300 seconds of the movie 300

A long preview of the movie 300: beautiful and brutal. This is when Xerxes’ Immortals fight against Leonidas’ 300, with the giant and the wall made by human dead bodies…. awesome.

The preview is here!

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6 Comments on “300 seconds of the movie 300”

  1. Aelli Says:

    Copyrights restrict this movie from playing outside the US. i.e. If people don’t live in the US, they can’t see it.

  2. berowl Says:

    Absolutly false!
    I live in France.

  3. Aelli Says:

    Wouild you like a screenshot showing you that is the message I receive every time I try to play it?

  4. berowl Says:

    Where do you live????
    And it’s not worth, I believe you lol.

    But I can assure you I live in France and I can see it.

  5. Aelli Says:

    I live in the UK. Has the film come out in France already then? Not due for release here until the end of March so maybe that’s why it won’t work for me.

  6. berowl Says:

    It’s the same here ! lol
    Release the 21st I think. (They have to sub and change voices remember). I can’t explain, sorry. Anyway, you are missing something. It’s a great preview.

    PS: the soundtrack is awesome.

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