A Closer look to the new OotP trailer

(Attention: spoilers) All these pictures are some-kind of subliminal images in the trailer. We catch them in our brain, but don’t quite know what is it except we pause on it… Here they are:

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000014889.jpg Doors from Ministry of Magic.

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000016891.jpg Cedric’s death in the Goblet of Fire.

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000017058.jpg I’d say it’s a part of the Hogwart’s Black Lake.

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000017225.jpg Weesley’s (twins) firework dragon.

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000017392.jpg Bellatrix before escaping from Azkaban.

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000055347.jpg Harry at the Burrow or Harry in front of the Black lake during the Snape’s pensive scene.

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000066191.jpg One of the pictures I’ll show even if we clearly see it in the trailer because it’s important. Is this… the veil?….

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000075533.jpg Defense against the dark arts puppet. Great!

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000088129.jpg Grawp’s feets!!!!!!!!!!!

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000090298.jpg The Order taking Harry to headquarters.

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000095804.jpg Green flames and tea cups behind: yes! Harry and Hermione scene in Unbridge’s office.

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000096471.jpg Azkaban Prison in the middle of nowhere.

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000100975.jpg Ministry of Magic door.

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000102143.jpg The DA flying over London riding Thestrals.

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000102811.jpg Dumbledore and Voldemort fighting (look at the some kind of water on the floor, exactly the same effects than in the fourth movie with Harry and Voldy, but can’t be a Primium Incantato).

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000104312.jpg Is this… Arthur Weasley? Yes it is !!!

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000110485.jpg What the… ?

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000113655.jpg Harry fighting Dementors at Privet Drive.

ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000115490.jpg Ministry’s fireplace. Green flames have evolved since the second film haven’t they?


ootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000116157.jpgootp_trailer_usdomestic_042407mov_000116324.jpg Harry and Neville acting exactly the same against Bellatrix and Lucius Malfoy.

Hope you enjoyed!

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2 Comments on “A Closer look to the new OotP trailer”

  1. Soulbrave22 Says:

    Well, i like your web page, but, i have to say it, in the pic of ‘Seems to be Harry but I don’t know what the green spell or stuff could be doing to him… except his dreams’, HE´S NOT HARRY, Is Cedric!(Goblet of Fire). In… ‘Is this… Arthur Weasley?’ Yes, he is for god sake!. and the more important, ‘Dumbledore and Voldemort fighting (look at the some kind of water on the floor, exactly the same effects than in the fourth movie with Harry and Voldy, but can’t be a Primium Incantato).’ it´s not Primium Incantato, it is just the encounter of the Avada Kedavra and Expeliarmus, and for god sake, it´s not ‘Voldy’ it´s the Dark Lord
    Bye XD

  2. berowl Says:

    well you know, it was irony about arthur weasley, and do know that it’s not primum incantato as i TOO read the books!
    well, the voldy stuff is to make it quicker
    and yes, you were right about cedric sorry about that!

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