Seirei no Moribito#3: Standing till death

Only a couple of word comes to my mouth: “oh my god…” I’m not a huge anime watcher so I can’t compare this anime to many others. Anyway, this anime and this particular episode is AWESOME.

I NEVER saw an episode like this before. It’s full of drama, fighting skills along with an incredible soundtrack and graphics. I can’t say more. It’s just perfect. The fighting scenes are truly beautiful, the OST and the drama really add something special to this particular episode.

If you never watched Seirei no Moribito before I truely recommand you to get this 3rd episode, it could lead you to watch the rest of the series…

seirei-no-moribito-03avi_000157824.jpg seirei-no-moribito-03avi_000157991.jpg seirei-no-moribito-03avi_000235443.jpg seirei-no-moribito-03avi_000251084.jpg seirei-no-moribito-03avi_000248456.jpg seirei-no-moribito-03avi_000534659.jpg

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