Death Note#25: The Last Confrontation

A very sad episode… Friendship between Raito and Ryuzaki is so intense we cannot imagine Kira killing L… A breathtaking episode.

death-note-25avi_001098400.jpg death-note-25avi_000572000.jpg

death-note-25avi_001100466.jpg death-note-25avi_001107133.jpg

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98 Comments on “Death Note#25: The Last Confrontation”

  1. carineswan Says:

    I dislike the current Kira. I kind of like him when he lost his memory…
    New header. Nice!

  2. berowl Says:

    yeah, and I think a definitive one… oh.. well… at least a couple of mounths lol…

    I hated too the current Kira but I know it was a plot build by Light to become kira again and when he touched it (the DN) … It was so well made, i mean all memories commming back and everything… SOOO GREATTT

  3. Chii Says:

    I hate so much that L dies, x_x he is lovely, and kira… I like him too but when he lost his memory, now I hate him for killing L.

  4. berowl Says:

    Yeah… well… I’m dying to see the following of the series now L is dead… 🙂

  5. hiroko Says:

    i’m so pissed
    how could they do that?!
    L was THE best character on that show, and they kill him off.
    It’s ridiculous. I’m so mad!

    Unfortunately, I was told via the internet before I had a chance to actually see it myself…

    I’m traumatized…

  6. berowl Says:

    yeah I agree
    in fact they should have stopped the series at this time, you’ll see the end… it’s ok but quite dissapointing I admit

  7. Alan Says:

    The anime and manga get so boring after L dies, its like when he died he took the whole plot with him.

  8. Icegoten Says:

    I think that L is going to become a shinigami because when he was a child he came in contact with a Death Note but lost his memory when he let it go, and its amazing to think that he figured out everything about it again without coming in contact with one on his own.

    Well thats just what I think =\ Their is supposed to be a 3 hour TV special sometime that is supposed to tell about the lives of the people involved in the kira case.

  9. Gothlolita Says:

    I absolutely HATE that they killed L!!! He was also my favourite character, and the anime
    became quite boring without him, like it went to easy and all that… Sure, a lot of stuff happened, but it was still boring… THEY KILLED L!!! I can’t forgive them for that!!!

  10. death_note_gal Says:

    sad tat L died….no matter wat, jus love L n kira!

  11. Jairus Says:

    Too bad this wasn’t the last episode.But I’m glad L ownes hi mat the very end^_^!!

  12. Tala-T- Says:

    unfortunately L die…and i HATE TO DIE kira for that…but we have to admit that L have to die,no mather what,L have to die u_u if he didnt die the story just doesnt will continue u_u but i know something certainly..I hate so much kira for kill L!! stupid kira….>=/

  13. A Says:

    L-Sama!!! why must he die… My favorite characters always die… I loved all of his habbits…Lol…DIE Kira-Light-Sama!!!

  14. A Says:

    L is/was hot…yep and super cool! ^_^

    If I get to sad because he died…I will just go back to before he died and watch….

    I thought that it was just Super kawaii when they were like drying each other off…
    Are you jelious because I am the only one with cake?

  15. Hosiq Says:

    thats too bad…!!!

  16. MEI_666 Says:

    I luv L so much ! ! !
    I am very sad because he DIED in Episode 25.
    I wish der is a Life Note & a God of Life too dat will bring L
    to LYF . . .(sob) how could kira kill a such beautiful creature like L . . .
    Kira is a real EVIL !

  17. MEI_666 Says:

    Even from now I still watching D.N. because it is a real great Anime that no one could ever miss . . . i wish there was a continuation for D.N. ^-^ and L, of course, is the main character! He could be a Shinigami (the cutest and coolest Shinigami of all!)

  18. MEI_666 Says:


  19. tonks Says:

    i cried the whole night after seeing L die… i can’t believe it! L, dead? i hated Kira so much! He was my fave character, i lost interest with the following ep, but i watched it anyway. Hay i definetely loved L! wah… T.T so sad…

  20. bob dole Says:

    Its good L died. Shows who was more superior. He got Watari, Rem, and L all at once.

  21. julz Says:

    dis anime is soo great!!!
    i just cant believe that L died, shame on KIRA!!!
    but its ok!! because NEAR the successor of L is now on the move to capture KIRA togather with MELO!!!

  22. Julz Says:

    deathnote rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. tommygirl Says:

    i love Light & L. when l die i could belive it.
    i hope that Light gets whats coming to him.

  24. Kerry Says:

    Holy crap!I love L!I’m going to f****** kill Kira aka Light!My friend saw him and now she likes him and Zac efron!It f****** p***** me off!Anyway,I have a whole poster of L!I can’t believe he DIED !WHEN I SEE HIS FACE LIKE THAT I F****** CRIED!I AM WAS IN LOVE WITH L!,AND I STILL AM!DEATH NOTE RULES!EVERYONE EXCEPT FOR LIGHT!I CRIED THE WHOLE F****** NIGHT!

  25. Kira Says:

    I was sad when L died…skashii…when light smiled, and his eyes lit up, I was filled with joy that he accomplished his task, and btw when L was drying Light with the towel that was his way of begging “please, don’t kill me!” like a dog.

  26. the killer sword Says:

    i didn’t watch the last episodes

  27. Nana (Rafa) Says:

    Te amo L!!

    Volta?!… ;_;~

  28. Bullet Proof Vegas Says:

    I did’nt like the fact that Kira was beaten by “N”. I liked every episode apart from the last one.

  29. MonkaCZ Says:

    I just love his face when he’s crazy. It is a shame that L died he was one of my favorites. But Kira ownz.

  30. vv Says:

    sigh, I just watched that episode, and then after that I wanted to search google to see if he resurrects,.. sounds like he doesn’t sobs..
    yeh for me, the first “arc” was the best.. up till light lets his DN go..
    and then it was draggy and confusing a bit..
    but I started to like light’s char…
    then later.. when L died the “LIGHT” HAD GONE … I’ve lost the urge to see more.. sigh..
    L was more light than Light will ever be

  31. nextPleaze Says:

    kiss ass anime!! Y^_^Y greatest anime i ever watched. I like the character of light he never gave up until he died. he still knows that bad persons should die and reincarnation of the world with pure good people only. i believe in light. he is just misunderstood.

  32. psuxe Says:

    DEATH NOTE: EASILY THE BEST ANIME EVER! =[ too bad “L” dies. He was so effin cool.

  33. Nobody Says:

    I’m referring to Kira’s statement. L was begging nothing. He was trying to make a true friend out of Light. He was trying subtly turn him around.

  34. koromyst Says:

    I don’t really care about L’s death.

    But for Raito/Light to die is such effin’ sadness!

    KIRA-sama, may your soul rest in peace! m(_ _)m

  35. Watashi Says:

    Pq isso teve q acontecer??i.i

  36. PPP Says:

    Kira didn’t kill him but he wanted to the shinigami rem killed him so saaaaaaaaad IT BECAME BORING AFTER HE DIED T_T

  37. L-idia Says:

    I watched Death Note in two days.. that’s how obsessed I was. But I came to realize that Death Note is absolutely -nothing- without L. Sure, Light is an amazing character, but to be honest.. I was only looking for L’s appearance in every single episode. Hell, when that Mikami had his entrance in the series I really thought it was a three-year older L (hallucination). Man, I’ve been crying the whole day.. and even though I love Near almost as much as Hitsugaya in Bleach, he couldn’t take L’s place.

    L’s death ruined Death Note for me.

  38. QQQ Says:

    I loved the series all the way up to when L died. Did anyone else notice that Light suddenly made a lot more mistakes after L was gone? Like I really would of enjoyed the entire show, beginning to end, if Light stayed sharp throughout the episodes but for some reason he just messed up a lot after L died. It was rather disappointing how quick everything fell apart and he started doing things that were blatantly suspicious.
    If only he’d of kept that keen wit of his…

  39. afkareloz Says:

    i dislaike the 25 eposide !!
    wn L was died the after start to be boring ..
    L was the best character and the funiest one ..
    i thought it was a track for kira but Unfortunately it was a real death 😦

  40. moj Says:

    ooh..i was so touched when L was drying kira with d towel..and telling him he was sad.. T_T …long live L.. what did d bells mean anyway?

  41. Nanako Says:

    L was my favorite character and he died!!! DX All of the characters I dubed my favorite always die!!! Even Gaara from Naruto! This totally sucks! T.T How can Light do that!? (sob…)

  42. Zakiia Says:

    Light-Kun {Kira-Kun} is AWESOME-!!! (& CUTE 4 AN ANIME GUY)

    BUT i 2 am upset that “L” died, because i thought that “L” was ALSO AWESOME-!!! (& ALSO CUTE 4 AN ANIME GUY)

    I would have to say i’m JELOUS of MISA-CHAN-!!!

    She may be being used, but she [has] LIGHT-KUN {KIRA-KUN}-!!!

    *!*!*!*{LET K I R A RULE}*!*!*!*

    *!*!*!*{KIRA’s ONE TRUE LOVE ZAKIIA-CHAN}*!*!*!*


  43. Zakiia Says:


    *!*!*!*{KIRA’s ONE TRUE LOVE ZAKIIA-CHAN}*!*!*!*


  44. a guy Says:


    :} lol

  45. temari Says:

    jadore les manga surtou naruto bleachhh deatch-note vien voir mon blog et merci pour ca c coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  46. eddy Says:

    i hate that light aka kira killed L. iactually fell bad for L

  47. eddy Says:

    was L kidding when he said “i would be very troubled if light was kire bacause light is my very first freind” ? yes or no just pick 1

  48. eddy Says:

    I think kira is the best when he isnt kirs ligh just light. 1 more ting, why L why did you have to die why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. eddy Says:

    its not hahahahahahahahahahaha a guy. now that L is dead death note wont be the same itll be screwed up. no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. ddl31 Says:

    L… really suked thats the end, he lost the game, he lost his life.. n couldnt hav caught kira without other ppl’s help either.. LONG LIVE THE KIRA!

  51. M@RR Says:

    hello muy wueno death note sigan asi

  52. marocain Says:

    hi relly love the show the end make me sick because kira die he was my favorite character

  53. marocain Says:

    but i like the end of the show and L was so great in the show

  54. ryuk Says:

    L is the best character in Death Note and they had to kill him. Oh well, Near was succesfful in the end and L didn’t die in vain.

  55. L-fan17 Says:

    OMG!! I didn’t see the episode where L dies I read the book then I seen the episode I have all of the books!! I am so sad tha he dies I started crying for three days!!!! I love L sometimes I pretand that I’m married to L my sister thinks I’m weird for doing that but it is L how can you not!!! all you girls who say that you LOVE L well NO cause I’m the one that truly loves L I even know his real name I bet you guys don’t I mostly know everything about him MAN!!! I wish he was REAL that would be the best I’m kind of like Misa when it comes to L
    I LOVE L!!!!!!!!

  56. ilikepie Says:

    After L died, the story started to get boring..

    And yes, the last ep was a disappointment.. and I seriously hated the fact that i watched it..

    So far I only feel bad for Misa xD(<3)

  57. Cat&Lizzie Says:

    GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! Okay, so me and my best friend Lizzie love Death Note so much. First, just I was into it. Then I got Lizzie into it and now we’re both obssessed and in LOVE with L (aha his real name pwns all). I’d told Lizzie that L dies before she got into it, but now that we love him so much, it’s a lot sadder to us. ;__; We’re very glad that Light gets what he deserves in the end. Consider it vengeance! L is amazing, always will be. R.I.P. L! <33

  58. Miu Says:

    I HATE LIGHT he is such a jerk i cant believe he accually killed L, he’s my favourite character out of the whole show!!! L was sooo much better than Light… i wished that being killed was Light (Kira) instead of L :'(..

  59. hannna Says:

    Episode 25 made me cry oh soo hard!
    L belived in Light (Kira) as his friend, and he betrayed him!
    That pisses me off… *sniff*
    I really miss L!
    Im happy that Light dies at the end.

  60. Zakiia Says:

    a guy, ddl31, marocain, ryuk, & L-fan17. You are all just like me… L-O-Y-A-L people, worthy of Kira’s rule. L-fan17… you, and i share a common love [just like Misa-Chan] but for 2 different characters [& reasons]. (You+L) & Me {Zakiia-Chan+Kira-Kun.} If only our men were not dead, if only our men didn’t hate each other, if only our men were R-E-A-L… Then we all could live in a H-O-L-Y, P-U-R-E, and S-A-F-E world U-N-D-E-R_K-i-R-A’S_R-U-L-E……. I-F_O-N-L-Y-!-!-!-!-!-!

    L-fan17… You and i would be considered QUEEN’S-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!

    We would be in H-E-A-V-E-N {per-say}… You would of become Mrs. L, and i Mrs. Kira.

    Everything would be as it should be.

  61. dylan Says:

    Yay it’s sad that L died but get over it theres still near and Light dies in the end so if you don’t like make a fan made vid for you tube or veoh or google vid or something I tired of all my friends complaning that L died. JUST SPOT WATCHING THAT SHOW OR SHUT UP god -_-

  62. I'm kira Says:

    I say yay L’s finaly dead GO LIGHT GO LGHT GO LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^-^

  63. Justin Says:

    Why is light refered to as Raito?

  64. Justin Says:

    lol at L rubbing lights feet (wtf is up with that)

  65. Satara Says:

    *looks over at L alter* *sigh* Now what am I going to do? I know!! Ill send threatening mail to the auther guy and order him to make an alternative ending!!!YAY!! *sob sob SOB* MISS L KILL LIGHT WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?…?!?!?

  66. Satara Says:

    *smacks Justin* U suck. I kill you!!

  67. Lawliet Says:

    Every time, every damn time my fav character dies, no matter what series it is in. Snape, Gaara, now L…… I know Light dies,but I have not seem that yet. I hope it was painful and very Death Note-like!!

  68. Cindy Says:

    What episode is this?

  69. lawliex Says:

    go light yagami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… and L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aka my name…

  70. hyper-chan Says:

    I still get sad that L dies months afterwards. But crying over it for days? That’s kinda pathetic, yea I shed a tear. 3 to be exact. And all you people pissy about him dieing watch the credits for the last episode. It’ll cheer you up immensily!

    Oh and to whoever is all “I’m married to L!!” grow up and get a life. L is my all time favorite, beat 2 year running Yuki from Furuba. But seriously. Learn the difference between real life and fiction. I know hard to do but if I did it, so can you.

  71. luX2 e Says:

    film iki buaggus banget…

    siarke di tv dongg agar all org tau film ini…


  72. S Says:

    Really, I hate that L had to die, but that’s it, he had to, besides Near’s amusing too and Mello, don’t forget him. Light on the other hand can just die. KILL HIM! KILL HIM!!! Anyway…What about poor Matsuda? Does anyone besides me and my friends feel just a bit sorry for him? He’s so picked on and he trusted Light with that blind trust! Poor guy, makes you just want to take him home and hug him.

    Yay L, boo Kira. Cute as Light may be (I dont’ think he is) L is so much more fun.

  73. S Says:


    When did Gaara die?! I didn’t hear anything about that!

  74. emo-cody Says:

    i thought L was cool, BUT!!!!!!!!! i like light more!!!! and im glad L dies! he’s annoying! lights cooler! i might be wrong because i haven’t read 5,6,7,8,9 of the series yet. iv only got to the part where he looses his memory. if you wanna complain and be a baby for a character dying thats just sad lol.

  75. emo-cody Says:

    my myspace———->

    i dont eccept petafiles lol

    emo’s or goth’s are always welcome on my friend list 🙂

    and no,……. im not a petalfile -_-

  76. S Says:

    Light was okay in the beginning and he was great while he didn’t have his memory, but I still don’t like him. I can complain all I want and I complain just because I can, besides, L really was amusing. I mean seriously, who is not amused by the sugar fettish?! Besides all of that, I sense that the author meant to make us mad when it was decided that L would die. That’s one reason I kill off characters in my own sotries.

    Oh-well. As I said, Near and Mellow are funny too and Light gets what he deserves in the end.

  77. mesha torres Says:

    it filping sweet!

  78. mesha torres Says:

    hey add me on myspace

  79. riuzaki Says:

    hello . i don´t like kira , but I love L , and i hate kira and rem , becouse they killed L ,

  80. riuzaki Says:

    i love l , but i hate that l died , i don´t like light (kira), , the brother near is the best than light , but is the best l



  81. S Says:

    L died because he hit a brick wall at full speed (figuratively of course). He really was stuck, and to be honest Light was slightly better, no wait, that’s not true. Light won because L had to work with the taskforce, if it had not been for them and their being so sure that Light wasn’t Kira, L would have won and not died. I miss L.

    I’ve heard that his real name was Lawliet, can anyone confirm or tell me where to find out? Please? Me and my firends really want to know. Thanks.

    Mellow’s funny, but only because I thoughtr he was a girl until I heard Near refer to him as a guy. Seriously, until he gets that scar he really looks like a girl!!!

  82. riuzaki Says:


  83. DeEvolution Says:

    Oh my goodness. I’m like, having a mother-effing Seizure! I cried, still am, when I saw it like… an hour ago. I hated it. It had to happen, or else people wouldn’t remember how emotionaly stimulating-ly beautiful it was! I still can’t beleive it. I’ve looked up the ending, and it’s so fitting…

  84. DeEvolution Says:

    Oh. And yes! That is his name.

  85. syllie-chan Says:

    moj Says:

    December 8, 2007 at 1:22 am
    ooh..i was so touched when L was drying kira with d towel..and telling him he was sad.. T_T …long live L.. what did d bells mean anyway?

    The bells were funeral bells… he was like forecasting or something….

  86. anthony Says:

    it’s fantastic death note!!!!!!!!1
    i love kira ideals…
    and i love L…
    the besttttttttttttttttt

  87. Timmy! Says:

    its a shame that he died now the show goes down hill from there. Q_Q

  88. YOU people are stupid..duh i have an idea lets just have those 2 characters fight for ever n’ ever…one of them had to die get over it. Just Be happy light dies at the end..uh oh…..


  89. Kikio Tadashi Says:

    I”M so fricken pissed off!!!!!!!! L was the best!!!! FUCK LIGHT and all them, L was the best. I still want to know what his real name is but whatever. Why did L have to die?

  90. Prime Says:

    I like KIRA!! Life for KIRA!! Great KIRA!!! He is the savior, the WORLD changer!

  91. Hohnoroa Says:

    You people who support Kira and wish he was real are retards of an unfathomable degree. Do you even realize what he was doing? He created a culture of FEAR. He didn’t stop crime, he just put a mask over it. What do you do if you don’t like someone? Send their name and photo to KIRA. Concoct a lie and make it PUBLIC. KIRA WILL KILL THEM WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT, WITHOUT EVIDENCE, WITHOUT A CARE IN THE WORLD. He’s enabling anonymous murder, free of consequences, and creating a world where man can’t trust anyone, even his own blood.

    I realize it’s just an anime, I do–but when I see people flaunting these ideals as if they really wish the world could be that way, my blood gets boiling, because you just don’t know what you’re asking for. And you guys could do with remembering it’s just an anime, too.

    That said, L’s death struck a chord with me, too. I knew it was inevitable, I knew there was just no avoiding it, but it happened so soon…and whoever said he was begging for his life like a dog, I disagree. By the time the 25th rolled around, L already knew he was going to die. He must have figured out that Kira had finally gotten the last piece in place, and he was resigned to it–without any evidence, and with more and more support trickling away from the investigation, he couldn’t afford to endanger the others by alerting them or make an accusation publicly and have it backfire on him. So maybe he was acting out of a kind of private grief, trying to come to grips with the fact that Light was really going to do this, and maybe even saying a kind of farewell to the part of Light with which he had been friends. He could have also been trying to make an impression to instill a nagging guilt that would get Light to confess long after L was gone. He wasn’t begging–that just isn’t L’s style. 😛

  92. Zoa Says:

    They made L too lovable.

    From what I’m reading and what I’m experiencing, they ended their own series badly because everyone liked L too much and as soon as he was killed off, a lot of people lost interest.

    Deathnote is my favorite manga ever, 38% due to the amazing story and 62% due to L.

  93. Cat Hex Says:

    I’ll always love you, L! Near may not be as cool but I’ll cheer him on to bring that rat-bastard Kira down!!!

    At least Rem was destroyed in the process (though I kinda liked him – I understand in the manga it was a ‘him’ anyway…). It just made it that much more poetic. Way to take a shinigami with you.

    *sigh* Misa so wasn’t worth any of it…

  94. darkroot Says:

    L was the best character in deathnote followed by near
    They should make a new deathnote series but with new characters and a new story and it should take place in a diffrence place also the main character that gets the deathnote should have diffrent reason to kill people or something like that

    L is the greatest!

  95. shadow269 Says:

    I loved this episode because it was dramatic. But I hate how L dies, he was my favorite anime character of all time. But Near comes in and gets Light killed…HAHA I YOUR FACE LIGHT!!!!

  96. Delilah Says:

    TwT that episode makes me cry
    I love Eru* ^^
    😛 but i dont hate Rightu*


    i love near and mello too u.u poor matt, poor mello TwT
    i love death note n.ñ

  97. Jima Says:

    Why…why L mus die…
    he so nice,cute n sweet…
    Hmn!!!i hate light 4 killed L!!!
    L,u r the best!!!
    u always liv n my heart!!!

  98. dark eye Says:

    Ryuk & Light wre the most damned mrders!!!
    I hate them!!!
    L was so sweeeeeeeeeet n care 2ward light…
    Light was totally insssssssannnnnnne(insane)
    He deserved 2 diiiiiieeeee!!!!
    WHY!WHY Light mus kill L!!??
    I LUVVVV L!!!!
    L 4EVER!!!!!!

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