Order of the Phoenix: The BEST Harry Potter movie yet

!!!Spoiler Warning!!!

Well… Where to begin? First of all I think I immediately loved this movie because of the way it is filmed, it is actually quite different from every other movies, you fell closer to the characters.

Well I won’t describe all the movie… Let’s just say that a lot of things are in this movie, more than in the fourth one which was way too quick from my point of view. I mean they overlooked too many things without explanations, but not this time and I greatly appreciated it. You can watch the movie without being interrupted by your own thoughs: “urg… where are we now?”. A lot is missing too and a lot is cut but I’d say “well-done cut”. And what is missing will surely be told in the sixth film since the book is quite smaller. The music is great, the action scenes are absolute beauty and violence.

This film changes us a bit from the fourth one where it was action then action then action, in this film we come back to a regular Harry Potter with plot then school then plot then little action then plot then school the BIG action! Anyway, the darkness in this film really evolve, it grows near to you all along the movie and in a better manner than the fourth film.

In this film there’s a lot of flash back stuff and visions and I must say that these ones are truly awesome, they just managed to do it right! It’s perfect. Spoiler: When Harry sees Sirius in front of Voldemort, that scene is … wouaaa awesome! Also big Spoiler: Sirius’s death made me cry. This part of the film is absolute perfection in timing and acting and visual effects and silence… Really really really great moment.

Well, there’s a lot to talk about again, but I’ll stop here. I think you should just go and see it, don’t expect to find 750 pages in 2h20, it just can’t be! Appreciate the movie as it is!

Good points:

– Actresses for Unbridge and Luna are PERFECT

– Thestrals are awesome

– DA practice, Hug’s head meeting are as I pictured them

– Michael Gambon who plays Dumbledore is a better Dumbledore then the 2 previous movies

– Sirius is great and so are Lucius and Bellatrix, especially Bellatrix

– Harry is not as angry as in the book but plays admirably, the possession scene in particular is marvellous

– Snape’s memory is an occlumancy flash, that’s ok and it is very hard, young Snape is truly victimised by James

– Humour in this film is still here

– School uniforms are back!!!!!!

– The Black’s house is like I pictured it in the inside

– Kreacher is perfect

– The station near Hogwarts to London as been remade and it’s better than in the first film

– Centaurs are perfect

– Graup is absolute fun

Bad points:

– The Black’s house is in a flat (but it’s ok, it suits to everything)

– No Sirius’ mum in the house

– Tonks is not as often present as she should be and there’s nothing about her and Sirius

– Ron is almost absent in this film

– Room of Requirement found by Neville herggg…

– I expected the Dementors to be a little more like the 3rd film

– There’s no two-way-mirror in the film !!!

– NO wand-less “Lumos” !!!!!!!!!! Damn-it !!


Philosopher’s stone: 4/6

Chamber of Secrets: 2/6

Prisoner of Azkaban: 3/6

Goblet of Fire: 3/6

Order of the Phoenix: 5/6

Anyway go and see it!

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8 Comments on “Order of the Phoenix: The BEST Harry Potter movie yet”

  1. mayooresan Says:

    I feel so so so jelous when I read your post.. In my country film is not screened.. 😦

    Have to wait for some time till I get DVD.. any way OOTP is my fav book in all the HP books…

    Five down 2 more to go… 😉

  2. berowl Says:

    Where do you live???
    Somewhere like India I guess according to your blog…

    Well, I went to see the movie for the second time this afternoon, and it’s great, I wasn’t bored at all, contrary to the 4th film…

  3. Frienze Says:

    I didn’t think the movie was half as good as the previous ones in character developement and relevance to the book. It missed parts that would have made it less wooden : Ron and Hermione being prefects, the howler being sent to Aunt Petunia, no quidditch! Harry was supposed to hate Umbridge even more as she bans him from it and locks up his brooms. No, didn’t see that.

    Things were in the wrong order too. Hadgrid came back after Trelawney had been sacked which is backwards. The Cho thing was annoying too. She didn’t snitch on them, it was her friend. And they used the proper names of the potions, so people who haven’t read the books before might not know what they meant.

    I agree that Luna and Umbridge were fantastically cast, and also Bellatrix and Lucius, but the other characters appear so fleetingly that really, was there any point in them being there? Moody and Tonks say about 10 lines between them, hardly worth the bother.

    I thought that the final battle between Voldemort and Dumbledore was actually anti-climactic. The statue failed to come to life and Harry cowered behind a wall. Then, at the end of it all, when he was possesed, Dumbledore talks to him about love and being the better person. Does he make his cutting remarks to Voldemort? No. Does Voldemort reappear and grab Bellatrix? No.

    I admit it was beautifully shot and sequenced and darker than the rest. And if I hadn’t read the books, it would be a good film. I just thought it moved too fast and could have done with being 3 hours instead on cutting the last half hour off and missings loads out. But, on a brighter note, it was so much better than the third one.

  4. mayooresan Says:

    Not actually India.. but it’s Sri Lanka, The small island located near the southern tip of India.
    Mmm.. you watched it for 2nd time..huh!!! 🙂

  5. josh60502 Says:

    Here’s my review, at the blog my friend and I use – The Serious Nerd.


  6. lovexoxox13 Says:

    hmmm i dont all the things you said were that good!

  7. berowl Says:

    Yeah I agree, but you know, I don’t expect from the movies to be as good as the books or, true to the book, I agree a lot of stuff is missing and the howler to Petunia is quite impoortant as the fact that Petunias knows about the dementors, important for book 7. Anyway, I love this movie as a movie, ’cause it’s greatly managed and filmed.

  8. princesslilo Says:

    I hated the way the Dementors looked and I wanted to see Tonks a little more, she has cute hair!

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