“Tales from Earthsea”: an incredible beginning for Goro

Last night I saw “Tales from Earthsea” by Goro Miyazaki and there’s a LOT to tell about…

For a Miyazaki (father) fan like me, it was hard not to detect some similarities between all the father’s films and “Tales from Erathsea”. Goro was greatly inspired by his father. But it was ok.

If you haven’t read the book by Ursula K. Le Guin you might feel a bit lost because all the film long there’s a lot of “I know him since long” or “he rescued me from darkness” dialogs… and… well, it’s never explained in the film. But if, like me, you’ve read the book, it does makes sense. Also, this film is not a particular book by Ursula, it’s more like a fifth book. It’s a real creation and that’s great.

Landscapes, huge cities and the soundtrack are absolutely awesome and feet the film perfectly. We are close to the characters and we really appreciate them even thought the links between them is never explained.

Action scenes are marvelous. The story is more for a grown public as it’s quite philosophical.

Finally I’d say the movie is not as rich as the father’s ones but it’s a Ghibli production and it’s really worth seeing it, there are really really beautiful scenes and it’s graphically amazing (but again not as much as the father’s creations). Anyway, I recommend it and rate it 4/5.


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