Prepare for GLORY !!!! ALL 300 downloads !!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve not looked at 300 news and here’s a big update with all trailers, TV Spots and Journals downloads (Right clic, save as…).

300 Trailer 1 300 Trailer 2

300 TV Spot 1 300 TV Spot 2 300 TV Spot 3

300 TV Spot 4 300 TV Spot 5

300 Journal 1 300 Journal 2 300 Journal 3

300 Journal 4 300 Journal 5 300 Journal 6

300 Journal 7 300 Journal 8 300 Journal 9

300 Journal 10

There’s also new 300 posters.

poster_lg04.jpg poster_lg05.jpg
poster_lg06.jpg poster_lg07.jpgposter_lg08.jpg poster_lg09.jpg

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3 Comments on “Prepare for GLORY !!!! ALL 300 downloads !!!!”

  1. mansour Says:

    I am a Iranian (Persian) and i am proud to be burn in land of the pers. My king was and is the biggest leader of the world, and the film like this will not affect how this man (filmmaker) will think of us. Because of Islam in my country, is made like is now. We will rise again and will follow the way of Kuroush the greatest King.

    I am sorry for my english and God bless the Persians

  2. berowl Says:

    You know
    History is History ans past is past. We can only live in the present day. You can be proud to be Persian. There’s no shame in it. We are all HUMANS.
    Xerxes had the ambition to unify all south Europe even if his soldiers were slaves. But it was antiquity (that is to say: the time of slavery completly allowed) anyway, he also assamble the bigest army ever for this time.

    You know all populations in this world has a past, every country has its past (and religion is not a problem if like me you think it’s a personnal matter and choice)

  3. bigmtz Says:

    your belief in islam requires killing of others in order to meet in some fantasy world and therefore it was probably justifiable that the Persians met their fate as all those who believe in killing innocent people shall meet the same.

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