New Promotional Picture : Draco Malfoy


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7 Comments on “New Promotional Picture : Draco Malfoy”

  1. berowl Says:

    He’s great in this picture, he really seems to be the Malfoy I imagined…

  2. Toni Johnson Says:

    he’s very good picture but i want more new picture!!! lol that is “malfoy draco” is Tom Felton

  3. EmeraldDragon Says:

    He’s actually one of MAYBE 8 characters that look exactly as I imagined. I love when movies accomplish that don’t you?

  4. berowl Says:

    Yes, exactly! 🙂

  5. a wung ready and big FAN Says:

    OMG you got to be kiding me he looks like a alien…………… afince……..

  6. Tanya Says:

    Hes still well fit tho

  7. Andrea Says:


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