First HBP Set Pictures

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112 Comments on “First HBP Set Pictures”

  1. kurnia Says:

    i really like harry potter. i hope the 6th film will be very amazing to be watched. good luck! (please contact my mail. thanks)

  2. Mark Says:

    I just heard that the Seventh HP movie will be made into two movies so they won’t leave any details out!! I only hope they can cram everything into the sixth movie!!!

  3. priya from holand Says:

    i love harry potter and the half blood prince!
    I’ve read the book. Part 6 is my favorite hp book. this is so cool

  4. vhiera from indonesia Says:

    I LOVE U HaRrY PoTtEr ..

  5. Melissa Says:

    Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince should be awsome! I just to hope the movie can live up to the book

  6. margo Says:

    I so LOVE Harry Potter too!!!! I’m so sad that there would be no more books to look forward to .. . . The movie’s gonna be great! I just know it!!! ^_^

  7. xyzy and amy Says:

    i think HBP gonna most intrested harry potter’s movie than previous,,…..
    of course all the fans in indonesia including us will exciting wait for the movie.,,… in SMKN 8 Jakarta

  8. Big fan Says:

    They should have made the fourth book into 2 movies. That is my favorite book in the series and it was done badly. Now the visuals were supurb…the acting was supurb…but the reason that ChrisColumbus didnt want to do anymore movies was because he didnt want it to be about taking just the action scences from the book and creating a movie which is just what the fourth director did. He left out so many key pieces of info, that the movie is only enjoyable if you have NEVER read the book or if all you care about is the special effects which by the way were great. I watch it for the effects. But Hogwarts help the student doing a book report on this book from the movie. He/she will fail miserably!! the director of the fifth movie was smart he went out an listened to the people and found what they didnt like about the fourth and he was told they left too much stuff out of it. The third movie was great but it failed to say why Lupin knew how to use the map…it failed to say that James, Sirius, Lupin and Pettigrew were the ones who made the map. I understand movies can not be perfect to the book but when you leave out Key facts it makes it seem like they didnt even care about what was written. just my two cents.
    Big Fan of Rowling

  9. Gaeshael Says:

    The movies are really good.

    Only two things: Dont OVERact (i thought bellatrix lestrange was wayyy too insane, and Hermione is always hysterical)

    and DONT MAKE DUMBLEDORE ACT GAY. If you do, then I will boycott.

  10. Alexis Says:

    The movies never live up to the book, that’s a promise..I think that they should atleast try giving it a go, at making a 5 hour movie, with all the details…it’s just lame how they cut out all the interesting parts…it would much better for their buisness too.
    Fan for life, and nothing can change it<3

  11. i love harry potter because that movie or book passion

    and i love harry potter’s character espeacually Daniel Jacob Radcliffe

    i love him so musch

    if you gonna see my bebo page

    you won’t belive you self

  12. Ahmed Says:

    good.. i love it.. hurry up would u

  13. Ahmed Says:

    What a pity professor dumbledore ought to die.. thats not good..but he will be forever remembered..

  14. hamy farchaty Says:

    it’s sureprise me.
    I really like harry potter.i still wait for the next movie.
    really like the novel than the movie, but i feel enjoy when i wtch the movie.i sad when in the 5th movie released, i find that thre are many scenes cut.
    i hope in the next movie , i can get more fun…..^_^

  15. yosep Says:

    oh, i am a big fan of harry potter. it’s been too long for me waiting HP 6th. i am looking forward to watching this movie. i missed Ema Watson, Rupert, and of course Daniel… They are the perfect characters I really love. Good luck!

  16. ansa Says:

    im a great fan of harry potter series.i love all the characters n im waiting a lot for da next movie.i hope it will be great like all others.i love emma watson.thank god she is back on so happy.

  17. Judi_Lear Says:

    I love Harry Potter and I can not wait for the movie to come out. I love all the actors and think Emma does exceptionally well as Hermione .In fact, if someone else started playing her i couldn’t deal with it becasue when i read the books i see the characters as the actors. its good they arent changing. the sam goes for daniel and reupert.

  18. ilirjana Says:

    Harry Potter movies are always great..Ihope this one is gonna be interesting too.

    They are just great!!!

  19. Could we come back stage !! pleaseeee we are bigggggg fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gwen-Luna Lovegood Glesni-Hermione Granger Elin-Tonks THANKSS XXGLESNIXXGWENXXELINXX

  20. Hermione,Luna and Tonks Says:


  21. Gwen Says:


  22. beef Says:

    Christoper Columbus was the best director out of all of them. The first two were actually way better than the other ones it never left out any parts and it was more interesting. i cant belive david yates is still directing cuz he f***ing sucks

  23. george Says:

    i cant wait to see the sixth movie its gonna be great
    and when is it goin 2 b realeased

  24. Charisse Says:

    waaah! can’t wait to watch the 6th film.. so excited! i luv harry potter!

  25. the cowgirl Says:

    I really enjoyed the last 2 book and I hope that the director will keep the films nice and long and not skip out lots of important stuff and not put in loads of crapiee irrevelunt stuff.

    PS I iurv harry potter

  26. radical dude Says:

    omg i am totaly OBSESED with harry potter everything it ROX.
    i cannot wait till the movies come out ive read the books like a million times seriously:)
    I LUV HP

  27. Attractive Austin Says:

    harry potter is awesome! I am obessesd too! Weoweoweee! I was Disappointed in the 5th movie though, it was stupid but the book was really good! i hope this one is better. I loved the 6th book.

  28. barbie girl Says:

    hey babes and harry potter friends

    i love harry potter films and especially enjoyed the last film made i want the next film to be just as emotional but not tocut out the most inportant parts lke!
    i think Ron is hiserical

    so all i have to say know is pinkey’s out :):)


  29. Jess Potter Says:

    They should have split the 6th book into two films. The real plot is exposed in the book and a great chunk of you know who’s past. And if they miss any of that out people wont truly realise just how bad you know who is? But on a better note I’m sure it wil be great film i can’t wait. . . . . . Dumbeldore rocks x x x

  30. Allison Says:

    i think after the first two movies they just got worse and worse and left out A LOT of really important details.. not just details from like one movie, but they effect all of the movies after.. i really hope whoever is directing reads this..

    i mean i loved the books but the movies are just a disappointment.

  31. Alex Lopez Says:

    I can just wait for the new movie of harry potter and the half-bloob prince i bet is gonna be good

  32. Shama Says:

    Like you guys me too is a BIG fan of HP..esp.the sixth is really exciting to see those flirting and dumpings :P…Am lookin forward to see it…I hope this one will not leave me disappointed by cutting all those nice chaps

  33. Expeliarmus...I'm from turkey Says:

    hi. I like to harry potter’s world

  34. keyla Says:

    I can’t wait to see HBP movie, but I don’t think it’s gonna be as good as the book. I love the whole flirting scenes and stuff, and Fleur won’t even be on the movie… how could they cut the part where she says she’s good looking enough for bill and her?

  35. daniel ,I feel you are a true super star …just dont try any artifcial things…be what you are….one more thing..willyou become my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Vansanglura Says:

    New Movie!! I reckon…it’ll be da best one yet 😀 of course da last movie will be chartbustin!! n i love Hermione!!

  37. Mathew Says:

    Did you see the new trailer of hp6???
    I think the next film will be amazing!!!!! Actually i hope to!

  38. Ash Says:

    This new harry potter movie is gonna be the best its gonna be MINT :d n its supposed to be the scariest yet!!!

    n the last film is supposed to be split up into 2 films becasue its sooo lng ive read all the books n i bet im the most harry potter fan here i beat all of u ppl !!!!

  39. Neesh Says:

    ive read the entire series too many times to count and ITS AMAZINGG! yeah all the movies were great but ik ik ik this is totally gonna b the best!

  40. Milutin Says:

    The first and the second are the best, in other sequels are missing some big details, because the director was changed. Books are better!!!

  41. Aaz Says:

    i love harry potter so much…………….i like reading harry potter’s novel part 1 until part 7………… Good Heavens it is Amazing……….

  42. Aaz Says:

    i love harry potter so much…………….i like reading harry potter’s novel part 1 until part 7………… Good Heavens it is Amazing………. i come from Indonesia.who will be my friends…add me in

  43. aakriti Says:

    since i have read the 6th part of harry potter i m so eager to watch the movie.i soooo love the character ron in the movie. hope this movie do good in the best

  44. Lauren Says:

    I love Harry Potter but I’m afraid the 5th movie did not live up to my expectations. It was a long book and it had to be crammed into movie length. I hope the director can produce the movie better than the 5th one. The 6th book is shorter so it should be substantialy better!!

  45. SweeneyToddObssessor Says:

    OMG YES!!! I cannot properly call myself most obssessed, as Ash did, but I CAN say that I AM AMONG THOSE WHO LOVE BELLATRIX LESTRANGE THE MOST! Yes, she’s mad and Helena Bonham Carter plays her with extreme insanity, but that’s why we love her and Alan Rickman as Severus Snape is also a delight to watch… And being Sweeney Todd obssessed, a tip of the hat to Timothy Spall, who plays Wormtail/ Peter Pettigrew!

  46. SweeneyToddObssessor Says:

    I can’t wait to watch this movie!! Tho Harry Potter is amazing, I cannot properly call myself most obssessed, as Ash did, but I CAN say that I AM AMONG THOSE WHO LOVE BELLATRIX LESTRANGE THE MOST! Yes, she’s mad and Helena Bonham Carter plays her with extreme insanity, but that’s why we love her and Alan Rickman as Severus Snape is also a delight to watch… And being Sweeney Todd obssessed, a tip of the hat to Timothy Spall, who plays Wormtail/ Peter Pettigrew!

  47. Nishtha Says:

    My name is Nishtha. m from India.I love Harry Potter so…….. much. I Like DENIEL RADCLIFFE and EMMA WATSON. I Had seen all movies of Harry Potter. Now i can’t wait for part 6 that is Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince.

  48. Jay Says:

    I love Harry Potter Movies and i can’t wait for the next to come out. By the way i love Emma Watson, she is so beatiful. I am from Arizona.

  49. Rock On Harry Potter!!!! Says:

    I LOVE the harry potter books they’re the only books ill read! But i just heard that the movie dates have changed, whats going on there, when does it come out! im dying to see this movie even though i know whats gonna happen 🙂

  50. Nafeh Says:

    The fifth film was good but not better! I think it could be better. Hope the next one will be great!

  51. oh my worrrrrrrrrrrrddddddddd Says:

    oh my word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i can not believe that the new movie is nt goingto be released untill next year because there will not be new BIG block busters. I have got the sollution all u Holly wood producers and i will write it in capital . WRITE OUT THE NEW SCRIPT FOR HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS AND THEN FILM THAT THEN SHOW IT NEXT SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!! not all that difficult so any body out there who has scence and has good connections with hollywood la get that idea out ot them as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    now all that i have to say is “pinkies out!” 🙂

  52. bestm8s Says:

    ive read all the hp booksi think there if u aint read demget a life. the new hp film i gunna begr8 i also think the copy barry book is a insult but it is stil hilaroois all hp fan girl/boy

  53. joLLiE Says:

    I Wait 4 ThiS fiLm,,,,,

    I caN’t Wait So LonG,,,,

    LuPH U,,,Mr PoTTEr,,,,


  54. Theresa Rose Says:

    I luv d whole potter series…hope the film may release wit all the standard of harry potter book…wishing warner bros my gud luck…

  55. we were vry much restless for nov 21..release in july put all of us in grief…

    it’s ok…v’ll wait 4 u Harry,Hermione,Ron…..

    But pls again dun change nythng…

  56. Chris Says:

    Putting the movie back to July only means they haven’t rushed it. Hopefully the HBP will be the best movie so far, with none of the key points left out. Waiting for a good movie is better than seeing an average movie soon.

  57. Jenny Says:

    I hope that the 6th movie will be as good as the book was and i hope that they don’t
    have to cut out too many things. The 5th movie was pretty good, but i thiught it could
    of been alot better.

  58. Aleesiaa! Says:

    but i am dissapointed about the ending of the seventh bookk!!
    like she tried to cram at least 300 pages into 50!
    the ending was rushed and not thought through!!
    sooo many questions that i WISH were answered!

  59. Mystery... Says:

    i love harry potter and i would like to be created more than 1 hundred movies… 5/100 😀

  60. Isabella (Bella) Stanley Says:

    This movie better me good, so far the other ones weren’t that good. Emma is really good actor thoguth!!!!!!

  61. navid from iran Says:

    i love harry potter a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

  62. Dumbl3dor3 is my h3r0 Says:

    I AM IN LOVE WITH THE HARRY POTTER SERIES SO TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY!!!!!! the movies are dissapointing because they leave out so much info. that i think is important. i know they cant cram all of the books info into a short movie but i still think they could have included mre.

  63. Anja Says:

    I am so happy that we will have a chanse to see the 6th film,but Iam not happy to hear that it will be in july 09.It`s not ok.I just adore Dan,Emma and Rupert!!!!Can`t wait the new movie!!!!

  64. ansHa from indonesia Says:

    i love harry potter so much!!!the greatest movie i ever see!!!can’t wait to watch new movie!!!but i so dissapointed when hear it be end in 7th book!!! T.T

  65. gopal Says:

    hi deniel i am gopal from india i love you i miss you i want to meet you i know that you are very busy i am very ordinary why will you see me i know that you are love every one but what i do you are very special for me you are going every where i am not you are very spaical for every one ……every one miss you but who will miss me every one know you but not body know me i want to meet you because you are very spaical………………………..i l y gopal

  66. nisha Says:

    harry potter has amazin story………i read the 6th part it is full of magic and suspence…. i hope d 6th part will release soon………..

  67. Nannette Says:

    I agree with most of you that the movies are not as good as the books as so much is missed out. I understand that it is much harder to make movies as the series goes on because the books are getting bigger. The first two were very small books so the director had an easier time. My least favourite book is book five and I don’t think the movie was to bad. I think the forth movie was very bad. I understand they have to miss things out but they should not change things without reason. In the book Hermione’s dress for the ball was blue and in the movie it was pink. Both of the visiting schoold had boys and girls in the book but in the movie the French ones were all girls and the other school only had boys. They also wasted a lot of time when Harry was flying around the school roofs with the dragon. That did not happen in the book as the dragon was looking after her eggs and would not go that far. That is all I can remember just now but it was not a good film.

  68. Marinna Says:

    i love the books i read them i just wounder how much of the book they will leave out in the half blood prince and the deathly hallows

  69. ABEER Says:

    HARRY POTTER MOVIE CANT BE FORGET. IT’S THE PART OF OUR LIFE. harry potter, harry potter and only harry potter

  70. Skittlesjsasd Says:

    Harry Potter is soooooooo cool i cant wit 2 c the 6th 1 in november!! i read all the books and the chapter the cave is going to be the BEST!!!! part of the movie!!! i just hope they dont cut out 100 scenes from the movie!

  71. Yndra Says:

    jancik apik_e ker patut di enteni,,,,,,Sippppp puoollllll
    btw wis di release durung si??????

  72. clair Says:

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I’don’t belive i can’t and i wan’t wait 6 mounths to see harry potter and the alf blood prince!!!!!!!!!!!!i’t crazy!!!!!! sorry i’m italian

  73. emily Says:

    i freaking love harry potter!!
    ah i know where i’m gonna be on july 17th 2009 at midnightt!

  74. Inferi Says:

    I hate to be the one to say it if it hasn’t already been said…

    2 MAJOR changes from the book to the movie will happen…

    1.The fight scene inside Hogwarts (that happened simultaneously during the death scene on the Astronomy Tower) will be cut out because they don’t want to have repititious content, as there will be the clmiactic fight scene during the 7th movie(s).

    2. Dumbledore’s Funeral will be cut COMPLETELY, to make room for “the right ending to to the 6th film.” Direct quote from the director, David Yates.

    I’m mildly disappointed, but I’ll wait to pass judgment until July 17th, 2009

  75. jose Says:

    u suck harry potter or wat ever ur name be.


  76. shilli Says:

    OMG This movie is gonna be awesome… I remeber meeting the cast at the Goblet of Fire premiere in New York! I was so nervous… can’t wait!

  77. shilli Says:

    NOTE: The seventh HP movie is gonna be split into 2 parts! The first part is coming out in 2010 and the second part in 2011… I can’t wait!!

  78. cassidy Says:

    i can’t wait to see the 6 moivy. i wish i could meet harry my self

  79. Maria Suersaq Says:

    I love Harry Potter movies and books!!<3<3<3
    I cant wait to see them! Its fun to read the book cuz you will image them self.

  80. pavan mukhesh Says:


  81. mimin Says:

    i very very love harry potter

  82. MikeyMangNJ Says:

    Does anyone who comments on this site know how to speak proper english? Anyway from what ive seen from the trailers this one should be very good. The sixth book is my favorite and i can bet that the movie will be all the non readers’ favorite movie. And of course they wont be able to put a lot of the main details(although it would make the movies better) in the movies else they would all be 8 hour movies. I would recommend that anyone and everyone should see this movie in the theaters because no one will be dissapointed. Hopefully the director does a good job. People will be stunned when they see Snape’s big moment. Personally, I think this was the Climax of the entire book series. Lets hope its the same for the movies. And for anyone who didnt know this already, there will be 2 parts for the 7th and final book: The Deathly Hallows.

  83. anita Says:

    aku mau naya kapan flim terbaru ini ditayangin di indonesia

  84. anita Says:

    tolong slamin kpd harry potter.hermione and ron wesley
    aku pingin mnta friendsternya daniel aku kasih friendster aku y
    kalau bisa daniel yg add aku y
    i help

  85. anita Says:

    help me

  86. anita Says:

    tolong aku y
    aku pingin ketemu sama harry potter nya asli
    kalau bisa kirim fotonya dia ke alamat aku
    jl.pesantren rt 02 rw 04 bandung cari aja nama anita
    soalnya aku rumahnya ga pakai nomer

  87. Tinsley Says:

    u guys are such obsessed freaks.. and seriously need a life.. please CHILL OUT..
    HP six is comin ou soon..:)
    thats all there is too it…!!

  88. Nanny Persley Says:

    I can’t say anything…

  89. Lexi Says:

    I love Harry Potter! 🙂 My favorite book is the 6th. I was so disappointed when they changed the date it was coming out. 😦 I can wait for July though. :]

  90. Kim Says:

    Well I think this is the best movie ever and i can’t wait till the next one!!! I am so excited I promise you i will be the first one at the movies!!! It will be great!!! My favorite movie so far is the 5th one of course… The movie was great but i love to read so i found the book more attractive!!! I have read all the books and j.k rowling is my idol… many people think this other series Twililght is better but no I don’t think so… The books were good but not the movies so… they need to work on that…

  91. Kim Says:



  92. Kim Says:


  93. Kim Says:

    i can’t wait until the next movie premires!!!

  94. Kim Says:


  95. Kim Says:


  96. Kim Says:


    = )

    = )

  97. Kim Says:






  98. Kim Says:







  99. Kim Says:





  100. Kim Says:









  101. Kim Says:

    alright then!!!!! am i talking 2 myself??? U G H ! ! ! !

  102. Kim Says:








  103. Kim Says:


  104. Wanda_Sumimura Says:

    I love magic. I learned magic from the film. I hope the film will arrive as soon as I expect.

  105. velina Says:

    H A R R Y is The B E S T

  106. Kit Kat Says:

    I’m tottaly obsessed with Harry Potter read every single book Like 10 times

    Can’t wait till hbp in July Can’t wait!!!!!


  107. simon Says:

    i met emma watson today on a movie set. she is absolutly BEAUTIFUL!!! x

  108. Malfoy's Girl Says:

    Well. The big day came and went for me. I saw it at 12:01 this morning and was highly upset. I found it utterly boring although the visuals and acting its self was really quite good. It was just not by the book and they put that one really random scene in and it didn’t flow with the rest of the film. It was just disappointing.

  109. leslie Says:

    i really like harry potter ….. im a fan of that movie…

  110. nice job guys,i like your simple themes.
    Thanks a lot for nice article.

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