Hayao Miyazaki’s next and last project

For those who are affraid of Goro’s appearence among the animation world, I can tell that Hayao Miyazaki is still working hard on his new animation movie which will be released in 2008. I Lost My Little Boy was reported to be Hayao Miyazaki’s next, and last, film project. It would have been based upon the Chinese book “Wo Diushile Wode Xiaonanhai” (我丟失了我的小男孩) by Yishu, which concerns the story of a young boy with heart disease who goes on amazing adventures.


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7 Comments on “Hayao Miyazaki’s next and last project”

  1. carineswan Says:

    Ha, didn’t know you are a fan of Miyazaki. Btw, you have not blog for almost a month. Nice to hear you again. I thought your new banner is familiar, now I know why. I’ve got the same picture on my wall. (Bought the same poster)

  2. berowl Says:

    OOhh ^^
    Well, as you know, I passed exams to enter a nursery school, and this pasts 3 weeks I’ve been all time in administration offices… (french system, horrible, really). Now I’m back for new adventures!! lol.
    Yeah I’m huge fan of Miyazaki, and I hope this film is not really his last.
    And yes, as now the manga just came out in france, I’m a fan of Death Note, I LOVE it! I got the two movies now in raw quality and unsubed… damn.

    🙂 berowl

    PS: I’m glad to talk with you again

  3. berowl Says:

    I also had to replace Light uper so we can see every character . And I’ve noticed you’ve changed your header too^^!!!

  4. carineswan Says:

    Oh… you watched the raw version. No wonder… So you have started your nursery school. Woh, next phase of life. Have fun.

  5. berowl Says:

    Thank you! 🙂
    I’ve found the first death note movie subbed in eng. : The film is great, quite true to the manga. But I had the worst idea I’ve ever had: watch the end of the second movie…. I know the end if it’s like in the manga… I’m depressed. We’ll see. (please don’t tell me anything).

  6. farren Says:

    awesome good to know

  7. clementkon Says:

    Great miyazaki, I’m teally proud to be his fans
    LAST PROJECT really make me very enthusiastic to watch

    Ponyo really a good movie and a lot of fun better than all GHIBLI movie, even the storyline is weak and simple


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