Other possible book seven titles emerge…

Jo Rowling said on Halloween that she was debating between three possible titles for the seventh and final Harry Potter book, and although she announced on her website on Thursday that she’s decided upon Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, we may now know the other two potential titles.

Field Fisher Waterhouse, the same company that registered the title “Deathly Hallows” on December 5, also registered two others – “Heart of Ravenclaw” and “Deadly Veil” – on the same day.

It’s also worth noting that Field Fisher Waterhouse registered the titles Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Hallows and Harry Potter and the Hallows of Hogwarts on July 24, 2003.

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12 Comments on “Other possible book seven titles emerge…”

  1. Eragon29 Says:

    Is the next title for the Harry Potter books really going to be the Deathly Hallows? That would be so awesome!

  2. berowl Says:

    Yes it is!!!
    I’m dying to read the last book!!!

  3. sean Says:

    it is going to be called deathly hollows for shur

  4. berowl Says:

    yes it will!!!

  5. Lucas Says:

    yup, deathly hollows. I wait for a new post guys, otherwise i will call it ‘The Little Not So Daily Prophet’ 😉
    And I like Harry Potter, but Eragon is better. 😀

  6. berowl Says:

    I too prefere Eragon, the books. I prefered Harry potter’s movies. As for some news about the seventh book, I’m still waiting… like you I imagine.

    thanks for coming anyway lucas. ^^ 🙂

  7. Lucas Says:

    I’ve got good news for you! I’m working at an English version of my blog 😉

  8. berowl Says:

    Great!!! lol cause I don’t understand a thing!!!! 🙂

  9. Lucas Says:

    Done! 🙂
    With each post on my blog comes an English version. I hope you can understand it, I don’t really know if my English is good or not.

  10. berowl Says:

    yes I can! ^^ lol
    it’s great!
    I like the theme for your presentation (sunburn?)

  11. Lucas Says:

    Yup, Sunburn. It’s really a great theme, but the gray text in the sidebar below of my blog is the only thing I don’t like so much, it’s too big. But for the rest I like it 🙂

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