“300”: The most Graphic, Epic and Emotional movie I’ve ever seen

Since I’ve seen “300”, I’m speechless… the reason: beauty. From the beginning to the end of the movie I was amazed by beautiful screens, awesome and bloody action and why those Spartans fought: freedom.

I was quite aware of what will happen in this movie as I’ve read the comic book several times and I’ve seen every possible clip or trailer on the web from this film. But I was incredibly surprised nevertheless… This movie seems to be a peace of art, every stop on picture and slow-motion is awesome, every fighting scene reflects skill, honor, and unity and not free violence and most of all, sound effects and the huge soundtrack behind perfectly feats the movie at every time…

I have NO critic to deliver. It is a PERFECT movie (from my point of view). I really LOVED it, and I’m going to see it again this weekend.

Reasons why you MUST see “300”:

– Amazing computer graphics never done before

– Incredible true story

– First fantasy antic film ever made

– Really good actors

– Awesome war scenes

– Emotionally intense

– Not only a war movie but also a love and political one

– Beautiful scenes at every moment

– Brutality of Spartan education


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10 Comments on ““300”: The most Graphic, Epic and Emotional movie I’ve ever seen”

  1. carineswan Says:

    yeah yeah. Totally agree. (Hands and feets up!) The graphics are just beautiful!

  2. berowl Says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAa my god, I can’t wait to see it again!!!!!!!!!
    SPARTANSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE FROM THEM EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Alex Says:

    No, you can’t say that it’s an amazing true story. It’s not true even by the western legend, let alone the actual circumstances.

  4. berowl Says:

    I should say the movie was inspired by an incredible true story ’cause this battle actually happened at 480 BC.

  5. Danielle Says:

    i totally agree with you. it’s one of the most beautiful and epic movies i’ve ever seen. the love story touched me deeply. amazing movie, i’m going to go see it again.

  6. ehsan Says:

    less than 2 months in the studio making movie is just all about 300 logically
    i partly agree with you but it is important why now we see such a movie on screens
    art is art fun is fun
    do not let politicians to play with you and make you fun
    beacuase they just make this movie to exaggarate some parts of history
    they just insulit iranians and persians beautifully
    i think this is ugly
    we are all live in one world and we should be friend we are civilized
    arenot we my friend?

  7. spartanguy27 Says:

    Best damn movie I have ever seen. I’m speechless. Hands down, #1 on my all time list. No movie even comes close to 300. Have no words to describe it, just see it…at least 300 times.

  8. jati Says:

    TRUE!!!! 300 ROCKS!!!! Best collosal movie, in every inch of d scene…
    this is truly deliver us to a great battle of all time…
    it really makes Gladiator like a lame schoolplay drama…

  9. imran Says:

    this is an amazing movie

  10. nice job guys,i like your simple themes.
    Thanks a lot for nice article.

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