I told you earlier I discovered some new animes and this one is my favourite!

14 year-old Sumimura Yoshimori is the descendant of a monster exterminator, also known as a Kekkaishi. Unfortunately, he is not the only one. Yumikura Tokine, his older, female rival is also related to the Kekkaishi. They battle monsters and demons, protecting their lands and people, all the while vying for the title of rightful heir to the Kekkaishi bloodline.

This anime is full of action and it’s absolute fun!!! It reminds me a little Naruto… Anyway I wished I knew this series before, there’s already 22 episodes!!!!! Just try it ! The first two episodes relate Sumimura’s childhood.

kekkaishi-01-02avi_000068610.jpg kekkaishi-01-02_blessure-au-bras-droitavi_000366116.jpg kekkaishi-01-02_blessure-au-bras-droitavi_000588421.jpg kekkaishi-01-02_blessure-au-bras-droitavi_001277027.jpg kekkaishi-01-02_blessure-au-bras-droitavi_001498581.jpg kekkaishi-01-02_blessure-au-bras-droitavi_002400650.jpg kekkaishi-04_son-precieuxavi_000319152.jpg kekkaishi-04_son-precieuxavi_001258466.jpg kekkaishi-03_la-jolie-maitresse-de-logreavi_000291082.jpg


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5 Comments on “Kekkaishi#01-04”

  1. tya Says:




  2. tya Says:

    lop u kekkaishi

  3. jeni Says:

    aq kangen kekkaishi

    lop u bgt kekkaishi

  4. mynime Says:

    haaaiiiii ……

    aq cUkka banggEEd ma kekkaisHi !!

    lUUpP u

  5. Yoki demon! Says:

    madaroa is awesome, i just got the 3rd episode on demand, i need to find the 4th, i wanna know what happens, the yoki demon is the coolest Ayakashi i’ve ever seen in the series, i like gen the new character.

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