What a REVALATION about Dumbledore !!!

I just listened an interview of Daniel Radcliffe who said:

“Jo came down to the set (OotP), and I said “Oh, hello! Why are you here today?” and she said “Ohh, I just needed a break from the book, Dumbledore has given me a lot of trouble” and I said “But isn’t he dead?” and she said “Well, Yeah but it’s more complex” and I said “Ok I’m not gonna ask anything else!!” “.

Damn !!!!! I want to know !!!!! I think he will have an important rule in his portrait what will he DO ?????

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3 Comments on “What a REVALATION about Dumbledore !!!”

  1. EmeraldDragon Says:

    He’ll probably be working behind the scenes. If he’s ‘alive’ of course. Probably making things a little easier or stepping traps for the Death Eaters and clues for Harry.

  2. berowl Says:

    I think so too… we’ll see …

  3. i love roran Says:


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