“There and Back again” Review of the Deathly Hallows

Just like Mr Bilbo. lol Yes, I’m back from holidays and I discovered some new animes and I’ll update this site very soon.

Of course I’ve read the last Harry Potter in 2 days and of course I bought it the 21st of July. But I was a bit hazy to write something about it but not anymore. Well, I’m a fan of the books but I try in every aspect of my life to be fair, and this means here too.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is my favorite Harry Potter book. In this book, we just can’t breath any minute. All the book long, it’s action and revelations and it’s great. The story line is absolutely genius, there’s no way we could have guessed what would happen, of course we had hunches for some stuffs like the horcruxes and RAB. But the title is very important in the book and the last Harry’s adventure is huge. I can’t think of a way to turn this into a movie, it’s just too big. There’s more things than in the fifth book even if the book is smaller. The end is quite surprising and the epilogue is I think the best part of book, you just can’t stop cheering up while you read it.

Thanks for those years JK and we are all waiting for a new book from you!

I rate it : 4.80/5


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5 Comments on ““There and Back again” Review of the Deathly Hallows”

  1. ltz888 Says:

    Er Harry Potter fanatic-get on top of things! :O The Harry Potter Musical is coming to The West End, UK! 😀 Look up on Google.
    I really enjoyed this book too. Well done for getting Featured Blog on the Harry Potter tag. LTZ xxx

  2. princesslilo Says:

    I finished the book one month ago, LUV THE FAN ART!

  3. berowl Says:

    thx, I wish I had a scanner to put my drawings here….

  4. princesslilo Says:

    I have Harry Potter Fan Art too! but Im not that good at drawing him. And there is a musical?! how are they going to handle the effects…WHO WILL PLAY HARRY POTTER?! Will it be Daniel Radcliffe like allways…?

  5. berowl Says:

    No lol, I don’t think it will be Daniel, but this shows us how much the potter world has affected the business world….

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