Firsts Snape’s and Marauders’ pictures !!!

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11 Comments on “Firsts Snape’s and Marauders’ pictures !!!”

  1. flutieman07 Says:

    Makes me that much more ready for this movie to come out…..

  2. berowl Says:

    I think they all are great !!!
    And I too can’t wait for the movie to come out !!

  3. EmeraldDragon Says:

    I’m sorry but who is suppose to be whom?

  4. berowl Says:

    1st picture : Snape
    2nd picture, from the left to the right: Sirius, James, Peter but I don’t think we see Remus. Maybe he’s the one behind them but I doupt it.

  5. Sabina Says:

    Isn’t james supposed to have dark hair – what’s up with the blond?

  6. berowl Says:

    he isn’t blond!! he’s dark brown !! The sun just makes a odd effect… 😉

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I thik Daniel should have played james and worn contacts. They were supposed to be exactly the same, but with different eyes…

  8. Kish Says:

    I like Sevy the best! James kind of looks retarded, but I can’t wait for the movie to come out!!! 🙂

  9. mejow Says:

    riiiteee…… what the hell is that crap…..apart from snivellus they all look retarded…..whts up with the hair?….oh man these people wont stop ruining our favourite books……james should have a)DARK HAIR b)GLASSES…..sirius should also have DARK HAIR…..i have to say snape looks almost perfect….cant wait for the movie franchise to END.

  10. BlackCat Says:

    Sztem ez a két kép jó, bár én a fiatal Siriusnak nem csináltam volna göndör hajat! Pusszóka: BlackCat

  11. Shadowfax913 Says:

    You know if you don’t trust Severus Snape then your a bitch. HE WAS AWESOME!

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