New drawings for Art Dungeon!

Art Dungeon, the Harry Potter fan art site, has released some new drawings… quite interesting, as always. Thanks marta!



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19 Comments on “New drawings for Art Dungeon!”

  1. a wung ready and big FAN Says:

    that boy looks just like Harry……………….oh wait it is i think………………..yep that is him he has a scar

  2. lollipops Says:

    hi i really like ur art and i would like it if you would please draw some deathly hollows drawings cos i loved the book soo much!

  3. popsicles Says:

    hey i really really liked the drawings but theres like a problem and i cant go to the site. anyway, would really appreciate it if you drew on the deathly hallows there are some scenes i cant wait to see drawn out. ((: thannnks!!

  4. Nasreen Nazir Says:

    Hey I love the drawings, I’ve been a fan of art dungeon for a such a long time. The second picture is my favourite, but I love how the first one looks so transclucent, its a great effect.

    I can’t get on to the website however, I was wonfering if it had bene re-directed or was under construction or something?

  5. samhain Says:

    I love your drawings…they are beautiful…but I’m with the others…we’d love some Deathly Hallows scenes! and I cannot seem to get to the webpage either…Thanks!

  6. Leslea Says:

    Thank you. I love your work.

  7. kay Says:

    i love ur drawings ! but i also cant get to ur website. have u changed sites? i would love to see more of ur drawings! please let me know.

  8. HeadGirl Says:

    I can’t get on the website either! 😦 I’ve been a huuuge fan of art dungeon for years now, Marta’s drawings are amazing. Hope she re-opens her website again.

  9. ali Says:

    i love ur drawing! what happend to ur site???/ please tell me!

  10. daniela Says:

    I think artdungeon has shut down!!! I used to go there all the time. Loved her work! If anybody knows if it seriously shut down, or her new location, let me know!

  11. lenni Says:

    yea, i’ve been trying to get to the website ever since the 7th book came out but it hasnt been working for me either.
    im desperately praying that it starts up again and SOON 🙂

  12. Holly Says:

    I’ve been trying to get onto artdungeon for a couple of weeks, without success. Yes, if anyone does hear that it’s reopened, or where Marta’s pics can be viewed now, I too would appreciate any news:

  13. lizlovegood12 Says:

    yeah… me too… I’ve been looking for it… but it isn’t online… maybe she is updating the site… with DH stuffs… I hope she do it soon… if any of you know something… make us know… Art Dungeons we want it back please!!!

  14. lizlovegood12 Says:

    hey!! its back!!!! I just saw it!!!! nice work!!!

  15. Holly Says:


  16. anna Says:

    cool drawing 🙂

  17. amanda Says:


  18. emma Says:

    hey its emma w. i waz just cheakin the web and wanted 2 say i got a dif e its

  19. Emma Says:

    ps. x-elent drawings

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