Seirei no Moribito#22: The Awakening

The Dattebayo team does a real effort to finish subbing this series which becomes better and better the more it comes to an end.

In this episode, Chagum know the end of Balsa’s childhood and why she promised to save eight lives. Also from now on, Chagum takes his role of Spirit Guardian very seriously and is though how to fight by Balsa. But winter comes to an end and Chagum is affected by the Egg inside of him, so much affected that his spirit is sometimes taken away into the world of Spirits: Nyagu.

Again, an incredible story line, beautiful graphics and music, I think this series is my favourite from now on.

seirei-no-moribito-22_lheure-de-leveilavi_001145226.jpg seirei-no-moribito-22_lheure-de-leveilavi_001181137.jpg


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