300 movie clips surfaced online !

All I can say is : these clips are all awesome, the music is really beautiful and the action in some short scenes is brilliant. Also, the respect for Frank Miller’s comic book is Huge. These clips only made me more impatient for the release of the movie “300”.

Clip 1 : Spartans push Persians off a cliff (arrows in the end)

Clip 2 : “Then we shall fight in the Shade”

Clip 3 : “Come and Get Them !”

Clip 4 : “No retreat, no surrender. That, is Spartan law.”

Clip 5 : “This Is Sparta!”

Clip 6 : “Tonight, we dine in Hell”

Clip 7 : “Few stood against many”

Clip 8 : Spartans’ Philosophy

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