Now I can say: “I’ve been there!”

This is surely the only Harry Potter event ever in Paris and this is a once in a life time opportunity. Costumes and effects from the upcoming Order of the Phoenix were exposed in a “Harry Potter train” in Paris at Gare du Nord. And I’VE BEEN THERE!!!

It was great, a lot of people so a lot of waiting for a 20 minutes long visit. But we can have a great impression of this fifth film. There were Magenmagot’s suits, Harry Potter’s, Dumbledore’s, Unbridge’s, Rogue’s, Voldemort’s, Bellatrix’ and Malfoy’s. Deatheater masks are SO awesome!

Here’s some pics, will have more later!

2007___19_06_07___harry_potter___gare_du_nord_21.jpg 2007___19_06_07___harry_potter___gare_du_nord_19.jpg 2007___19_06_07___harry_potter___gare_du_nord_20.jpg 2007___19_06_07___harry_potter___gare_du_nord_23.jpg 2007___19_06_07___harry_potter___gare_du_nord_26.jpg 2007___19_06_07___harry_potter___gare_du_nord_31.jpg 2007___19_06_07___harry_potter___gare_du_nord_35.jpg

UPDATE, and here are the new ones!!! :

2007___19_06_07___harry_potter___gare_du_nord_041.jpg 2007___19_06_07___harry_potter___gare_du_nord_044.jpg 2007___19_06_07___harry_potter___gare_du_nord_046.jpg 2007___19_06_07___harry_potter___gare_du_nord_049.jpg 2007___19_06_07___harry_potter___gare_du_nord_052.jpg 2007___19_06_07___harry_potter___gare_du_nord_054.jpg 2007___19_06_07___harry_potter___gare_du_nord_051.jpg 2007___19_06_07___harry_potter___gare_du_nord_055.jpg 2007___19_06_07___harry_potter___gare_du_nord_057.jpg

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3 Comments on “Now I can say: “I’ve been there!””

  1. Lucas Says:

    WOW That’s cool! Last Saturday I was in Paris! I saw adverts everywhere on the streets of the event you are talking about… Saturday evening I walked along Gare Du Nord 😀 (maybe you saw me)..

  2. berowl Says:

    Yeah may ne!!! Would have been reat to meet you!!!

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