Emotion… Harry crying after his godfather’s death…

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4 Comments on “Emotion… Harry crying after his godfather’s death…”

  1. a wung ready and big FAN Says:

    these books were the first books that were ever read ti me when i was little……………now that they are movies…………..its diferent although i realy think DR is sooooooooooooo dreamy………………..to bad he is a movie star……………AWWWWWWWww

  2. jelly belly Says:

    well i think they will all die (harry ect ect) hoggwarts will blow up and evial will rein. MOULDY WART will live happily ever after eating chocolate and dancing kissing himself. but that just my opinin.dont eva trust my opinins you will probly find your self out a window just so Know!!!!

  3. Pebbles Says:

    i agree with jlly blly. bumblebore is an old hag! mouldy wart will get together with harry!
    They will have it!hehehehe. and will adopt hermy as a baby! she is a smrt baby liike me!

  4. jelly belly Says:

    Well a smrt baby out a window!!!!

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