess: r u writing a book?

  307. Ajihad Says:

    Goose: what country do u live in?
    Jess: what country do u live in?
    Is anybody from New Zealand

  308. jess Says:

    i live in long island or new york (US) and i dont rele write books but i make up stories (i type them on the computer) and there about lyke mi friends and ppl i dont rele lyke and i change around the names and i create a little story

  309. TLS Says:

    ajihad where u live an wat u think about the movie?

  310. curtis Says:

    three possible realesed dates
    august 2007
    late 2007

    i just hope its the first one

  311. jess Says:

    they prob. wont make it release until late summer at the earliest because i wouldnt tink they would release it wen harry potter is being released 2

  312. Ajihad Says:

    TLS: hey, i live in new zealand in a city called Tauranga. U? And i didn’t think much of the movie cuz they left out heaps of important chapters and characters. What did u think? Sorry abt the late reply.

  313. curtis Says:

    well every inheritnace trilogy book co-insides with every harry potter book

    harry potter and the order of the pheonix 2003

    harry potter and the hal blood prince 2005

    harry potter and the deathly hallows 2007
    book 3-2007 hopefully

  314. TLS Says:

    ajihid: no prob. for movie: i didnt like the movie cuz it left out parts like when they went to c joed an it didnt say ne thing bout the foursworn (i dont think) an it seemd to go by to fast an they left out solbums thingy to the um well when he told him bout the wepon under the tree i also thought they culdov made it longer like lotr so it wuld b kinda like wat happened an also didnt eragon first say brisingr (fire) in the town where all the urgals were burnin all those ppl NOT in the port where joed an the fortunteller lived.

  315. Shade_of_blades Says:

    Will eveyone stop complaining about the movie its starting to get old O.K. im getting really tired of everones whining grow up hopefully they will make the second movie better.

  316. TLS Says:

    hopefully they will i an was just sayin (bout movie) cuz ajuhad askd askd

  317. Holy_Hi Says:

    pffft i doubt there even going to make the second movie, the first one sucked so much

    for example:
    :1since when were dragons wings made of feathers? there supposed to be thin membrane, it even said in the book.

    :2And brom didnt even die like he did in the movie, instead of getting ambushed he jumped in front of a spear yelling no in slow motion.

    :3There was not character development or introduction, it seemed that the characters just randomly fell out of the sky. And the guy they dedided to put most development in (Brom) died half way through the movie.

    :4 I could say much more but i could type for hours

    enough of my bitterness though, i cant wait for the third book its gonna be awesome.

    but i guess you cant rush him, hes probabaly putting his heart and sole into this book to make it perfect.

    I say he can take as long as he wants but it better come out eventually

  318. Anthony Bustamante Says:

    If christopher doesn’t finish the third book of eragon by the end of 2007, im gonna make it for him. lol

  319. nintendo and sega rule Says:

    crap i thought my name wasnt supposed to go up with the other comments. oh well ill just go with wat i put

  320. nintendo and sega rule Says:

    does anybody know when eldest (the movie) is going to come out? i want to watch it

    i just hope its not as jacked up as that eragon movie

  321. Ajihad Says:


  322. curtis Says:

    man it says on that random house hopes to realese the book in 2008
    thats long man

    what if every signed a petition to realease the book earlier

  323. dragon rider460 Says:

    i can t wait it is killing me

  324. dragon rider460 Says:

    i wish he actualy came on the web site

  325. Adriana from houston Says:

    dude i freeking love these books they are just so freeeeeeeeekking awesome. i think ive falling in love with christopher paulini!!!!!!!

    I so hope his books come out

  326. Adriana from houston Says:

    Whoever the hell is saying that murtagh betrayed eragon is dumb.
    Murtagh didn’t mean to betray him.
    he was forced to
    that why he let eragon go and he also warned eragon.


  327. jess Says:

    murtaghs one of mi favorite characters too =]

  328. Ajihad Says:

    Adrianna: are you from new zealand?

  329. Ajihad Says:

    Jess: same here, i think murtagh was one of the best characters in both books and hes my favourite.

  330. Theresa Says:

    I like Eragon and Saphira and the rest of the people that were in the books and the movie.

  331. Caty Says:

    Arya’s the BOMB!!!!!

  332. Quietus Extraho Says:

    I think the 3rd rider will be Nasuada. Does anyone agree with me? It just seems strange that she like Murtagh & Eragon does not have her mother. Also her mother is not known. It seems like a form of foreshadowing to me.

  333. Caty Says:

    I think it’s arya, and it’s not just because she’s my fav.

  334. dragon rider460 Says:

    the book is so ****** awesome i ove and my fav character is roran, orik, eragon, and murtagh

  335. TLS Says:

    i liked arya cuz shes an girl an was supposed to be relly hot but i dont think the girl in the movie was that hot though i guess i just suspected more from someone thats supposed to be a really really hot ma fav male characters though is brom an eragon cuz i were kinda the same personality wise ne ways

  336. Sam Says:

    i thoguht i said i was a shit typer nd that i cant spell

  337. Sam Says:

    c i spelt thought wrong ^^^

  338. Quietus Extraho Says:

    Roran bores me to death! Originally i had to fight with myself not to just skip the chapters with him as the main character in Eldest!

  339. Quietus Extraho Says:

    The Third Book Is Supposedly Coming Out Late 2007. I Just Want Them To Publish It Before Christmas!

  340. Caty Says:

    In Eldest, I just really wanted to skip the Nasuada parts, I hate her, the parts about her were so boring!!!! I couldn’t stand them, the parts with Eragonwere the best, and the roran parts were almost as good as the Eragon parts. Arya rocks because I love elves, she can kick butt, and she’s very out going. She doesn’t like to be thought of a helpless village girl who needs to escape when there’s a battle.

  341. Caty Says:

    TLS, i’m surprized. I thought Arya was beautiful in the movie. I mean a girl can say someone’s pretty, i’m definitly not gay! all the boys who saw it were like” She was sooo HOT!” lol

  342. TLS Says:

    well i mean shes ok i just expected her to be hotER

  343. jess Says:

    in the eldest i also thought the parts wen nasuada were sooo borin. the roroan parts were pretty boring too but the eragon parts of course were ahmazin/

  344. nicole Says:

    Ajihad: my favorit was the subtle knife too
    but i didnt know they were making a movie!!
    thats freakin awesome!!!!!!!
    and sorry it took me sooo long to respond but i went on
    vacation for spring break and they didnt have computer access

  345. nicole Says:

    jess:where do you live because the times not right on mine either!
    on yours and mine its 7 hrs early

    Ajihad: my book is going 2 b about mythical creatures
    and intersesting stuff like that. my mom doesnt like the idea but i enjoy
    these topics

  346. nicole Says:

    by the way where does everyone live?
    i wanta know if any1 lives near me!!!!!

  347. curtis Says:

    come on chritopher finish the god damn book all ready ive got nothing to read till harry potter 7

  348. curtis Says:

    just give us anything name , realese date or another sample chapter

  349. nicole Says:

    curtis? where do u live? pleas tel me, im not going to stalk u!!

  350. TLS Says:

    hmmmmm im…

  351. TLS Says:

    4 hours behind the time it says so fo me its really 12:53

  352. jess Says:

    the time on the website is

  353. jess Says:

    5 hours ahead

  354. jess Says:

    its 3 18 (well now 3 19) where i live

  355. Quietus Extraho Says:

    Does Anyone Here Live In Scotland? Particualarly East Ayrshire?

  356. sliver of silver Says:

    New here.
    Anyone notice that saphiras wings in movie look like a bird’s? Whats with the feathers? It clearly says MEMBRANE in the books!

  357. sliver of silver Says:

    P.S. The rest of the movie really sucked too

  358. Caty Says:

    I know, when I saw them I was like she looks like a freakin’ bird! There’s a big difference between a dragon and bird, man that directer is sooooooooo stupid. Did you notice he copied the LOTR’s director’s helicopter angles?

  359. curtis Says:

    im from englandis anyone else

  360. sliver of silver Says:

    Yea he has no originality

  361. sliver of silver Says:

    Im from Canada!!! 🙂

  362. TLS Says:

    OYEAHHHH im from Canada too livin in the maritimes

  363. Ajihad Says:

    Nicole: cool, its ok, im replying late too, so we’re even. So where do u live?

  364. nicole Says:

    i liv n the united states (north carolina) if u want 2 b particular.
    u guys r lucky, ive always wanted 2 live in england, new zealand
    and those type places!

  365. nicole Says:

    and by the way its 7:02 am right now

  366. dragon rider460 Says:

    i live in canada in mississauga

  367. dragon rider460 Says:


  368. sliver of silver Says:

    im in alberta

  369. Celtan Says:

    im in alberta too eragons real father is morzan its say so in the eldest who knows when the third book is coming out

  370. ebrithill Says:

    sence i fond this site i am spending my entire spring brack on it

  371. sliver of silver Says:

    ahhh but i have a theory.
    Since Murtagh said his mother dissapered for a while, she could have “done it” with someone else so that maybe a new character will be revealed and he might be Eragon’s true father. Also, the ancient language only stops u from lying so if Murtagh thought they were brothers then he could say that. Eragon and Murtagh could really only be step-brothers.

  372. ebrithill Says:

    is ennyone on that will talk

  373. ebrithill Says:

    u meen 1/2 brothers

  374. ebrithill Says:

    i dont think the movie was that grat

  375. ebrithill Says:

    i no that an elf will be the next rider

  376. sliver of silver Says:


  377. TLS Says:

    silver of silver: GEZZZ buddy ur stealin wat i said befor thats pretty much EXACTLY wat i said but watever i agree with u that brom is probally eragons real dad

  378. Ajihad Says:

    Nicole: i actually used to live in england, but moved to nz three years ago.

  379. Ajihad Says:

    who is awake now?

  380. Scotland man Says:

    i live in north aryshire!

  381. nicole Says:

    Ajihad: youre so lucky!! i wish i could liv there!

  382. ebrithill Says:

    i think that thay r going to find the wild dragons at the end of the 3th book

  383. Quietus Extraho Says:

    Eveyone Seems To Be Complaining About The Movie So I Thought I’d Join In. What The Hell Wnet On With The Urgals? And As For Sappihra At What Point In The Book Does She Fly Into The Sky As A Baby And Come Back As A Fully Fledged Dragon?
    Moving On Before I Go Crazy. I Hope Murtagh Can Somehow Escape Gallabatorix Oaths. He & Eragon Together Would Amost Be Unstoppable!

  384. dragon rider460 Says:

    brom is totaly eragon real father

  385. sliver of silver Says:

    srry TLS im new and havent read the other part of forum.

  386. Ajihad Says:

    Nicole: well it is cool over here, but i kinda miss England.
    Whos played the Eragon game and what did u think of it?

  387. nicole Says:

    Ajihad: ive played the game & luved it!!!!!!!!!
    i got it for the ps2 & its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  388. TLS Says:

    sliver of silver: no prob i was just saying. but ya i agree with u

  389. sliver of silver Says:

    “is the game sorta like* the lotr games”?

  390. curtis Says:

    man id to live in new zealand but englands cool what part of england was you from Ajihad im from birmingham

  391. jess Says:

    omgg i would luvv too live in new zealand or england! i live in new york o long island to b specific

  392. Erboom Says:

    Concerning the third rider. I believe that Arya is a good choice b/c since the rider and his dragon are so close if two rider’s dragon’s mate then the rider’s will also be brought into a close relationship. But i also belive that Roran could possibly be the next rider, or even Elva. And the movie did the book absolutely NO justice. The books were amazing but the movie was terrible. I mean honestly Brom killed one of the ra’zac!!!!! At the end of Eldest no Ra’zac were killed and it was stated that Eragon would help his cousin Roran to hunt the Ra’zac and find Katrina. That was only one of about 100 HUGE mistakes. I mean LOTR and even Harry Potter made great movies that were pretty accurate and followed the books quite nicely. But how do you expect them to make the movie good when it was only one and a half hours. That was just ridiculous. I cannot believe Paolini sold them the rights to that, he should have told them no, or it should have been put in the contract that he has to approve everything they do. That movie was a mockery of those great books.

  393. Erboom Says:

    Oh and the game was terrible, but i guess if it followed the movie it was bound to be.

  394. Caty Says:

    In this news show nobody watches(I saw at youtube), he stated he loved watching the movie and it sent shivers down his spine. He said the same about the game too. And he hopes that the fans enjoyed it! BROM IS NOT ERAGON’S FATHER, IT’S MORZAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(sorry) Arya, I hope, is the rider, she fits it. Arya rocks!

  395. Quietus Extraho Says:

    I Doubt Arya And Eragon Will Ever Get Together… I Mean Think About It She Is In Her Hundreds And He Is Young “Even by our standards” I Dont Think It Would ver Work! (Ive Been Wrong Before Though…)

  396. nicole Says:

    Jes your like me i would love to live there too!!!!

  397. Celtan Says:

    yes you might be right that eragons real father is some one other than murtagh i think that when all the work is done like dethroning galbatorix arya and eragon will get togeather agin though chances are slim

  398. Celtan Says:

    you how in the third book eragon is spose to raise someone from the dead by speaking his name at the rock of kuthian. Well anyway ive been wondering who will it be i hope it will be brom i was real sad when he died

  399. lab23 Says:

    I don’t think the books actually said that he would raise some one from the dead. Just to speak his name when all seems lost.

  400. Mr.HankeyRules Says:

    i agree with all of u the movie sucked balls. they didnt even have the twins and eragon didnt get his wound from the shade. the razac even died in the begining.

  401. Mr.HankeyRules Says:

    p.s. i love the books and wish the third one come freakin out and my friends agree about the movie.

  402. Erboom Says:

    About the youtube thing with Paolini saying he liked it. The truth of the matter is i doubt he would say something like, “The game and the movie were thorough dissapointment.” That would lose him money(although he has enough by now) and it wouldn’t look very good. But yes the movie was enjoyable for a few 4 year olds who couldn’t read the book or didn’t care to read it but for everyone else, even Paolini I bet, it fell short of “Eragon” standards.

  403. Caty Says:

    Erbroom, you may be right about the interview. I think arya will give in. It might be like starwars 2, where Padme and Anakin think they’re gonna be killed, so padme tells him she has always loved himsince they are about to be killed anyway. You know what, that reminds me of Arya andEragon. Age difference, the girl is the stubborn one, hmm, I think the scene from starwars will be the same that happens between Eragon and Arya in the 3rd book! They’re about to be killed, Arya admits she loves him. cool. (just a interesting theory!)

  404. TLS Says:

    i LOVE starwars

  405. Caty Says:

    I LOVE starwars too. I understand that Cp may not have copied this. Cause i’m writing a book and it’s annoying cause i’ll write, then read a book and find some of my things are similar. Then, one of my chapters is call “The Discovery”, and one of the chapters in Eragon is called “Discovery” It’s VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!

  406. i love christopher’s books i can w8 till summer ’09 but not till ’10. Guys just think how much pressure paolini is right now!!!!! all the pressure from the fans and all, i hope u guys realize that it is hard work to think and to write wat u think.

  407. i read from wikipedia that christopher was done with the book on spring march 16 i think but u never know the book might come out his summer so just lets cross or fingers and hope that the book will be realeased on summer.!!!! eragon rocks

  408. Caty Says:

    You know, I haven’t read an nice, exciting, Huge book in awhile. I can picture myself now reading Empire, savoring every word. Especially, since i’ll scream I was right if something good happens , and grumble if something bad happens, and whisper awww if there’s a romantic part!(lol) Where’d it say on wiki the finish of the books. Remmebnr though, they have to make LOTS of copies, edit it, make the cover art, put it together, than package it up and ship it!

  409. jess Says:

    it’ll prob. b out in summer caty has a rele good point

  410. TLS Says:

    i found a site that has i pic of wat the 3rd book prbally will look like

  411. Caty Says:

    thanks jess. Anyway… umm, is everyone as bored as I am?

  412. Caty Says:

    I go to shur’tugal all the time.

  413. curtis Says:

    im starting the young bond series to pass the time till harry potter 7 and book 3

  414. nicole Says:

    curtis: whats the young bond series?

  415. Caty Says:

    Yes, what is that exactly?

  416. Caty Says:

    Wait, young “James” Bond?

  417. Caty Says:

    I’ve been reading alot, everyone, you’ll like the Dragonriders of Pern, it’s even one of CP’s fav books. And the Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix! anyone here!

  418. nicole Says:

    ive read the Abhorsen Trilogy!!!!!!

  419. Celtan Says:

    yes but when all is lost he will speak his name to the rock of kuthian and it will open the gate to dead now it doesn’t say this in the book but i sent a letter to a friend in Newyork who knows Christopher personally, and that is one of the things that Christopher said so in the third book when all seem lost which will mean either a close friend died who he could not do with out like Arya or he needs guidance from someone who died like Brom cause he does not no enough to go on. he said this will happen in the third book.

  420. Celtan Says:

    yes but when all is lost he will speak his name to the rock of kuthian and it will open the gate to dead now it doesn’t say this in the book but i sent a letter to a friend in Newyork who knows Christopher personally, and that is one of the things that Christopher said so in the third book when all seem lost which will mean either a close friend died who he could not do with out like Arya or he needs guidance from someone who died like Brom cause he does not no enough to go on. he said this will happen in the third book.

    ps never mind later

  421. Celtan Says:

    so by speaking his i guess he will raise someone from the dead

  422. Celtan Says:

    wops sorry i didn’t seeeeeeeeeeeee that i posted the same page twice sorry’

  423. Ajihad Says:

    TLS: when the third book comes out, which will be ur favorite cover.
    and has anybody read a series of unfortunate events by lemony snicket?

  424. Ajihad Says:

    Whats the abhorsen trilogy nicole?
    And who is awke right now in morning. cuz i am its 11.00am pretty much anyway.

  425. TLS Says:

    myb ormis dies (befor his training is done) an he get eather brom or the first eragon to help him finish his training

  426. MURTAGH! Says:


  427. MURTAGH! Says:

    arya should get a dragon!

  428. Caty Says:

    I agree Murtagh!, about Arya gettin’ a dragon! The abhorsen series are great, you should check em’ out to delay time waitin for book 3!

  429. TLS Says:

    Ajihad:i dunno green is ma fav color so it mite be the third but i dunno cuz the one ther on the site mite not be the actual one but if it is its ma fav

  430. Caty Says:

    Cp said it would be a green dragon facing the right. however, the covers out now are fakes, just pictures of Glaedr green.

  431. jess Says:

    ive read a series of unfortunate events by lemony snicket

  432. Ace Says:

    Can anyone recommend a good series similar to the Inheritance series to read while waiting for the third book??

  433. Caty Says:

    starwars or lotr! Just kidin’!Um, the dragonriders of pern series are pretty good. ummm… I have ALOT of books, so i’ll go chaeck um’ out in my “library”.

  434. Caty Says:

    I want to be either an author, artist, or pro sk8boarder! Maybe all of em’, that’d be really cool.

  435. MURTAGH! Says:

    hoo here LUVES murtagh? he is like the hottest!lolz.dos any1 no wen the 3rd book comes out coz i cnt wait

  436. MURTAGH! Says:

    hoo has msn lolz

  437. MURTAGH! Says:


  438. MURTAGH! Says:


  439. MURTAGH! Says:

    Hoo likes the inheritance trilogy as much as me?i want the 3rd book 2 com out or i mit die!


    everyone shut up about the third book and how hot mutagh is just talk about something else like how could they make the new movie now that the plot for the second movie would be all wierded out. Eragon didnt even bless the child in the first movie that is going to mess everything up dont u think. and also when the third book is done it think they should make a TCG out of eragon i think that would be a cool game.

  441. Caty Says:

    Elva was a deleted scene. So were the twins and the twins. Cp said he would be writing alot more books after the inhertance one, he has lots of ideas he wants to put down on parchment.

  442. Caty Says:

    The annoying thing about writing is when you make up a good story, then compare it to other books, you find similarities! This could have happened with Cp too. There’s just too many books out there.

  443. gooooooooooooooooooon Says:

    wot dey wer sayin above about when some1 dies and he sez his name 2 the rock mayb v. unlikely but mayb saphira dies lol n he has 2 bring her back 2 life dat wud b a interesting twist lol

  444. HIadfasfjaslfsafl Says:

    I think that Arya will be the next Rider, and that the movie was a shame to put out there. I think they should make movies that have nothing left out, because I WILL sit there and watch a twelve hour movie. I hope you all agree.

  445. PowerfulDragonRider Says:

    I just typed out a huge list of things that the movie left out as well as a couple of good revelations for book three and then I submitted it but it didn’t show up. BUMMER

  446. PowerfulDragonRider Says:

    I think the weapon that Eragon will find under the Menoa Tree may be the first Eragon’s white rider blade.

  447. MURTAGH! Says:

    i agree with the menoa tree thing. anyone else think that shadeslayer person is annoyin?lolz

  448. MURTAGH! Says:

    i new eragon and murtagh would be bro’s. it makes soooooooooooo much sense why brom gave zar’roc to eragon

  449. curtis Says:


  450. MURTAGH! Says:

    my budgie died

  451. Happy Dragon Says:

    Hey i think that the rock of souls thing is cool i think that he will bring back brom or talk to the first eragon because i think that eragon will steal the third egg and brom will have to help take care of the egg or tell eragon how to steal it. i also think that the weapon will be the first eragons sword but i dont know how they will do the second movie they cant put the blessed child in there and they cant put the naked dragon twins in the film which is a key part in the book and that just sucks but me and my freind think that the next dragon rider will be Rowan.

  452. Caty Says:

    I agree about the menoa trewe and Arya been the rider. Katrina, the twins, and Elva ended up being a deleted scene.

  453. Caty Says:

    Somebody on this other chat room said the third book is comin’ out in august. I’m tryin’ to figure out where she figured that out.

  454. TLS Says:

    well i think that eragon will find broms sword under the tree cuz broms dragon was spahire blue same as sphira an riders r supposed to have the same color blade as their dragon so it wuld work an i think that arya will be the next rider cuz they need an elf an a female, shes both, to even it out cuz they already got to human males

  455. Happy Dragon Says:

    shes probably lieing or she is telling the truth but i dont think that CP could have made the book already because having to tell the director how to make the movie and all the things hes had to do i dont think that he could have had any time to do the third book. i think it will come out around christmas so that he will earn more money from the christmas rush.

  456. Caty Says:

    Cp had nothing to do with the movie. He said that in an interview.

  457. i take people's whits Says:

    okay. now being the avid Inheritance Trilogy fan that i am, i too was upset by the movie. the plot was very jumpy and it deleted some very important characters and scenes that were in the book, but you have to give them sone credit. htey probably didnt have a very big budget to begin with, computer animation costs a lot (and saphira is CGed and in most of the movie, so that costs some big bucks) and about the length. im a bit of a movie buff, so i keep up with a lot of movies and most of the movies that are recently coming out tend to keep with the 1 1/2 hour to 2 hour time limit. i think that with all of the story and information packed into the eragon book, there just wasnt enough time to put it all in. and also, if they do decided to make the movie eldest, they might not use the same director. i cant remember off the top of my head, but i dont think that the harry potter movies have the same director.

    Oh and about the arya being a rider. i dont think that it will happen. arya is a princess, she has other duties she has to tend to. i personally think that it will be roran. keep it in the family i say. lol.

    so yeah. i’m hearin that the third book is going to come out in august 2007. just a guess though.

  458. Caty Says:

    It’s NOT RORAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure! Even if it’s not Arya, it’s not gonna be Roran. If it is arya, I’ll laugh, if i’m wrong, well, my face will flash a deep, crimson red! I’m just stubborn like that!

  459. TLS Says:

    its more likely to b arya to cuz then spahira wuld have a mate an eragon an arya wuld like each other more an if they got married then it wuld be “keeping it in the family”

  460. jess Says:

    i tink it would b arya but mayb not cause it would b too obvious but hoo nos

  461. Caty Says:

    Cp ALSO said it would be obvious, but a tniy bit of a surprise

  462. Eragon Says:

    well the dragon one the Eldest book is possibly Thorn, Murtagh’s dragon and not Gladir, ’cause Thorn is Red, and Gladir is Gold

  463. Eragon Says:

    and the movie did suck, but if they do Eldest for the movie, then they should make it better

  464. Eragon Says:

    and my background is a whole lot of parts(if any1 is gonna ask)

  465. Selena Says:

    Hi Dudes,
    For those of you who want to read a bit of the third book just log onto and sign up for the Fricaya Network. You can read a bit there but it is a cliffhanger so if anyone’s gonna be mad because it ends at the important bit then don’t.
    By the way. your thoughts are intruiging about who will be the next rider. I happen to think Elva will probably be the next rider though it seems unlikely as she is not really a good choice. Arya is a good choice but as for the Saphira and the last dragon mating thing NO WAY if it is gonna be Arya’s dragon. And as it happens does anyone think Saphira will mate with Shruikin when Galbortorix dies? I know I have probably spelt some names worng but sorry.
    I didn’t like the movie either as my best mate had to keep on asking me what was going on.
    See ya

  466. Caty Says:

    I think it will, or it will be a sad ending cause there are no dragons left.

  467. jess Says:

    yeah i read the part of the third book from i hate where it leaves off!

  468. Eragon Says:

    ya it would b, cause then how would the riders come bac if Saphira doesnt mate with any male dragons, and in Eldest, eragon promised Elva that he will undo the spell that he pt on her, so then she would b a baby again and if Arya does become the dragon rider, i hope that her and eragon can help Murtagh break the spell of the oath from murtagh and galbatorix. i think that if u read a bit of a book that hasnt come out yet, then it’s a bit of a spoiler. i dont think that it will b possible that Saphira will mate with Shruikin after Galbatorix dies. and it could b possible that Saphira wants to mate with Thorn, Murtagh’s dragon. cause if eragon kills Galbatorix, then it would cut the oath that Murtagh gave to Galbatorix in the ancient language. so anything is possible at this point. i hope that they re-make the eragon movie or else i wont b happy. i hope that the third and final book comes out this year in Canada, cause im startin to get bored of the first two books

  469. TLS Says:

    saphira wont mate with thorn cuz then eragon wuld b attracted to murtage an him to eragon (not sayin theres ne thing wrong with being gay) its more cuz there brothers an that wuld just b weird.

  470. sliver of silver Says:

    although if murtagh and eragon got together that would be one hell of a twist

  471. TLS Says:

    lol it wuld b hahahah

  472. murtagh Says:

    by get to gether do u meen gay? if u do shut up!lolz. i luv murtagh he rox!

  473. RoRaN Says:

    I ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo think eragon shoud get it on with Arya coz that would so cute and cut edge!! Roran cnt marry katrina it should no HAS 2 B ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLZ LATAZ DUDZ BTW IM A GIRL

  474. RoRaN Says:


  475. murtagh Says:

    hi peeps roran is ma frend were both from oz and we rok!lolz. i agree with her (we both gals) (not lezos) shut up shadeslayer u suk! besides the boyz from eragon (roran and murtagh) r the hottest guyz on earth and the universe!so we r not single! fyi. were kidz! with attuide

  476. murtagh Says:

    hoos mr.hanky? coz thats off southpark!lolz. hoo haz msn? if soo type ya addy coz i need frends!lolz

  477. RoRaN Says:

    oi is any1 on coz plz talk p.s im murtaghs only friend! jks lolz

  478. Selena Says:

    By the way who has signed up for
    And if Eragon is meant to continue his training then how can he help Roran at the same time??????
    NO WAY is Saphira going to mate wid Thorn. To- Tal- Ly WRONG.
    I’m on RoRaN.

  479. Caty Says:

    I’m on! Eragon + Arya forever!!! Murtagh was the hottest !!!(i’m of corse a girl) Thorn + Saphira NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

  480. Sam Says:

    silver of silver im with u… it would b a very big twist nd very funny =P

    gay boy yer Eragon is now a gay….

    I wonder what gay is in the ancient language…. gayaro or sumin… =P

  481. nicole Says:

    Ajlihad: the abhorsen trilogy is by garth nix and its
    a pretty good series!

    sam: i agree with u !
    i know im a grl but i think all the guys were ugggglyy!!!!!!!!

  482. justin Says:

    i dont know what is going to happen and i dont want to know because in the end it would be a good suprise.

    and as for the eggs, i have no idea what is going to happen with that one

  483. Eragon Says:

    well none of us kno if saphira is gonna mate wit thorn or a different dragon(cause it could b possible that eragon may NOT b attracted to his bro, murtagh) so who knos, it could b a wild dragon that saphira mates wit.
    TLS: it may or may not b possible that eragon gets attracted to murtagh, cause if eragon wanted to, he could shut out saphira’s feelings for thorn

    RoRaN: in Eldest, Arya said to eragon that they hav to stay friends, or else it could destroy the plans of killing “King” Galbatorix, and plus it get in the way of eragon battling enemies and/or “king” Galbatorix would take her hostage to get through eragon if Galbatorix finds out that eragon has feellings for Arya

  484. Caty Says:

    They can get together AFTER they defeat Galbatroix!

  485. TLS Says:

    Eragon:meh watever

    i thought the guys were pretty HOT too. jk (imma guy (an im stright))

  486. TLS Says:

    thought eragon was supposed to have brown hair to but meh

  487. i take people's whits Says:

    hey were are you guys getting the idea that eragon has to get with the rider of whoever’s dragon saphira mates with? give me the page number cause i dont remember that

  488. i take people's whits Says:

    it sounds like total bs

  489. Caty Says:

    I don’t know where that dragon mating thing came from, but it sounds about right.

  490. i take people's whits Says:

    no it doesnt. think about it. if two dragon riders were both males and their dragons were opposite sexes then if the dragons mated than the guys would get together. i dont remember anything like that happening. and Caty what makes you think that it is arya whos going to be the next dragon rider?

  491. lab23 Says:

    cp said that the third rider is obvious, Aryas magic and eyes are green. Third dragon is green.

  492. littlemiss$bags Says:

    this shit sucksss!! but w/e i think that there waiting 2 realse the book 2 build up suspence so the book will sell better duh! christopher probly already rote the book and his publishers are waiting 4 l8er 2 publish it

  493. littlemiss$bags Says:

    lab23 is so tottaly rite it has 2 be arya! eragon loves her saphira likes her and eragon cant have a relationship unless shapria likes her and everything is green damn! lab23 is a genius

  494. Caty Says:

    lab23, i’ve said the Arya thing like millions of times before, and everybodies like, I’m not sure. So, why with u people agree?

  495. TLS Says:

    lol i agreed with u caty i knew that befor though cuz thats y i think arya to be the next rider

  496. Caty Says:

    Same here!!!! She better be rider, if she isn’t the one, than i’m gonna be soooooooooo confused!

  497. Anime Freak Says:

    Arya is definitley the next rider, but I’m more confuzed with whats going on beetwen Eragon and Maredth, or whatever his name is,beacause its all so confusing. Eragon and him are brothers!!

  498. dragon rider460 Says:

    does any one here like the wwe and i love the eragon book and Eldest there awsome

  499. jess Says:

    im almost 100% sure that in the book it says sumthing bout if dragons mate theyre riders would get closer… so arya BETTER be the next rider

  500. Caty Says:

    Jess, u rock!

  501. lab23 Says:

    caty, I have seen you refer to the obvious rider thing before, I’m agreeing with you

  502. Selena Says:

    Sorry but I happen to think Arya is the next rider. In the first book, the Chapter deathwatch gives us a good clue that the next rider is definately female and I think it is Arya.
    If none of you know what I mean, read the Deathwatch Chapter again. It is at the beginning and written in Italics when Eragon has a dream.

  503. Caty Says:

    What are u talkin’ about Selena? I think arya is the rider 2?!

  504. nicole Says:

    where did ajihad go? hes like the only one that would talk to me??!!!

  505. zoey Says:

    what will the next be called? do we know 4 sure yet? (also, is the second book going to be made into a movie because the last one was not by the book, it made me mad!!!!) does anyone know the US release date? im going crazy!!!! 😀

  506. TLS Says:

    lol ajihad just kinda disapered he had good reasons fo stuff too

  507. Caty Says:

    Zoey, it’s rumoured to be called empire. I think there will be an Eldest movie cause they made so much money off of it.

  508. Selena Says:

    Sorry Caty but I still have no idea what you mean?

  509. Caty Says:

    I’m confused?! Selena, what do you mean you don’t know what I! What did I say?lol

  510. jess Says:

    yeah selena i went bac in the book and it does give a big clue in the being of the chapter deathwatch

  511. do u know what kind od weapon will eragon have right now??

  512. i love eragon and can’t w8 till all the movies of eragon come out!!! yeeehhh 🙂

  513. Caty Says:

    Alot of people are saying it cmes out in August, it does sound right. I’ve posted this and summers other too. Eragon came out in aug. 03′, Eldest came out 05′, so every 2 years in August would be this August!

  514. TLS Says:

    poop im bored good hockey video on utube

  515. MURTAGH! Says:

    soooooooooooooo. is anyone on?
    Im in grade 7 and i get to go 2 canberra this year in july! i hope the 3rd book comes out bfore then!

  516. Cool Dude 666 Says:

    u guys r all nerds all u do all day is probably go to school and when u get home all u do is play runescape or WoW get a life ok and stop being nerds.

  517. MURTAGH! Says:

    NO we’re not shut up

  518. MURTAGH! Says:

    rune scape sux

  519. jess Says:

    we rnt nerds i have no freakin idea wat thoses games even r

  520. dragon rider460 Says:

    jess just go **** your self

  521. Caty Says:

    We’re not nerds! i don’t even look like one, even if I was was. I sk8, where instyle clothes, play video games that aren’t the games i’ve never heard of before. Nevermind, forget you punk!

  522. Caty Says:

    Even if we were nerds, WHICH WE’RE NOT, why are u on here, why r u wastin’ time with us “nerds”, u must be a nerd yourself!

  523. TLS Says:

    buddys just a douche bag who doesnt have a life but call ppl nerds on things cool dude 666= DOUCHE BAG

  524. dragon rider460 Says:

    were not nerds your the nerd jess so go fuc* yourselve

  525. MURTAGH! Says:


  526. RoRaN Says:

    omg like it is so sad how eragon and arya cnt b together!! sob sob btw I lov roran as i mentioned b4

  527. Caty Says:

    They can be together, Arya’s just tooooooooooooooo stubborn!

  528. jess Says:

    dragon rider460 wat the hell r u fckin sayin?

  529. jess Says:

    i said WE RNT NERDS learn to look at stuff rite

  530. Cool Dude 666 Says:

    well im saying ur nerds because this is like your life is on the computer so u can go fuck yourself hey tls if you abreviate people at ppl you are a nerd because thats computer language dumb ass so why are you even saying that your not and this is not a date service so stop saying you love roran or murtagh or eragon ok and by the way caty im not a nerd i actually play sports and not virtual ones. i actually play football and i can run a mile in 8 minutes im not a nerd plus i can bench 280 so go to hell all of u and get a life.

  531. Cool Dude 666 Says:

    and by the way WoW is World of Warcraft.

  532. TLS Says:

    i put in tls cuz i didnt wanna type the whole thing an i play sports to asshole

  533. jess Says:

    umm “cool” dude 666 if ur so fckin ahmazin then y r u on this site??

  534. Caty Says:

    I got 8 minutes in a mile run too, I’m 12. I don’t spend myu life on the computer I’m only onnthis chat room for like a sec 2 times a day! The rest of the time i’m sk8ing or doing stuff in the woods, or writing, or drawing! And None of us are on here that much! Only like onece for a sec, sooooooooooooooooo WEEEEEEE’reeeeeee not NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!! u freakin’ bit ch!

  535. Caty Says:

    Cool dude, is your name Forrest??????????????

  536. Caty Says:

    I don’t play that WOW, it’scrap, same with dumgeons and dragons, you’d have to pay me a million dollars to play those!My brother is nerd, he’s like 18 and plays crap like that

  537. jess Says:

    yeah im 12 and im a cheerleader/dancer/gymnest and i barly go on this chat and wen i do go on the comp i go on aim so shut up and stop talkin crap

  538. Cool Dude 666 Says:

    The thing is called freedom of speach im allowed to say anything i want and u guys cant do anything about it so u can just fuck off!!!!!!!!!!1

  539. TLS Says:

    lol i guesse ur kinda cool i probly wulda done somein like this if i had the chance lol sry fo callin u a douche bag

  540. Caty Says:

    I’m sure you have so much freedom, i’d like to see you cuss out the president or government because they might be “nerds”!

  541. Caty Says:

    And see where that gets yah!

  542. Cool Dude 666 Says:

    Hey guys i m kewl and i play sports all the time, what i didn’t tell u is i m a huge nerd that loves to play with other guys penis’s. Its so much fun to be a homosexual i really enjoy it alot. The sports i play are sucking penis and having my butthole waxed with penis!! Another thing is when i bench 280 pounds its only when there is penis in my butthole!!! i really like that. YAAA FOR PENIS

  543. Caty Says:

    OMG! That’s the abousulute coolest thing ever! (not) If you’re sooo cool, why are ya wastin’ your time with us nerds????????? homosexual, like I believe that, homosexual my butt! You fckin, piece of shit!

  544. TLS Says:

    i fell stupid now but still id probly do somein like callin ppl nerds ona random thing but not call myself a homo cuz im not

  545. i take people's whits Says:

    okay cool dude 666 let me tell you something. your just an ass, i mean come on caty says that she sk8s all the time, i play lacrosse and volleyball, and other people on here do other stuff. i mean who was it that had to tell us that WoW waz World of Warcraft? and you call us the nerds? oh and if you think that this chat is filled with a bunch of nerds why do you keep getting back on here?

  546. Celtan Says:

    and i thought all we talked about on this site is eragon or are we just waiting for the third book

  547. Celtan Says:

    man how the heck can you get a penis in your but its imposs lol

  548. Caty Says:

    Well, people can do incredible things, Celtan, lol! ( winks) Anyway, back to the inheritance trilogy. On, you can get an alert(email) for when any new books by CP come out.

  549. TLS Says:

    NHL playoff perdictions

    Anaheim Ottawa
    Detroit Anaheim Ottawa Buffolo

  550. TLS Says:

    shit it didnt make it like i made it

  551. ebrithill Says:

    hi D.R i think that jess has 2 go **** him/her self

  552. jess Says:

    umm y the hell do u say that?

  553. dragonrider Says:

    Yeah u sould jess lol!!

  554. dragonrider Says:

    i think ayra is going to be the next dragon rider but if she’s not than i guess eragon’s cousin will be lol!!

  555. nicole Says:

    zoey: what state do u live in?

  556. darknes Says:

    does any1 know if it’s 2008 or earlier coz i heard it would be in may , and it’s may now , a cople of weeks ago i had a mail from a site that ‘light and shadow’ came out and that that is the new book , so what is it?

  557. darknes Says:

    btw me does any1 know the date of ‘Eldest ‘movie?

  558. darknes Says:

    And cool dude 666 , there are people who play WoW , who have a life.
    I got lots of friends and still i play WoW
    does it mean i’m a NERD?
    NO !
    i hang out with friends and stuff , i go out , still i play WoW

  559. Dragon_Trainer Says:

    hey cooldude 666 u can just go to hell we have lifes to so stop anoying us on this chat side ass hole and we arnt nerds either we just like to read!!!!!!!!!!

  560. nicole Says:

    cooldude 666 u can go 2 hell!!!!
    and i forgot fuck u, oh wait u already are fucked!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i can run a mile in 7 1/2 minutes so go suck UR penis
    im a girl and i play sports!! basketball,tennis,football,and lots of
    others!!! i even sk8eboard!bet u cant do that ass hole!!!!

  561. nicole Says:

    1 more thing, we’re NOT nerds, ur the nerd bitch!!!

  562. nicole Says:

    sorry for tha language everybody (except 4 cooldude 666)

  563. nicole Says:

    he deserved it

  564. Caty Says:

    SO True, I don’t care if you cuss.

  565. sliver of silver Says:

    hi everyone
    havent been on for a while. MAN has this chat ever gotten violent.

    P.S. Cool Dude 666 is a fucking bitch

  566. darknes Says:

    can some1 answer my questions in stead of yelling about Cool Dude 666 plz (i don’t like him either but f*ck him)

  567. Caty Says:

    Yeah, darkness, what’s your question?????????????????????

  568. murtagh Says:

    That is soo cool how there r more 12 yr olds than me and RoRaN

  569. murtagh Says:

    hoo here likes murtagh as much as me?i LOVE him. i know the actres name as well. garrett hedlund. he is hot!

  570. murtagh Says:

    is any1 here? at 11:40. australian time? any 1 live in oz?

  571. murtagh Says:


  572. TLS Says:

    READ THE BOTTOM OF THIS FIRST BFOR U READ THE WHOLE THING IMPORTANT INFO i thought murtagh lookd stupid but thats just me (dont take it offense in some weird way) an im a guy also DARKNES i think the book will come out in augest 2007 cuz eragon was augest 03 an eldest 05 so ya i cant help u with the movie though an i dont relly wanna no cuz the movie was shit but meh an cooldude 666 is still a hoe an is probly that gay guy i saw at the mall the other day that really scared me and im bored incase someones wondering its 12:39 down in the maritimes im listenin to c100 but wanna change it to Z103.5 an i was watchin deja vu with my sister but her friend picked her up 1 mins ago so i decided to come on this an c wats goin on cuz i dont relly got ne thing else todo and i think the OTTAWA Senators r goin to beat the BUFFOLO Sabers in there series even though i dont really like ottawa but there the only canadien team left witch kinda sucks but there doin good sofar in the playoffs i also think cooldude 666 isnt a cool dude but a hoe so ya ill tell u my sayin “when in dought, Slap-a-hoe” (u say slap-a-hoe really fast like slapahoe) an if ppl r wondering TLS rnt my initals they stand for something also im older then murtagh an i guesse roran if ur only 12 so haa if u were a guy id laugh more cuz id have a bigger cock then u but ur not so meh an now im so bored its 12:47 an that song that goes “nobody wants to c us together oooooo but i got u bay” is on so brb i gotta change it to Z103.5…there now one of Z103.5(s) random songs that noones ever heard bfor is on an ma dad gotta nes bmw convertable month a go its pretty cool my cat jumped into a chair an just layed down jzzzzzz lol i got no life at 12:51 noone i kno stays up late on msn so i cant talk to them unless…ill check…no well there r but there sleepin but i did happen to get 4 new e-mails from facebook poop ill just keep rantin on till i fill this block up dunno how much more it can take though also im goin for team CANADA in the IIHF cuz we canadaians pwn at hockey and theres no lieing each team in the NHL has probly at least 10 canadien players per team an most r there captins just sayin but were not the best though at ne thing else myb some skiing an we ine gold for speed skatin at toreno but meh we choked in hockey at torino i thought we wuld do good but meh the IIhf teams doin good this year also its now 1:02 so iv been writeing for bout 1/2 an hour poop im gettin kinda tired so ill let ppl no MOST OF THIS HAS NOTHIN TODO WITH THE INHERITANC TRILOGY JUST THE FIRST PART DONT READ IF U DONT FELL LIKE IT ITS JUST A MINDLESS RANT CUZ I WAS BORES AT NOW 1:04 IN THE MORNIN WHERE I LIVE SO YA I PUT THIS IN CAPS SO U DONT WASTE TIME IN READIN THE WHOLE THING I ALSO ANSWERD UR QUESTION TO WAT I THINK DARKNES ITS WHERE UR NAME IS IN CAPS an sry for makin one big ass post i was just really really bores. inheritance trilogy rules! 😀

  573. TLS Says:

    sweet thats gotta b the biggest post yet lol bunch a mindless junk though lol

  574. bookworm Says:

    hey 4 u people looking 4 other books here r some good o 1s-the magickers by:emily drake,inkheart and inkspell by: cornilia funk ,alex rider,and the oath by:frank peretti

  575. jess Says:

    i read inheart and inkspell there rele good

  576. JCD #17 Says:

    Yo when is the 3rd Inheritance book comin’ out?! I can’t wait any longer. Comon Christopher Paolini. Can’t it come out in the summer of 2007 so I can have something to do over the summer than do chores and get heatstroke. Please!!!!

  577. #14 Says:

    it’ll probally come out in augest of 07 unless ur in franc then 08 haha

  578. sliver of silver Says:

    who wants to have a competiton for who has “the longest post for a day”?

  579. TLS Says:

    when need some dumb ass to come back on an say something stupid so we can have something to talkbout for a lottle while lol

  580. murtagh Says:

    im not dumb but ill talk. hoos 11yrs old? I AM! i want the 3rd book to come out in june or the beginin of july coz i go to canberra for a week in july! its a skool thing.hoo thinx murtagh is hot? i do! (im a gal of course!) hoo lives in australia? i do! lolz. if u live in oz plz answer this. DO U LIVE IN BRISBANE!? I DO! SHIT MY CAPS LOCK KEY IS STUCK! LOLZ. fixed it.lolz lolz lolz lolz. i hate a gal in ma class! its 4:54 pm. any1 on? hoo has msn. HOO HAS MSN!?

  581. murtagh Says:


  582. TLS Says:

    i have msn an i know someone who used to live in australia but he dont no mo, an i know some girl that lives there but i dont kno where. I live in CANADA an we GOT GOLD AT THE IIHF OVER THE FINS 4-2 PWND

  583. TLS Says:

    an its 3:12 down in the maritimes

  584. reagon freak Says:

    dude they could do what the warriors series [my sister reads them] did and make another series and eragon rules but the movie sucked.

  585. Cool Dude 666 Says:

    hey im happy to see that all of u nerds have gone on and started to call me names well the thing is im one of the people on here i just changed my name so that u wouldnt know who i am and the other thing is i was really pissed off because my grandmother died so i decided to take it out on you guys so i apologize for any hard feelings and the person who wrote the thing that said i was a fag im so sorry that u are so imature.

    P.S. i have also read all of the books so far and i am waiting for the third book and i have read all the harry potter books so far and i am waiting for the last one if u dont belive me just ask me any question about them and i will tell you the answer.

    P.S. Sorry again

  586. Caty Says:

    Really, hmmm, I wonder…

  587. Celtan Says:

    lol people hie
    Arya will most likly be the next dragon rider because the next dragon is green and aryas magic is also green
    Roran will be the new king of the empire when galbatorix dies because he has royal blood in him.

  588. Celtan Says:

    sweet guess what i am going to airiozona with my school this thursday we leave

    P.S. the reason it is sweet is because the hottest gurl in the school is going and this will help me get her as im the only guy going yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  589. Celtan Says:

    third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book third book COME OUT COME OUT COME OUT NOW NOW NOW NOW SO I CAN READ YOU


  590. Celtan Says:

    what is everyones age im 15

  591. Thomas Coover Says:

    OMG i love the books, i just got done readin eldest over for the……5th time i tihnk?? and eragon 4 the 3rd time… realy i have no life, i dont like the movie 2 eragon tho, i wish a new director would make the 2nd one, uhhhhh yea supposedly, its gonna b called Empire, with a green dragon looking to the right, released supposedly in augast, 2007. AND HOLY S#!T ITS SUPPOSEDLY GONNA B AS BIG AS THE BIBLE!! cant w8…..

    Chris Paolini’s books make me think..: G i wish i had a connection 2 something or someone as close as Eragon’s and Saphira’s is, knowing eachothers thoughts and sharing everything, thats pretty kool 2 me

  592. Caty Says:

    okay………………………………? umm.. we know, but, uh, thanks anyways?!

  593. lab23 Says:

    does anyone know the color of the dragon with the original Eragon?

  594. Cool Dude 666 Says:


  595. Dueler29 Says:

    the original eragon’s dragon was white

  596. Dueler29 Says:

    wats up berowl, havent talked in a while .i need to register for that forum ya know

  597. Cool Dude 666 Says:

    i wonder what type of weapon eragon will get from under the tree its probably gonna be the original eragons sword and that would be awsome but i think that eragon is gonna talk to brom through the rock of souls or whatever it is called.

  598. TLS Says:

    i think it mite be broms sword cuz it was blue same color as saphira an it wuld b his inheritance from brom if brom is his real dad like i think he is

  599. TLS Says:

    nice Celtan gettin with the ladies im also 15 but watever

  600. Caty Says:

    I think it’s the original Eragon’s sword!

  601. Celtan Says:

    thanks people
    the original dragon was white
    the new weapon eragon gets is broms sword so he will get a blue sword like his dragon.

  602. Celtan Says:

    ya sweet thanks going with the ladies lol

    anyways bye everybody for two weeks while im gone
    wish me a good trip
    i will have lots of comments to read when i get back lol seeya

  603. nicole Says:

    COOL DUDE 666: srry 4 cussn u out, its just were not nerds
    we just want the 3rd book 2 come out! and srry about your grandma

    P.S. who called u a fag?

  604. nicole Says:

    where is Celtan going ?

  605. Cool Dude 666 Says:

    who calld me a fag someone used my name on a comment and posted that i like guys and everything which is not true at all, the comment is 63 comments above this one and it is between two caty comments so if u want to read it go ahead but i asure you that it was not me who posted it. Hello TLS didnt you read the second book brom cant be his father because that one evil guy is his father (sry forgot his name) the same with murtagh so that means eragon and murtagh are brothers.

    P.S. nicole, celtan is going to arizona read the posts.

  606. TLS Says:

    Cool Dude 666:ya i kno but it also said u can speak something thats not the thruth but u belive it is because there were months when his mom left morzan so she culd of got it on with brom an had a baby an thats why after stealin the egg with the varden he went back to carahall to watch his son eragon an it wuld make sence if he got broms sword cuz he dragon was like the same as saphira so then hed have a blue sword to match his dragon and it wuld be his inheritance witch culd be y the its the inheritance series. but i dunno ill have to wait till it comes out an if he is eragons dad then im goin to rite pwnd in big letters.

    PS:brom also gave him a blessin so ya…

  607. #14 Says:

    im with tls

  608. B.Whitty Says:

    me too

  609. Jelly Says:

    yes i think this tls person has good reasons for stuff

  610. Murtaghlover Says:

    I lov murtagh he is the best character i really hope he comes good and lives!!!!!!!

  611. spaz forever Says:

    guys come on!!! the movie i agree was bad and should have had much more detail
    if it had everything in the book or even
    a little of the detail…
    the movie would’ve been like 5 hrs. i mean honestly i no we would stay in the theatre that long but would everyone else???

  612. spaz forever Says:

    i agree, murtagh is the best character in the show he’s kind of emo and kind of not its pretty sweet. lol in spider man 3 if peter kept his hair like the emo style he’d look sweet

  613. spaz forever Says:

    frik! i want the third book to come out sooooooo bad!!!!! omg christopher hurry ur ass up!!! frik i no it takes time but seriously man were all dying here!!! hurry up hurry up hurry up
    hurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry uphurry up hurry up hurry up

    Cant WAIT FOR THIRD BOOK!!!!!! gonna rock everyone will love it! haha im bored

  614. MURTAGH LOVER!!! i love him more! Says:

    I love murtagh the most! he is sooo hot and i love his accent! im gonna marry him!

  615. jess Says:

    murtagh was one of mi favorite characters

  616. spaz forever Says:

    hahaha good luck with marrying him lmfao that will be an accomplishment…..

  617. spaz forever Says:

    wow its 5:50 in london its 10:50 in edmonton hahahaha


  618. spaz forever Says:

    ugggggggggggggggggggggg someone talk!! im bored!

  619. spaz forever Says:

    ill be back in like 15 mins to see if anyones on………………………….. lol peace

  620. spaz forever Says:

    omg ppl talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr no ones on

  621. Daniel Says:

    is it still christmas 07 for the book

  622. Daniel Says:

    Roran will be the next rider

  623. spaz forever Says:

    i dunno he might be….. but i think arya will, cause remember in the first book he had a dream of 2 dragons flying side by side, a man and a woman walking and holding hands and a ship leaving alagaesia. so i think arya will be the next rider

  624. spaz forever Says:

    i hope ottawa wins the cup they better win the game today 😀

  625. Daniel Says:

    sorry dont know about ottawa, Im from Belfast

  626. Daniel Says:

    Arya is a possiblity, although the man and woman could be roran and katrina. I think Eragon will find Brom’s sword.

  627. spaz forever Says:

    that could be true cause in book his dragon was sapphira and he might get blue sword i think that eragons mom “did it” with brom and thats why it is called inheritance so eragon will wind up being broms kid

  628. saphira224 Says:

    wasn’t one of the dragons gold which meens that is is glear im not sure though

  629. saphira224 Says:

    i never thought of that

  630. nicole Says:

    somebody get on plese!!!its 10:05 here &
    im up by my self!!!im bored!!!

  631. MURTAGH LOVER!!! i love him more! Says:

    Brom is not eragons dad! morzan is! selena had it with morzan u idiot! murtagh and eragon are bro’s that’s y its called inheritance dumb dumb!arya will b da nxt rider! the 3rd book will come out in august! not x-mas. (im a ozzy!) i’m write a story a bit like eragon myself. its 8 pages long and its on chapter 4 or 5! 7000 and somefin words! hahahahahaha. i wanna b a writer wen im older!

  632. nicole Says:

    MURTAGH LOVER!!!i love him more!:
    caty and i r writing stories 2!!!!
    but ive been writing mine for like ever so mines
    really long!!!!

  633. Sue Me(i dare u) Says:

    ITS LIKE THERE ARE MINI ME’S ALL OVER THE PLACE!! I too hav been writing, or rather trying to write my own personal eragon for a few months now. While i hav given it up as too complicated an attempt im glad that there’s a whole bunch of paolini wannabes picking up the slack. KUDOS 2 CATY,NICOLE and ML.
    P.s. Why r’nt any of the would be writers lads?? We all know lads r better than gals at fantasy(Lewis,Tolkien,Pullman to name a few).

  634. Sue Me(i dare u) Says:

    Bye the way if anybody has any news abt Empire please gimme a holler.
    Predictions 4 third book( warning: im psycic so if u dont want the third book to be spoilt 4 u dont read any further):-
    1.Arya is the next rider, her dragon is male and falls in love with saphira, therefore since the bond bw dragon and rider is so intense arya starts having feelings 4 eragon.
    2.Brom is eragons father( takes u back to star wars doesn’t it :@])
    3.The sword eragon gets is Broms.
    4.Murtaghs and Galbatorix’s power comes from the souls they hav enslaved, therfore eragon must go to the “vault of souls” and free them thereby rendering Galby vulnerable.
    5.In the end good must prevail over evil( i bet u didnt see that coming:}) therefore galby will die and so will Murtagh, it is even possible that murtagh will be heroic and will get himself killed on purpose so that he doesn’t hurt eragon.(Sorry to all who love him so much)
    6. Roran a born leader of men will assume the throne and the sun will shine, the flowers will bloom and the evil mosquitoes will DIE!!
    P.s. Why r there so many kids on this site????? I know its a childrens book but this is overdoing it a bit, is NOBODY here above 15??

  635. Sue Me(i dare u) Says:

    In response to cathy 8th May 8.17: OI!!! U CANNOT AND I MEAN CANNOT FIND A BIGGER NERD THAN THE ‘BUSH’ THAT HAS CURRENTLY OVERGROWN ITS WAY TO ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD!!! Seriously how can anyone support him, he’s practicaly the most retarded thing on this planet(Short of David Letterman). Hav u ever heard his speeches, its like a flood of just pure unadulterated STUPID.
    Im probably biased though cuz i am Pakistani( dont worry im not a terrorist) However i do represent the vast majority of 6.4 billion ppl when i say”WHAT THE HELL WERE U GUYS THINKING WHEN U ELECTED HIM?!?!”
    Whoosh that feels better.

  636. jess Says:

    i hate havin bush for president it make the US look retartedd

  637. darknes Says:

    how is every1 doing , haven’t had time to come on site , now i did and read all the posts :
    -Galby will die and Murtagh will probably sacrifice him self for eragon or saphira (like in every movie , book)
    -BROM ISN’T ERAGONS FATHER , if he would be it would be a big downer cuz i don’t rly like brom
    -the sword eragon will get will probly be from first eragon coz i think he had a blue dragon to

    BTW ‘sue me(i dare u) bush will probly sue you if u tell hiw what u wrote here lol

    cya soon guys bye

  638. darknes Says:

    PS : any1 here who speaks dutch?

  639. darknes Says:

    ow btw for the girls that say that only girls here are writing a book , well i’d like to (i’m a guy) but i don’t rly have any inspiration , btw the male writers like ‘Lewis,Tolkien,Pullman to name a few’ well they probly let theire wives do the thinking while they where watching football

  640. darknes Says:

    damn i’m bored don’t want to go to bed coz school 2morro and got big test , some1 say something

  641. darknes Says:

    to say something about you guyss aying about the sword eragon will get being broms , here’s a question

  642. darknes Says:

    to say something about you guyss aying about the sword eragon will get being broms , here’s a question that Paolini answerd on this site :
    What happened with Brom’s blue sword?

    Brom’s sword was presumed lost or destroyed in the battle where the Forsworn killed his dragon, Saphira.

  643. spaz forever Says:

    i have no idea how there going to incoorporate all the details of the 2nd book into a movie. they left so much stuff out in the first movie it will be hard to make a movie series out of it…. and by the way “saphira224: the gold dragon was the old elfs who is in the forest he’s the dude who trained eragon his dragon is incapable of doing anyhting really as is he…

  644. TLS Says:

    EXACTLY darknes it was PRESUMED LOST or DESTROYED that DOESNT mean that it is DESTROYD gone poff not on algesia ne more or LOST myb some elf dude or someone else has it an will give it to eragon

  645. stacey Says:

    yeah thats possible u know what should happen what we should do is get like a talk show to host Chistopher or something so we can get all the facts u know like a late night with craig furgeson or something

  646. Sue Me(i dare u) Says:

    darkness you’re forgetting 1 really important thing ”IM PSYCIC DUDE” therefore by the law of prophecy i cannot POSSIBLY be wrong =D. Anyway look at the hints:
    1.Brom hated Morzan so whos to say he didnt get it on with selena just 4 revenge???
    2.Murtagh’s dragon is red therefore he got Zarroc, naturally Eragon will get a blue sword to match Saphira. Plus as TLS said it was “presumed” lost or destroyed, thats tantamount to shouting “IT WILL BE FOUND LATER ON”.

    I know im contradicting myself but given paolini’s record i wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of my predictions turn out a tad differently than i originally envisage=D.
    Btw did anybody c the Pakistan Srilanka match?!!?? A ”THIRTY TWO RUN” over boys, Afridi’s the ULTIMATE and i mean the ULTIMATE pathan!!!!! Pashtouns 4 life!!!

  647. Sue Me(i dare u) Says:

    Btw ur probably rite abt that Tolkien thing =D. Did u watch the FA cup final though,, i swear its when things like that happen that u believe that truly there is no justice in the world. MANUMANUMANUMANUMANUMANU!!!!!!!

  648. nicole Says:

    jess: do u live in the us? where?

  649. Kimmy Says:

    O come on, when will the book be released, I’m gonna DIE here from waiting SOOOOOOOOOOOO Long.
    I would love to have it when I go on my trip later this summer!

  650. spaz forever Says:

    i no!!! frik im going to kill myself christopher!!!
    make the book come out!!!!
    were all dying……..

  651. Cool Dude 666 Says:

    spaz do u ever shut the hell up man jeeze take a chill pill and lay off the energy drinks and coffee.

  652. jess Says:

    yeah i live in the US and NY on long island to b exact

  653. darknes Says:

    dude don’t make Paolini hurry or the book will suck like eragon movie it’s like the worst movie EVER. they f*cking screwed the things in the book , for example Brom get’s killed by the razac in the book , in the movie by Durzan !!!!!! A lot more of those sucky things are in it. I wish some1 would redirect the movi and do it right :@.and about the eragon sword , i don’t knw and i’m not rly psycic but… i still think it will be Eragon’s sword and about Brom being Eragons father just for revenge , well , that’s just SICK !
    cya all 2morro evening
    PS : my test was great lol

  654. nicole Says:

    jess: u live pretty close 2 me! about 12
    hours away.ive always wanted to live in NY
    but my family wont move there!

  655. Sue Me(i dare u) Says:

    well im not sure we shud hurry christopher but im also not sure that he shud take FOREVER to write the book. he shud at least tell us when it might come out.

  656. Christopher Paolini Says:

    I would just like to say that I am done with the book and I will be releasing it on December 5th so that teenagers like yourself could ask your parents to get you it for a Christmas present. Eragon does not die in the end of the book so you can stop worrying about that but another character does meet his fate at the final battle. Thank you to all of my loyal fans for supporting me to make this book. I know that the first movie did not go over so well so the Eldest movie will not be made by the same director.

    May your swords stay sharp,
    Christopher Paolini

  657. TLS Says:

    hoe y wont it b ready in the summer ?!? i wont have ne thing to read


    Hey! chris! is the person hoo is goin to die gonna be murtagh? if it is plz rerite ur book!! lolz. i love murtagh! he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool! will aarya b da new rider?(me)> p.s if it Roran aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggg pps im RoRaN (a girl) Kill nausuada! or oromis


    any1 on? its like 4:05pm here. HOO LOVES MURTAGH OR RORAN? MAINLY MURTAGH!

  660. RoRaN Says:


  661. TLS Says:

    ANaheim over Ottawa in 5 or 7 (there winnin at home)

  662. TLS Says:

    hah i just relized it says it the 24 but for me it the 23

  663. thorn Says:

    okay you guys realy need to calm down a bit we all share the same pain but if he needs time to tie up all those loose ends THEN GIVE HIM TIME!!! i just want the book to be as great as the last two…and if it’s time he wants it is time he gets. do you not agree???

    may your swords stay sharp!!!

  664. Sue Me(i dare u) Says:

    I hope this isnt some perverted prankster pulling our collective legs. If it actually is finished now WHY DONT U RELEASE IT NOW ?????? Is this like a sales boosting campaign cuz if it is then u SUCK big time. Ur gonna make ur ” loyal fans” wait another 6 months jus so u can make a couple more bucks?!?? Thats pretty PATHETIC chris. Just release it, trust me u wont need christmas to boost ur sales “teenagers like” ourselves will get mummy and daddy to buy the book christmas or not. PLSSSSSSSSSSSS RELEASE!!!

    I hope he actually checks this site once in a while.

  665. Sue Me(i dare u) Says:

    P.s My sword cannot stay sharp 4 ever u know.
    rust my sword with age will sure
    though in my heart you will endure
    lost will be my sanity
    lest u provide me with the cure.

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssseeee provide the cure Sooooon chris!!*falls on his knees and begs*

  666. Christopher Paolini Says:

    What are you on about? Theres not a third book! im writing a story called ”Bongo the Amazing Elephant”. It should be out in December, im having a break from Alagaisia for a while

  667. Christopher Paolini Says:

    The opening line reads… ”Bongo the Elephant was not an ordinary Elephant. He was, in fact, the most amazing Elephant in the whole world. He just didn’t know it yet” What do you think?

  668. Sue Me(i dare u) Says:

    AHA!! I suspected some trickery was at foot and indeed it was.Mr perverted prankster dude value the seconds that pass 4 surely they r numbered. Lol. As far as the book goes im not so sure id want it as my christmas present but hey dont lose hope it could in fact be the most amazin book in the world nobody else jus knows it yet.

    P.s. Could u pls incorporate my luminous verses into ur book they took a whole 3 min to rite. lol. Kudos mate, nice one!!! d:)

  669. Sue Me(i dare u) Says:

    btw i never mentioned anythin about a third book.

  670. nicole Says:

    Sue Me(i dare u):i luv ur poem!!!!!

  671. darknes Says:

    you guys are weird , stop nagging about that the 3th book has to come out , get a life ffs

  672. Sue Me(i dare u) Says:

    thnxxxxxxx 4 compliment =D

  673. smorgasbord Says:

    Hey we’re not wierd, we’re just special 🙂 Anyway we all know the book is coming out eventualy bt we can still obsess abt it cant we??

  674. TLS Says:

    smorgasbord just cuz u ride on the short bus an ya u guys need ta stop complainin

  675. smorgasbord Says:

    short bus long bus whats the difference. Y’all r just as wierd as i am , that goes 4 the lot of you tls, darkness & assorted friends. Wats all that wrong bout bein wierd anyways???? Answer me that.

  676. smorgasbord Says:

    btw this is an empire release date forum isnt it? If by some random chance it is then wud u b kind enough to tell me wat ppl r supposed to talk bout on it?

  677. TLS Says:

    ne thing bout the book or waever u want thats how its been goin along sofar an the “special” kids ride on the short bus y’idiot

  678. MURTAGH! Says:

    It wasnt a prankstar! the real chris is the one who told us when it would b out. another person has the same user name chris as well.DUH!

  679. Christopher Paolini Says:

    My 3rd book is definately called Gaedar. I do not know who is pretending to be me but i ask you to cut it out. Some one does die at the end but it is not eragon or murtagh.

    May your swords stay sharp,
    Christopher Paolini

  680. Murtagh Says:

    SEE! i told you! losas

  681. Murtagh Says:

    Thnx 4 not killin murtah ur a life sava! r u still on?

  682. Sue Me(i dare u) Says:

    im jus confused now, either someone is pulling a double prank on us or it was the real chris.I’ll jus go chck if the book release date is out on another site.

  683. Sue Me(i dare u) Says:

    OI!! the bugger just a couple of comments above me is as fake pamela andersons jugs. do not believe a word he says, not only is news of the book still not out on other sites but also our friend here has made some rather suspicious spelling mistakes for a pro writer. ” definately” for example. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ur gonna pay assmonkey!

  684. TLS Says:

    lol kinda ovious thar it wasnt the real cp

  685. stylez Says:

    hey theres an Eragon group at check it out and join the group and contribute your thoughts thanx!

  686. Murtagh Says:


  687. Selena Says:

    Sorry people I haven’t been on: my computor went wacko.
    Caty I still don’t get what you mean. Murtagh is rider number 2 and Arya is gonna be rider number 3, at least I think she is. If you still don’t get me, re-read the book.
    I am probably wrong but if I am, don’t take it too seriously. No one is perfect.

  688. Christopher Paolini Says:


  689. TLS Says:

    exactly the real cp wuldnt say shit like that

  690. Celtan Says:

    hi every one its me im back lol arizona was awesome i had a ton of fun everything was real cool spent lots of time with the chicks oh my gosh lol

    man ive read the first and second book both like 20 times that right you get your asssssssssss moving chris sorry i like you and all but i cant wait lol

  691. Celtan Says:

    hey anybody on anyone

  692. Christopher Paolini Says:

    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
    I got married to the widow next door
    She’s been married seven times before
    And every one was an Henry (Henry)
    She wouldn’t have a Willy or a Sam (no Sam)
    I’m her eighth old man, I’m Henry
    Henry the eighth I am

    Second verse same as the first

    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
    I got married to the widow next door
    She’s been married seven times before
    And every one was an Henry (Henry)
    She wouldn’t have a Willy or a Sam (no Sam)
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    Second verse same as the first

    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
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    Second verse same as the first

    I’m Henry the eighth I am
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    Second verse same as the first

    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
    I got married to the widow next door
    She’s been married seven times before
    And every one was an Henry (Henry)
    She wouldn’t have a Willy or a Sam (no Sam)
    I’m her eighth old man, I’m Henry
    Henry the eighth I am

    Second verse same as the first

    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
    I got married to the widow next door
    She’s been married seven times before
    And every one was an Henry (Henry)
    She wouldn’t have a Willy or a Sam (no Sam)
    I’m her eighth old man, I’m Henry
    Henry the eighth I am

    Second verse same as the first

    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
    I got married to the widow next door
    She’s been married seven times before
    And every one was an Henry (Henry)
    She wouldn’t have a Willy or a Sam (no Sam)
    I’m her eighth old man, I’m Henry
    Henry the eighth I am

    Second verse same as the first

    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
    I got married to the widow next door
    She’s been married seven times before
    And every one was an Henry (Henry)
    She wouldn’t have a Willy or a Sam (no Sam)
    I’m her eighth old man, I’m Henry
    Henry the eighth I am

    Second verse same as the first

    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
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    She’s been married seven times before
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    I’m her eighth old man, I’m Henry
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    Second verse same as the first

    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
    I got married to the widow next door
    She’s been married seven times before
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    I’m her eighth old man, I’m Henry
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    Second verse same as the first

    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
    I got married to the widow next door
    She’s been married seven times before
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    I’m her eighth old man, I’m Henry
    Henry the eighth I am

    Second verse same as the first

    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
    I got married to the widow next door
    She’s been married seven times before
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    Second verse same as the first

    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
    I got married to the widow next door
    She’s been married seven times before
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    I’m her eighth old man, I’m Henry
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    Second verse same as the first

    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
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    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
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    Henry the eighth I am, I am
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    Henry the eighth I am, I am
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    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
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    Henry the eighth I am, I am
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    She wouldn’t have a Willy or a Sam (no Sam)
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    Second verse same as the first

    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
    I got married to the widow next door
    She’s been married seven times before
    And every one was an Henry (Henry)
    She wouldn’t have a Willy or a Sam (no Sam)
    I’m her eighth old man, I’m Henry
    Henry the eighth I am

    Second verse same as the first

    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
    I got married to the widow next door
    She’s been married seven times before
    And every one was an Henry (Henry)
    She wouldn’t have a Willy or a Sam (no Sam)
    I’m her eighth old man, I’m Henry
    Henry the eighth I am

    Second verse same as the first

    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
    I got married to the widow next door
    She’s been married seven times before
    And every one was an Henry (Henry)
    She wouldn’t have a Willy or a Sam (no Sam)
    I’m her eighth old man, I’m Henry
    Henry the eighth I am

    Second verse same as the first

    I’m Henry the eighth I am
    Henry the eighth I am, I am
    I got married to the widow next door
    She’s been married seven times before
    And every one was an Henry (Henry)
    She wouldn’t have a Willy or a Sam (no Sam)
    I’m her eighth old man, I’m Henry
    Henry the eighth I am

    Second verse same as the first

  693. Christopher Poopstain Says:

    Howdy all im a stupid writer who cant come out with a fucking book before all his fans turn away from him im also the dumbass who made eragon into a fucking stupid movie that left out so many good parts that were in the book and there probably wont even be a second movie all because the director was smoking crack when he made the movie good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  694. curtis Says:

    come on some people r so gulabul do u really think christopher poalini comes on here
    there’s been about 20 different people pretending to be him

    i wont believe anything till there’s a offical source behind it
    this summer ive got harry potter 7 to get me throught
    and the third season of avatar the last airbender

  695. thorn Says:

    Okay people there is no need to fucking swear all the swearing is fucking bullshit. The third book will come out and it better be good for how long we have to wait.

  696. Nitin Says:

    The third book is called fricaya. It’s on the website, no release dates mentioned as yet.

  697. Nitin Says:

    The third book is called FRICAYA (weird sounding right!!). It’s on the website, no release dates mentioned as yet.

  698. Swift Says:

    The third Book is called Fricaya, just checked the site, Yet no release dates on there as of yet (Like Nitin Said.) I can’t be patient much longer, I have a feeling to try and hunt Paolini down and make him sit at whatever the hell he types the story up on until he’s finished writing the damn thing. But since that’s not going to happen i’ll have to be patient.

  699. Swift Says:

    Gah send my last post to hell, I misread. The Book is not called Fricaya. That is the Inheritance Trilogy Fan club.

  700. SPARTEN117 Says:

    i think that Roran will be the third dragon rider.

  701. SPARTEN117 Says:

    you can kindof judge by how strong he is and how brave he is

  702. Selena Says:

    Sorry Christopher Paolini but I know that song. I sung it in one of my school plays when I was in Year 4. By the way, where has Caty come?

  703. Selena Says:

    Sorry not ‘Where has Caty come’ its ‘Where has Caty gone?’

  704. RoRaN Says:

    HE Betta b the next rider or i will take it very VERY!!! personally!!

  705. RoRaN Says:

    I saw a sign on the weekend and it read “caution water on road when raining” lolz

  706. RoRaN Says:

    who eles is from Australia i am

  707. RoRaN Says:

    the third book is called GLADAR u dum dums i met Chris and asked him he said he made that web site as a joke coz he was bord

  708. nicole Says:

    glaedr is not the name of the third book!!!
    thats the name of the dragon in eldest!!

  709. stylez Says:

    hey i and another person from this forum have an eragon fan club group at sign up and join the site if you like eragon !

  710. darknes Says:

    hey guys

    Roran won’ be the next dragon rider , i think he’s gonna be king or something like that , coz in eldes ( reading it again atm) he saves (almost)every1 from carvahal with his good leadership and talent. he’ll become something where he is a leader , think next dragon rider will have a female dragon and will be female her self lol , just so eragon wouldn’t be lonely.

    I’ll be checkng that fan site out btw

  711. Sue Me(i dare u) Says:

    awesome shows to watch so that u wont b bored all summer: prison break, lost, oc, one tree hill,csi miami,smallville plus checkout some old seasons of roswell.

    awesome movies so y’all wont miss the third book. 300, blood diamond, Gladiator, The departed, American history x, Blame it on rio, Iznogoud(french hilarious film), Gone in 60 seconds, Maverick, beutiful mind, youv got mail,king kong,Dungeons and dragons1, Indiana jones triology,chicken little, unbreakable, 6th sense, and many more.

  712. Swift Says:

    Yeah Darknes I agree with your Idea of him becoming king, I think he could be nominated Leader of Carvahall or something like that, the third rider could be anyone though, maybe someone he just introduces to the book, But then what would happen with the Five dragons in Alagasia? (Shurikan Glaedr Saphira Thorn ?) I don’t think it will be any of the main characters we have met so far though, maybe I’m wrong Maybe I’m right…..All we can do is wait.

  713. Caty Says:

    I think he’ll be king too. And Katrina his queen, if she lives that is. Arya should be the Rider. Hey Selena, I’m back. Sorry ya guys, just took a break from here ,but I’m back! I think Empire will come out next year about now. huh.. at least I have other books from others that I like are all coming out this whole summer through next year!

  714. stylez Says:

    hmm need more people for the eragon fan site! so sign up! its

  715. Swift Says:

    Hehe, Aye….Waiting, I can imagine a passage like this in the Book:

    Roran turned, facing the rising sun from the top of Helgrind, Katrina lay sleeping peacefully behind him, his hammer was dripping with a dark substance, one of the Ra’zac lay in front of him, the other one lay impaled on a rock not so far down the mountain. He turned once again, to face his beloved Katrina….Murtagh suddenly became visible whilst Roran was facing the other way, Thorn roared and the air shook with the vibration, Murtagh raised his hand and began to utter one of the killing words.
    Roran half turned at the noise, and Eragon arrived on the Scene with Saphira like a thunderbolt. Murtagh was cut off mid word as Eragon leapt onto the back of Thorn, Murtagh turned, grabbing Eragon by the throat, Saphira went down to rescue Roran and Katrina. Eragon drew his blade ((Unnamed as of yet it be, As Zar’roc is gone.)) and went to drive it through his brothers helmet. Murtagh moved his head to the left with superhuman speed, grabbing Eragon below his elbow and propelling him off Thorn. Eragon cried with his mind for Saphira, but she couldn’t carry any more passengers…

    ((Just what I think but I dunno.))

  716. Caty Says:

    not bad swift, but like me, it uses too many commas. And you said “turn alot… sorry, my bad. I do that sometimes, judge peoples work try to make it better. It’s your work and I don’t know if it was supposed to… ahh, just nevermind. (sigh) My thoughts are drifting, you guys better post!lol

  717. murtagh Says:

    That passage thing sux no offence. okay yeah i wanted to cause offence cause u r weird. offence. any1 here apart from me and roran that r from australia? caty u r so cool. r u 11 as well?we r . bb. bibi. bye

  718. murtagh Says:

    any 1 else on?

  719. RoRaN Says:

    I AM!!!!!soo wat bin happin in

  720. TLS Says:


  721. Swift Says:

    Yeah I know It sucks, I was in a bad writing mood yesterday….No offence taken though Murtagh, and It was just my own damn thoughts…

  722. Swift Says:

    Oh P.S I agree with you Caty about what you said. I’ll take it to heart.

  723. Caty Says:

    seriously? okay, whatever ya say Swift. Murtagh, I’m actually 12. I’ll be a 7th grader next year! Hopefully I’ll have better classes next year, the ones this year sucked. Today was kinda depressing, since somebody called the school and was talking to my teacher then she started crying and said her mom was gone. We were all sad for an hour and she ended up leaving. At the end of the day we had to watch some end of the year movie ( Even though tomorrow’s the last day!) some students had made with clips throughout the school year. They didn’t even show my team
    ! Well, anyway back to the books

  724. Caty Says:

    Oh, the third book’s not called Glaedr for those who might think so. CP said it would star with “E” with SIX letters!

  725. Shan-J Says:

    I can’t wait for it to come out.There are so many questions that need to be answered to finish the book.All the lose ends of to tie up.But what the burning question for me is will Mutagh actually kill Eragon?

  726. TLS Says:


  727. TLS Says:

    *i predicted at beginin of series

  728. darknes Says:

    ofc the book will begin with E and will be 6 letters , like i and some other people already said it will be Empire lol

  729. Swift Says:

    Hey Caty I am serious about taking your info to heart I listen as much as possible to others. Also 12 years of age but I live in England (not USA how is it over there? I’ve always wanted to visit.)

  730. nicole Says:

    ive always wanted to visit england!!!!
    i live in the usa and its okay i guess but we’ll
    hav 2 meet somewhere when i finally get to go 2

  731. thorn Says:

    The name of the third book is not called empire!!! chris never once said that the book will be called empire!!! The reason that rumor is floating around is because all the books start with “E” and have six letters. If you do not beleive me ask check out for your self. Chris himself goes on the website. Again NOWHERE on the does it say that the name of the book is “Empire”.

  732. thorn Says:

    by the way i live in California

  733. Caty Says:

    I know it may not be called Empire, but it is most likely, but it still may not be. I’m completely aware. If I could go anywhere in the world it would be England. I love your accents as well, you probably think we have accents, but anyways, I have other reasons to but, maybe latta. The USA is great, except there’s a president instead of queen, I think it’s proabably alot like England. Just different historical marks and all. But if you have any questions, shoot! You have the same sports and stuff, and I could go on forever, but I’d rather not really. You do have skateboards there, right??????????

  734. Caty Says:

    Does anyone watch the new Robin Hood show on BBC America the first season ended a couple weeks back, bu in UK it was showed in OCtober, here it was like January or Febuary, or… somehing. They’re really great. You can by the whole first season on DVD now!

  735. TLS Says:

    is there ne hockey in england? like an organized leaug kinda like the nhl?

  736. TLS Says:

    just not as good an doesnt make as much money

  737. RoRaN Says:

    I watch it OMG WILL SCARLET AND ALLAN A DALE R SOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! in australia its only up 2 da like 7th or somthin episode

  738. RoRaN Says:

    sooo wats happin IM FROM AUSTRALIA AND ITS REALLY COLD IN queensland me from there

  739. Caty Says:

    Your in for a big surprise soon, all the episodes are great.I think Robin’s the hottest, but anyway, out of personal life and back to the book.What have we discussed before, but it was a long while back

  740. Skullblaka Says:

    Hey guys I live in Lacey, Washington and i have read eragon and eldest atleast 6 times and i have read all the harry potters and i hate soccer and hockey the dumbest sports ever created. but thats my opinion. i do think the next book will be empire i thing the next dragon rider will be arya i think murtagh will turn on galbatorix and kill him and then eragon will kill murtagh not knowing that murtagh was pretending to be bad but actually being good. because remember eragon couldnt get inside murtaghs head when they first met so galbatorix might be able to get inside murtaghs head but murtagh could hide a few choice things. i also think the king will be roran and katrina will not die but that one lady in the elven village who made weapons for the dragon riders will come out of retirement and make one last sword for eragon. and if u liked eragon you should check out the series THE LOST YEARS OF MERLIN writen by T.A. Barron who is an awsome author. the books are about merlin the worlds most famouse wizards as he was a child and how he got his powers and abilities it also tells of what he did and everything there are 5 books in the series. THE LOST YEARS OF MERLIN, THE SEVEN SONGS OF MERLIN, THE FIRES OF MELIN, THE MIRROR OF MERLIN, and THE WINGS OF MERLIN.

  741. Caty Says:

    I agree with most of the things you said, skullblaka. Like Arya bein’ rider, Roran as king, Katrina not dying, and the name Empire. I don’t agree with the elven lady makin’ the sword, but it’s a possibility. I think instead he’ll get the sword under the Menoa Tree, which turns out to be the original elven Eragon’s sword.

  742. TLS Says:

    shut the fuck up bitch (skullblaka) hockey an soccer are good sports so go home

  743. nicole Says:

    I watched robin hood!!!

  744. TLS Says:

    sry bout that i just like hockey an soccer

  745. Skullblaka Says:


  746. Celtan Says:

    dumb asses the third book will be called the empire the third book will be good the third book will be as big as the eldest and eragon put together the third dragon rider will be arya
    because a riders magic must be the same as the dragons colour and arya has green magic the third dragon is green also eragon will find broms sword under the menoa tree and it is blue so he will have a new good weapon

  747. Celtan Says:

    hey skullblaka you do not understand the books murtagh can not turn on galbatorix he is held by the power of the ancient langauge and since galbatorix knows his true name murtagh and his dragon are galbatorixs slaves untill they die also that elf lady will not make eragon a sword eragon will find broms sword and then it will be his new weapon your right the new book is the empire arya will be the rider and roran will be the new king since he has royal blood katrina will be rescued and will become the queen rorans wife

  748. Celtan Says:

    i have read eragon and the eldest like 17 times each now when i get the third book i will read it non stop till im done i will not be able to get out of it like 27 hours of reading probaly

  749. TLS Says:

    lol but ya i agree with wat u say bout the wepon under the tree to b broms an shit

  750. Swift Says:

    Hey! Not been here for a while and reading up what I missed, unfortunately there’s no international hockey to do with England, and It’s always raining. But if you like war, we’ve got lots of it round here, we do have accents, some you would no doubt find hilarious. As to my view to the sword and the Menoa tree, I think It’s Brom’s blade, as his dragon was called Saphira. And he will beat galbatorix by using the Vault of souls and either speaking his birth-name or Real name (birth-name = Eragon.)

  751. Swift Says:

    I’d like to add, that if any of you are looking for good books to read whilst waiting, I (personal opinion.) Found Brian Jacques redwall series good. Or Darren Shan’s Vampire series (Starting with Cirque du freak and ending with….Sons of Destiny I think.)

  752. Celtan Says:

    lol he will say his name to open the vault of souls and then will bring back someone from the dead either a very close friend that he cannot do without or maybe someone like brom

  753. Celtan Says:

    lol sry just waiting

  754. darknes Says:

    think he’ll just get advice from the vault of souls but like really good advice , like how to kill galby , or maybe brom and his dragon will come out , or some1 else ,and Celtan , dude , wtf 17 times both , isn’t that a little over the top??you must like know everything they say , i keep myself busy watching southpark on (awesome site , not only for southpark , best if you hacve mozilla firefox if you use it ) or just do things with priends and stuff , any1 here plays warcraft 3 : the frozen throne ?just love the game

  755. Murtagh Says:

    4 gods sake murtagh doesn’t ave 2 die 2 be released from his oath. galbatorix can die u dumdums!lol

  756. RoRaN Says:

    I HAVE THE CHICKEN POX Really ichy btw sozzies if i give it 2 u Murtagh

  757. RoRaN Says:

    ITS ALL CPB’s fault!!!!!!!!!!!!

  758. Murtagh Says:

    lolz. i no! i hope he goes 2 da disco. and i wish he’d ask me to dance!i like him almost as much as garrett

  759. RoRaN Says:

    yer wateva!!!

  760. RoRaN Says:

    soo back to da books

    HURRY UP AND RITE THE DAM THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  761. TLS Says:

    myb murtag dies an so then hed b relesed from his oths then eragon brings him back from the vault of souls

  762. Kingdomheartest Says:

    I agree with u chris the movie doesn’t even capture the main idea. it pist me of really badly i just hope thet can bring it back for the secound one………………………………Dumbasses

  763. RoRaN Says:

    4 cryin out loud

  764. Murtagh Says:

    roran r u on?

  765. Murtagh Says:

    roran plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg omg omg!

  766. Murtagh Says:

    hoo sings the “i can be brown i can be blue i can be violet skies i can be purple i can hurtful i can be anyhting you like”

  767. Murtagh Says:

    ttyl. give me a call if you get this. today. sunday the 17 june

  768. Celtan Says:

    lol i just love the books and i just keep reading them cant help it there frickin awsome


  769. TLS Says:

    immma goin to quebec tommarow an woint b back fo a while so cya

  770. Murtagh Says:

    hi people. i hope all of u know MURTAGH DOES NOT HAVE TO DIE TO BE RELEASED FROM HIS OATHS!

  771. Celtan Says:

    well duhhh of course he does not have to die to be released from his oaths only galbatorix can release him either galba has to die or take the oaths away

    bye TLS have good time in quebec
    ps i went there and it really sucked so lol

  772. RoRaN Says:

    hurry up meh

  773. RoRaN Says:

    (Are You Ready)

    (If you ain’t got no money take your broke ass home) [x2]

    G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S (yeah) [x2]

    We flyin’ first class up in the sky,
    the champagne livin’ my life,
    in the fast lane,
    I won’t change by the Glamorous,
    oh flossy flossy.

    The Glamorous, The Glamorous, Glamorous, By The Glamorous, Oh Flossy Flossy. [x2]

    [Verse 1:]
    Little golden diamond rings,
    all them things don’t mean a thing,
    chaperones and limousines,
    shopping for expensive things,
    I be on the movie screens,
    magazines and [?] scenes,
    I’m not queen, I’m not pristine, I’m no queen,
    (escobar)? to taco bell,
    drive-thru, (gross hair)?,
    I don’t care, I’m still real,
    no matter how many records I sell,
    after the show after the grammies,
    I like to go cool out with the feelings,
    sipping and reminiscing on days when I had a Mustang.

    [Bridge x2]

    I’m talking champagne [?],
    caviar dreams,
    you deserve nothing but all the finer better things,
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    I’ve got enough money in the bank for the two of us,
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    So rich and famous [?] will get jealous,
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    So if ain’t got no money take your broke ass home.

    G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S (yeah) [x2]

    [Bridge x2]

    [Verse 2: Fergie]
    I got problems up to here,
    I got people in my ear,
    telling me these crazy things that I don’t wanna know,
    I got money in the bank and I’d really like to think,
    all them fans would like think, think you really know,
    cause I remember yesterday when I dreamt about them days when I rock on MTV I could really talk,
    Damn, it’s been a long road and the industry is cold
    I’m glad my daddy told me so he let his daughter know.

    (If you ain’t got no money take your broke ass home) My Daddy told me so
    (If you ain’t got no money take your broke ass home) He Let His Daughter know [x2]

  774. RoRaN Says:

    i love this song (just so u no) any way back to the books i love em 2

  775. Murtagh Says:

    MURTAGH DOES NOT HAVE TO DIE U BUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!

  776. Murtagh Says:

    Her face is a map of the world
    Is a map of the world
    You can see she’s a beautiful girl
    She’s a beautiful girl
    And everything around her is a silver pool of light
    The people who surround her feel the benefit of it
    It makes you calm
    She holds you captivated in her palm

    Suddenly I see
    This is what I wanna be
    Suddenly I see
    Why the hell it means so much to me

    I feel like walking the world
    Like walking the world
    You can hear she’s a beautiful girl
    She’s a beautiful girl
    She fills up every corner like she’s born in black and white
    Makes you feel warmer when you’re trying to remember
    What you heard
    She likes to leave you hanging on a wire

    Suddenly I see

    And she’s taller than most
    And she’s looking at me
    I can see her eyes looking from a page in a magazine
    Oh she makes me feel like I could be a tower
    A big strong tower
    She got the power to be
    The power to give
    The power to see

    Suddenly I see

  777. Murtagh Says:


  778. RoRaN Says:

    i saw troy yesterday. Orlando Bloom is hotter much hotter than harry potter!!!!!lol

  779. TLS Says:

    back..mhm didnt miss too much
    ps ya celtan was kinda sucky but went with ma school so it was better than goin with ma family

  780. BMachine Says:

    Hey guys,

    All I can say is that yes I think Arya is a very likely candidate for the last dragon rider. I also think that the book will be called Empire. As for the wait, sorry guys if we don’t wait for anything we have nothing to look forward to. Look at it this way, when it comes out it will seem all the greater!

    Wishing you well

    Are you guys talking about Troy on a Inheritance trilogy fan club? lol?

  781. tls2 Says:

    u guys all piss me off, so does chris, its been like 2 1/2 years already since eldest, i dont think it takes that long to write a book, so he better release or i might not even get it when it comes out jk

  782. murtagh Says:

    ok. troy was so sad. if you love murtagh like me do not watch troy or the four brothers. he dies in both movies. if murtagh dies in empire i will scream. r they making eldest into a movie?

  783. murtagh Says:

    bibi.give me a call roran

  784. TLS Says:

    actually murtagh he dies in empire cuz they wanna keep the killin him off thing goin jk jk

  785. BMachine Says:

    You on a first name basis with Paulini? Because he likes to keep that sort of thing to himself. Also I can’t believe how many people are faking being him…Sheeesh, some people are so sad..

  786. Caty Says:

    I’m back again! I think… if Chris was a good writer, he make someone look like the one who dies( like make you go for the obvious character), and then it turns out to be someone . I’ll be watching for that trick, and if he doesn’t do that, then… I dunno!

  787. TLS Says:

    he mite u never kno but he mite also get us think that so he doesnt….but then well think this an he’ll kno an go back an AGGHHHHHH i dunno i screwd myself up lmao

  788. murtagh Says:

    do u onestly think they will kill him off TLS? i hope not. he’s to good a character. i agreee caty thats just toooooooooooooooo confusin!

  789. TLS Says:

    lol not really but i dunno its up to polini not me so meh hes not ma fav character so i wuldnt mind but i wuldnt like it eaither

  790. Caty Says:

    I thimk Murtagh might die, but if not him then who?
    … That dream, remember, I think we talked about it before. My opinion was it was Eragon and Arya walking onto the boat. The man howling on the beach is Murtagh, or possibly Roran. One dragon is Saphira and the other Arya’s dragon, since I think Arya is the next dragon rider.

  791. RoRaN Says:

    I m starting to think he dies 2. He dies in every other movie hes in so the heck with it!

  792. RoRaN Says:

    hehe i m going 2 Canberra soon so cold and sleapy

  793. Christopher Paolini Says:

    Actually i hired Garrett so i could kill his character off. Just trying to keep the cycle going.Sorry all you Murtagh fans.

  794. RoRan Says:

    Haha Thats funny good on ya chris

  795. RoRaN Says:

    any 1 on

  796. murtagh Says:

    u r not chris u bum face. roran he does not die! how do i know? bcoz when he leavs he always says “may your swords stay sharp” that guy didn’t!nice try roran or some1 else! 4 gods sake roran CALL ME! i made cupcakes!hehehehehehe daniel little hates me! nah he doesn’t! i cnt wait till canberra roran! me and roran r in da same room group, travel group and somefin else i forget wat! if murtagh dies i will kill chris! btw u spell it PAOLINI no POLINI. hahahahahaha. if you love murtagh go to this site:
    GOT IT!bibi

  797. murtagh Says:

    amazin how ur on abot 1 hour after chris isnt it RoRaN?

  798. MURTAGH ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    HI people i’m new here but i absolutely love murtagh! i agree with murtagh up there he can’t die! i wish chris would hurry up with the damn book. i’m 13 and lookin 4 a frend!plz be mine! i live in the UK. i’m movin 2 australia in about 1 month!yay me!

  799. TLS Says:

    ya u probly shuldnt rite stuff like that creepy stalkery ppl mite come on an b all “my precious nea hmmm hmmm hmmmmmm” or some shit like that btw not me its u

  800. Caty Says:

    But what if he does die, you know, the more people love him, the more likely he’ll kill him off! Just kidin’. but you never know, anyone could die at this point. It’s weird, if I’m reading some sort of trilogy or series of books, my fav out of all of them is ALWAYS the last book! I guess because everything comes together in the end.

  801. murtagh Says:

    i think that………………….. ur rite caty. sorta. i agree abot the hole last book thing but if murtagh dies that would be really sad. i reckon oromis will die savin eragon and saphira.

  802. Caty Says:

    Yeah, that’d be good too, Murtagh. It would be sad if he does die, but brothers can do amazing things for eachother!

  803. murtagh Says:

    i reckon! do u ave bro’s? i dnt. i got 1 stinky 14 yr old sis!it sux!OMG canberra in………9 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!wat if im late for da plain!?

  804. Caty Says:

    I have a bro, almost 19. He’s going to college, has no job, and sits on the computer all day. He plays dungeons and dragons, and warcraft, and elder scrolls, and stuff like that. He used to have an omish beard thing going on, but then he FINALLY cut it. Thank God! We’re not close or anything like that. He and his friends make films, they’re pretty good, and he wants to be a movie producer. Anyway, that vault of souls is still mysterious. It’d be cool if Eragon brought back a bunch of the riders, like in LOTR. I guess you can’t blame CP for his books sounding like other books. My story probably sounds similar to his books, and Lotr, and other books, too. So, I don’t know what to think.

  805. Caty Says:

    Hey, where’d everybody go?

  806. Caty Says:

    Check out, it has alot of info on the third book, and all the possible things to be reveled, and hints that support rumors and deny rumors. You HAVE TO check it out!!!

    ~Caty/SK8r Girl

  807. murtagh Says:

    dnt woz. my story sounds quite a bit like his book!lolz. i’ve seen the LOTR movies but not books.

  808. RoRan Says:

    OOOHHHHH daniel is such a bum hole i saw him today (scared 4 lyfe) Tando lovs him or somthin. My sisters birfdays tomoz no im not chris im not that dumb. And STOP ASKIN ME TO CALL YOU!!!! oi if ur late for the plane DONT BE

    Call me

    (welcome to my world)

  809. RoRan Says:

    lalalalalalala I wonder

  810. RoRan Says:

    who will kick me next

  811. RoRan Says:

    OMG Murtagh guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  812. RoRan Says:

    Its a small world after all
    Its a small world after all
    Its a small world after all
    There the only words i no

  813. RoRan Says:

    ~Message For MURTAGH ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~
    What Part of Australia?
    Really wanna no Me and Murtagh Are from Australia Queensland to b Exact

  814. Caty Says:

    UMMMMMMMM… Roran, are you OKAY?????????? YOu seem a bit…. oh I don’t know… Crazy, HYPER???????????

  815. murtagh Says:

    dnt woz about roran caty shes always like that!!!!! i know tando is fully in love wif dan! i cnt call u!. happy bday bella (rorans sis).

  816. RoRan Says:

    I no im crazy the coffe dnt help

  817. RoRan Says:

    Oi the picture thang op top has changed


  818. RoRan Says:


    ps murtagh prefrence to wot u said b4 abot that wenner trin to b chris u said u spell it PAOLINI no POLINI. but they spelt it rite

    pps wot r u on gurl?! u gone more out a window than me if thats possible!!

  819. RoRaN Says:

    opps iv bin spellin my name wrong

    woppsy dasieys

  820. RoRaN Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggg my sister was up a tree and we couldnt find her 4 1/2 an hour

  821. RoRaN Says:

    It was the best 1/2 of my life

  822. RoRaN Says:


  823. TLS Says:

    lol u make ur name go orange by puttin in a website in the website place under ur e-mail

  824. RoRaN Says:

    wots bin happenin coffe worn off feeling groggy

  825. RoRaN Says:

    does any 1 actually no the reals date 4 da 3 book?

  826. murtagh Says:

    YES!sometime in august!

  827. murtagh Says:

    y was ur sis in a tree?

  828. RoRaN Says:

    coz im lost murtagh come on iwish murtagh would come on like now

  829. RoRaN Says:

    wwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwkwan f sjdg ghdfhbvsdf smdf

  830. RoRaN Says:

    wel that was a waste of space

  831. murtagh Says:


  832. RoRaN Says:

    oh well cnt ponder on the past lala

  833. murtagh Says:

    dont u c ma comments?

  834. murtagh Says:


  835. RoRaN Says:

    oh i found who would kick me next the boy next door but i kicked him bac harder much harder

  836. murtagh Says:

    wat r some good songs that i know 2 download?

  837. RoRaN Says:

    your on

  838. RoRaN Says:

    Lovestoned-justin Timberlake

  839. murtagh Says:


  840. RoRaN Says:

    In The Sumertime-thirsty Mac

  841. murtagh Says:

    oh good u can c ma comments!i was worried. no not that song

  842. murtagh Says:

    anythin else?

  843. murtagh Says:


  844. murtagh Says:

    wat song?

  845. RoRaN Says:

    OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH its orange PARTY TIME woop woop

  846. RoRaN Says:

    i feel special

  847. RoRaN Says:

    soz coffe overload

  848. murtagh Says:


  849. murtagh Says:

    g2g sozzy. wanna come ova this weekend?if so give me a call. 2MOZ

  850. Caty Says:

    Man, u guys can talk! wher’d everybdy go? O wel, b bak lata.

  851. TLS Says:

    hahah i can c ur comments is ne body else here a member of its really fun an free

  852. murtagh Says:


  853. Arya Says:

    Hey i’ve seen Happy Feet

  854. Arya Says:

    Have you guys noticed that in the movie how when Eragon and Murtagh were traveling in the forest and a huge army of urgals were behind them they didn’t even tell us where they came from or how they got there!!!!!!!!!!!!after that they just continued with the film and didn’t say anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and the film isn’t even worth $20.00 it’s probably only worth like 1cent maybe!!!!!!!!

  855. Caty Says:

    I absolutely HATED the movie when I first saw it, and then I bought the dvd and watched it a couple more times, and now I’m starting to love it. Sure it’s different from the book, but it’s actually a good movie itself. Edward Speleers did great in his first major movie ever, and I think it would be soo cool to be an actor in a fantasy film. Instead of imagining your fantasy story you could actually be in it with all sorts of adventures.

  856. Tori Says:

    GRRRRR I want the last book out!!! It’s driving me insane! there are so many things they
    left unsaid and I want to answer them before the dumb movies catch up! I didn’t like the movie its nothing like the book, yea okay I’ll admit same story line,same general idea and same charecter but there is so much they messed up!

  857. Celtan Says:

    hi everybody sry have not been on fer a while
    lol stupid third book is driving me insane too lol

    i see thers and arya posting now to hot cute lol not that you other gurls arnt
    whats new

  858. Caty Says:

    I think this was in Febuary.Cp was having like a conference thing with Tamora Pierce and Mr.Pullman, and CP said that he found that each day he works on it, that it seems to go faster and faster. Plus, he’s finding that finishing all the unfinished stuff and ptting them together has made the book so far quite a monster! I wouldn’t be surprised if book 3 was the size of 2 “Eldest”s put together!

  859. murtagh Says:

    lolz your all insane. are they actually goin to put the 2nd book into a movie?i think they shoul. me and roran had a great time in canberra. so friggin cold! anywayz we can’t wait till the 3rd book!

  860. RoRaN Says:

    OMG Canberra was the best!!!!! i learnd 4 things

    ready ok…

    Dont keep teachers up at nite

    you need to sleep b4 3am if your leavin 4 some where at 5am

    my princebel can cry

    and neva mess wif mother nature gravity still works in the snow

    Murtagh learnd som thing 2 LITTLE MISS GO IN THE TUNNEL HEAD FIRST ILL B FINE ILL FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!


  861. RoRaN Says:


  862. RoRaN Says:

    Guess what my 30 page story i rote is gone!!!!!!!!!!! and same wif my story abot the purple wif no hed watever am i gonna do?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  863. Caty Says:

    Oh, man, thanks sucks Roran, just try to rembr as mch as u can!

  864. TLS Says:

    hahahahah (thing at the top changed again an i think it looks funny)

  865. murtagh Says:

    yeah. i went into a hole in the snow and i got stuck. roran had to pull me out of the tunnel by feet.lolz. yeah just incase you’ve never been and is planning to.DONT TABOGGAN!so r they main eldest into a movie?

  866. murtagh Says:


  867. TLS Says:

    hahahah u fell into the snow from tobbaganin hahahahah we go sleddin alot down in nova scotia….well at least i do

  868. Caty Says:

    Yeah, that’s the cover of the British Harry Potter 7 at the top of the page!

  869. murtagh Says:

    oi. i went head first into an ice tunnel and got dragged out by ma feet.lolz. wat country r u guys from?

  870. superkeeeey Says:

    hey awesome!!!!!!!!!

  871. murtagh Says:

    hey! sup!? every1 this is ma frend

  872. murtagh Says:

    say ur name and country!

  873. superkeeeey Says:

    ma name is yeji from korea

  874. Alex Kross Says:

    Ok, to pass the time for eldest…i suggest a 3 bood series called The Great Tree of Avalon…Good book if u like inheritance 🙂 …and yes, all of these books are published.

  875. RoRaN Says:

    Emily and I’m from Australia and I have a major Chocolate Acctdiction

  876. RoRaN Says:

    and cont speell verry well

  877. RoRaN Says:

    BuBi pplz

  878. RoRaN Says:

    evey 1 go on potter puppet pals it so funny

  879. Celtan Says:

    het yall sup lets start a new cool conversation im getting bored lol

  880. TLS Says:

    do u have ne suggestions?

  881. fantasyfreak Says:

    i need to read empire ive seriously read the two books 100 times

  882. RoRaN Says:

    we could always talk about me!!!!!

    that never gets boring

  883. murtagh Says:

    ur rite ur soo mentally insane.
    weeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllll. im so friggin bored. BTW Yeji is ma penfrend. SO BACK OFF!lolz. jks

  884. Caty Says:

    I saw that potter puppet pals, that was brilliant! I like the mysterious ticking noise the best. I’ve got bad, news, well, surda! Cp just put up another newsletter on shur’tugal. com and he said he’s still writing it but alot of it. So it looks like
    Christmas or Spring of next year. I hope Christmas, cuz then I wouldn’t have to pay for

  885. murtagh Says:

    AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HE MUST GET IT FINISHED BY AUGUST OR I WILL DIE! i like the mysterious ticking noise as well. i think i’m gettin harry potter 7 today!yay me!

  886. RoRaN Says:

    well if it isnt out by August thats 1 less thin i have to worry about. lolz

    im sick

  887. Caty Says:

    I ordered book 7 off Amazon, so it should get here today around 3 PM!!!! But at 2 PM, I”m going to see the HP movie. Talk 2 ya latta!

  888. RoRaN Says:

    i got tha harry potter 7 book on sat and finished on sunday. it would have taken me only one day if i didnt stop!I* KNOW HOO DIES! I HAVE A LIST OF 8 ANIMALS AND PEOPLE! HOO WANTS THE LIST?

  889. murtagh Says:

    soz. roran was ova on friday and i forgot to change the name. I said all ov those things. agen sozzys

  890. RoRaN Says:


  891. RoRaN Says:


  892. Collin And Reece Says:

    You guys are all dorks, learn to spell why don’t you! I am wondering when Glaedr comes out, I don’t care about Australia. I’d just like to know when to look for the book to come out. We think Christopher Pailoni is a good author, let him take his time if is going to be a great book.

  893. murtagh Says:

    u guys r gay! no1 here uses proper spellin all da time. and we live in australia so dont insult our country! BTW its called Empire not glaedr. This is how i know. ERAGON 6 letters and starts wif E. Eldest 6 letters and starts wif E. Empire 6 letters and starts wif E

  894. RoRaN Says:

    anyway ur the dork/s round ere not 2 b mean or anyfing but arnt dorks the really smart ?

  895. RoRaN Says:

    the question abot Oz was not directed too you Nerrds

  896. RoRaN Says:

    its takin 2 LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  897. RoRaN Says:


  898. RoRaN Says:


  899. RoRaN Says:


  900. I hate myself for wanting to read Paolini’s works….
    Murtagh prolly won’t die, unless i become a character i the book… then he will because he used to be original and now he’s an absurdly powerful brainwashed soldier ant for Galbatorix…. God i feel like a fifth grader every time I write or speak that name.

    Why does everyone in here like the Inheiritance Trilogy so much by the way? (I swear i spelled inheiritance wrong…)

  901. I can’t really say why i do… I guess i just respect the dedication it takes to write such long books being an author myself… I can’t love it for the plot, cause it’s just a like some obsessed Tolkien fan took the script for Star Wars, renamed the characters and gave the story a fantasy twist then went about their normal day… Chris has potential to be good, maybe even great, and I wait for a future in which he dons his mantle as a true author and writes a truly unique great work.

    …..Plus i’m a damned fantasy junkie…. that doesn’t help when I should no better than to be a fan of things…

    Plus, people’s ages? That could clear up some things on the reason why you are a fan. I’m eighteen.

  902. murtagh Says:

    y is ur name murtagh murderer? i like murtagh. he’s so cute. if u dont like the inheritance trilogy than go away. we all think chris paolini is a genius unlike u. u mjust be new here but i LOVE murtagh and RoRaN lovees roran. so back off buddy!

  903. that’s irritating…. I don’t wanna talk to you then. I don’t like murtagh’s character, he’s just a little drone that takes orders from a character called Galbatorix, which sounds like a bad guy from power rangers when I was five. He can’t be cute because he is a fictional character. He is just Paolini’s stand in for Darth Vader, except he’s controlled by the emporer knowing his real name instead of being controlled by the dark side of the force.

    I like the series as an entertaining read, but I wouldn’t go anywhere near calling Paolini a genius, because he isn’t anywhere close. I mean come on, poor farmer boy who doesn’t know his parents? (Luke Skywalker) Ends up being the son of the former second in command of the main evil guy (like Luke was the son of Darth Vader??) Freakin’ farm even got blown -up like Skywalker’s did!!! Eragon gets taught by a mentor who used to work with his father (you mean like Obi-Wan and Darth Vader!!!!!) The boy happens to be the last of a dead order except for the main evil guy and he meets a crippled guide after his original mentor dies?(my god, do I even have to mention Yoda, Skywalker, Obi-Wan, and the Emporer again?) You wanna know what happens in the third book, watch The Return of the Jedi, and you’ll know.

    Seriously, Paolni isn’t a genius, Lucas was a genius. He just wanted to be like Tolkien and stole the script from Star Wars. I like the Inheiritance Trilogy, because I liked Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings and I always wanted to know what Star Wars would have been like with a fantasy twist.

    Sorry for being so critical, I am an actual fan, because I like the technical form of his writing, and I think that Paolini has incredible dedication and the potential to be an original author, but there just isn’t anything about this trilogy that is original… seriously.

  904. And don’t call me buddy… that’s just sounds gay.