Kurau Phantom Memory#01-02: A terrible loss, an incredible gift

I know this is an old anime, it’s even more, it’s a classic. But I just began to watch it and I must confess: it is great. This anime reminds me two other animes: Death Note and Ghost in the Shell. Death Note for the plot and the complexity of its characters and Ghost in the Shell for the technology surrounding these characters.

Kurau lives alone with her father and housekeeper under the sparkling glitter of the lunar dome. On her 12th birthday, she accompanies her father to his lab where he conducts his experiments in new energies. In the midst of one of his latest experiments, the energies involved become unleashed. Manifested as twin rays of light, the energy pierces Kurau. She disintegrates into points of light and when she reassembles, she’s no longer Dr. Amami’s Kurau; she’s a Rynax, now in symbiosis with his daughter.

Fast forward ten years, change the setting to Earth and Kurau is a mercenary agent at the top of her game. Willing to do anything for a buck, she takes on the most dangerous missions, which consequently, pay the best. Infused with Rynax energy, she’s able to steal or accomplish just about any task laid before her; Kurau is a formidable young woman.

But within her is the gestating energy known as a Rynax Pair. Since Rynax exist only in doubles, Kurau’s has been slowly evolving withing her for ten long years. The Pair emerges one night and Kurau feels complete for the first time since she came to Earth.

Kurau, though, can’t keep her secrets for long, as government agents pursue her and her pair to steal those same secrets away.

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