Inheritance Trilogy to become a Cycle and release date for book three : September 23th 2008

It was announced a while ago that the Inheritance Trilogy is the Inheritance Trilogy no more – a forth, full-length novel has been added to the Trilogy, expanding Eragon and Saphira’s adventures.

“I plotted out the Inheritance series as a trilogy nine years ago, when I was fifteen. At that time, I never imagined I’d write all three books, much less that they would be published” said Paolini. “When I finally delved into Book Three, it soon became obvious that the remainder of the story was far too big to fit in one volume. Having spent so long thinking about the series as a trilogy, it was difficult for me to realize that, in order to be true to my characters and to address all of the plot points and unanswered questions Eragon and Eldest raised, I needed to split the end of the series into two books.”

In addition to the announcement of a fourth book in the series, the release date has been announced for the third book, which still remains un-named: September 23, 2008.

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196 Comments on “Inheritance Trilogy to become a Cycle and release date for book three : September 23th 2008”

  1. i think that roran has many dragon rider qualities. hesteped up and led carvahall and he killed several soldiers with just a hammer. think about what he will do when the varden get him a sword.

    • Brisingr Says:

      Eragin gets a new sword, which he makes with the help of the ancient Dragon rdier’s sword maker, he finds the required material under the menoa tree, where solembum said it would be..he names his sword Brisingr(fire) and everytime he says its name it bursts into blue flames. Oromis and his dragon die and glaedr gives Eragin and Saphira His heart of Hearts!!

  2. what about the next dwarf king. i think it should be orik .

  3. KalistieBob Says:

    personally i think that Arya sould be a dragon rider. ’cause then Eragon and her become closer!!

  4. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  5. holjer brisnger Says:

    il have to agree i fink that arya will be the nxt dragon rider

    • Dragon Rider184 Says:

      the next dragon rider will be one that came froem all three books

      • obvious comment Says:

        next rider will be arya, evil king will find true name for acient language and hermit that taught angela will find out how to turn elements, e.g. fire, into enrgy and finally murtaguh will fall in love with nasuda.

  6. Inherited08 Says:

    Remember the dream the Eragon had about the elves setting sail, two dragons flying in the sky, with two “elves” hesitating to board the ship? I believe that the two are Eragon after his transformation at the Blood Oath Celebration and Arya or his lover that may be revealed in the future.

  7. Inherited08 Says:

    Ok so we know that Selena was both Eragon and Murtagh’s mother. But when Angela spoke to Eragon about Brom after his death, she said that he loved a woman but that her was un-doing. I think that he and Selena had an affair, which makes him Eragon’s father.

  8. Inherited08 Says:

    Now i know this is a very large stretch but in book two, there was a woman singing, and no one but the author knows who she is. I think that may be selena.

    (Note that these are all just thoughts)

  9. shadeslayer24 Says:

    Roran’s totally gonna become the king when they kill Galbatorix!

  10. shadeslayer24 Says:

    Arya is gonna be the next rider, Selina is brom’s lover, and no offence Inherited08 but she’s probably dead.

  11. shadeslayer24 Says:

    bet ya I’m right, book 3 comes out sept. 23 and I’m gonna get it.

  12. argetlam Says:

    Here’s a thought, mabye Roran is the next rider. If he is all the riders would share blood. Anyway its just an idea.

  13. Eragonrock Says:

    The third book is going to be so awesome, no matter what happens. I personally think that Roran is going to be king after Galbatorix is killed. The queen of elves is going to die, and Arya becomes queen and marries eragon so he becomes king of the elves. Orik becomes king of the dwarfes. Murtagh is going to die trying to save eragon from horrible happening.

    Thats what i want to happen at least.

  14. argetlam Says:

    I agree, and Roran would make a great king. Murtagh is definetly going to die saving Eragon.

  15. Oromis Says:

    Hey… Wat do you think about vanir being the next rider…? I mean arya cant be a rider since there is no info about any girl rider in da past… And vanir is a great swordsman even for an elf standard… Wat say you ppl?

    • Arya Says:

      i wish vanir becomes the next rider.on a site someone pointed out that there might be another green dragon hatchling. ( in the chapter Broken egg And Scattered Nest in ELDEST there is a mention of a broken green egg.)what do you say about that?

    • rider Says:

      it cant be him and half of the ridrs said by oromis that half of the riders were female and roran wont be the next rider

  16. Oromis Says:

    And what bout Eragon’s new blade… Do you think he’s gonna get brom’s old blade or one of those from da ancient families…?

  17. Ritornella Says:

    After reading the first 2 books and being bored to death with the his immature and predictable writing style, I’m not going to bother with either of the last 2 in the cycle.
    I had expected that between the 1st and 2nd books Mr Paolinis’ writing would have improved, or at least matured, but sadly it did not. The whole thing comes across as something that my 10 year old would write with my 8 year old inputting the odd idea.
    As for there now being 4 books instead of 3, the other 2 could have easily compacted into 1, this is just money grabbing.

    • anonymous Says:

      well if you think your 10 year-old daughter could do better you should probably teach her how to read first, don’t you think? and anyways, if you don’t like the inheritance cycle you can have your opinion, that’s fine but don’t go on to a website where everyone likes the books and ruin everyone’s day. oh, 1 more thing, christopher paolini was only 19 when he published it so i would like you to do better oh but wait, you’re probably to old to write a book as thrilling and exciting as this.
      so stop ruining everyones day you freaking moron

      • BRISINGR Says:

        Hahaha go u bro. Ya u old hag leave us alone just cause u were never able to achieve nytin in ur life doesnt mean u have to wreck others! Ya daft moron


    • N.E.D. Says:

      You are an idiot you may have a right to your opinion but your still an idiot because you obviously havent read the praises the books have gotten like from The New York Times, People, Publishers Weakly, The USA Bestseller, and The Wallstreet Journal so next time you want to talk bad about a book you should listen to them because they know more than you do

  18. argetlam Says:

    there has been girl riders, just not nearly as many as guy riders. it said it somewhere in the books…. And Vanir could be the next rider….

  19. a1hitko Says:

    I think u r all retards u all hav names frum the books. Obsessed….. Anyway vanir can’t be the rider unless christopher paolini is a retarted writer….vanir was only in the story for a while. The new rider wil probably be Arya or roran, they’ve both been in all of the books.

    • Bella Cullen Says:

      i say arya cuz she was in all the books, eragon luvs her and it will bring them closer 2gether, and bcuz roran cant b it bcuz he wud outlive katrina. ive read the 3rd book and roran and katrina get married…
      plus, i think tht arya rlly duz luv eragon, she just duzn’t want 2 distract him and there r 2 many differnces btween them. if she bcame a rider, then the gap btween them wud lessen and it wudn’t matter tht she’s 100 yrs older than him bcuz they r both now immortal and they both look [pretty much] like elves and eragon has matured a lot since the 1st 2 books. i cant wait 4 the 4th book! (eragon iz immortal bcuz he iz a rider and he looks pretty much like an elf bcuz he wuz changed in the blood-oath celebration in eldest.)

      • Dragon Rider184 Says:

        no duh sherlock

      • Dragon Rider184 Says:


      • samydrunner1 Says:

        not only is the cover going to be green but i think the name will be Eldunari, once earagon kills galbatorix, i bet he’ll find broms dragons heart of hearts hence inheriting what was his fathers.

  20. Kevin Says:

    When the creator of the riders sword said that 2 ancient families that have a riders sword I think that the menoa girl is one of the ancient families that has a rider’s sword and I think that Mutragh will live because when gaboltrix dies he wont be his slave anymore and Eragon can easily nuetralize the bonds that gaboltrix layed on mutragh.

    • BRISINGR Says:

      Dude u are wrong one of the family is House of varoth in Ellesmera nd they hold Tamerlin the sword nd the other is in an other Elvish city.

      • Bella Cullen Says:

        yea. its in the 3rd book. menoa iz not a grl, its a tree, the menoa tree. u learn about it in the second book. in the 3rd book, eragon goes 2 the menoa tree and finds brightsteel under its roots. (thts the stuff tht rhunon uses 2 make the rider’s swords.)(rhunon iz the elve-swordsmith.) he gets a sword and names it Brisingr and evry time he says its name, it bursts in2 flames bcuz Brisingr means ‘fire’ in the Ancient Language.

  21. Alex Says:

    personally I hope it is orik because he would be the first dwarf rider

  22. scott Says:

    arya should be the next rider it just goes

  23. wolvenpyrate Says:

    brom being eragons father makes alot of sense, it would add a very dramatic twist. the next rider, i doubt a dwarf as they are not friendly with each other and the original binding did not include dwarves. roran king for sure, eragon to die…. nah kidding but it is possible. murtagh is a tough one, someone important needs to die its a rule, a crappy one, but its the way those writers work. i just cant wait to read and find out. a 10 yr old could write it ha, jealousy is a curse.

  24. wolvenpyrate Says:

    and do you hear the fans complaining at an extra book, i sure as hell dont, if u dont like it, well u kno the rest

  25. Misery Says:

    You are all wrong roran next rider eragon get’s new sword from the elf who makes swords he kills murtagh he gives roran murtagh’s sword they both go to killgalbotorix roran get’s fatally wounded arya marry’s eragon THE END

    • Bella Cullen Says:

      no! no! no! no, no, no!!!!!!!!!!!
      “arya bcums nxt Rider. they slay Galbatorix and free Mutagh. Murtagh bcums good again. Roran bcums King and Katrina Queen or Nasuada will b Queen. arya and eragon get married. THE END”

      • Laughs Says:

        um by the way Eragon’s sword, Brisingr, bursts into flames because Eragon discoveres it’s true name which is, coincadently, ‘fire’, in the ancient laugage! that sucks, but is also amazingly cool! haha

      • Dragon Rider184 Says:

        bella vamps have no part in this go suck lion blood. this is 4 humans elves dragons and dwarves

  26. hercules Says:

    yeh, well i like cheese. it taste gooood….
    eragon will die,, ha bet ya didnt think of that one. an he wont marry arya bacaus she a tight ‘ole an he will find sum uda woman 2 bone

    • Bella Cullen Says:

      1st of all, WHAT?!
      eragon will NOT die. its impossible, hes the main character! and he WILL marry Arya! they will bcum King and Queen of the Elves once Izlanzadi dies in battle.

      • Dragon Rider184 Says:


  27. well i think arya would die in the fight between murtgah and eragon as well roran may get a fatal wound

    • N.E.D. Says:

      I agree that someone important has to die but its not going to be Eragon I think its going to be King Orin and that Nasuada will take over his army and his kingdom but thats just my opinion.

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  31. Ela Vinr Älfakyn (Elf Friend) Says:

    if you think something is true, but it’s not…. can you say it in the Acient Lenguage?

    • Bella Cullen Says:

      yes. if u think its true, if u truly blieve its true, then u can say it. and if u take an oath in the Ancient Language, and u have 2 break it, u cant. but if theres a way 2 do it w/o actually doing it and u believe it is different even if it isn’t, then u can do it. (4 n xplanation, read Brisingr.)

      • Dragon Rider184 Says:


  32. thrysta Says:

    Hey dragonrider18, you were talking about roran and how sick it will be when the varden give him a sword but i think the hammer suits his personality way better. If anything they will just give him a more powerful magical hammer, not extradite him into a generic hero by giving him a sword

  33. $@b3r)D@r7 Says:

    the next rider may be arya(largest chance),roran,orik(small chance even though there have been no dwarf riders).I also think the kid from carvenhall (birgits or what ever her name is)son.
    eragon may get the first riders blade.

  34. $@b3r)D@r7 Says:

    the next rider may be arya(largest chance),roran,orik(small chance even though there have been no dwarf riders).I also think the kid from carvenhall birgits (or what ever her name is)son.
    eragon may get the first riders blade

  35. LEGOLAS!!!!!!!!!! (not an Inheretance name) Says:

    Ok first of all, Arya and Roran will NOT be the next Rider, it’s just way too obvious. And Orik CAN’T be, because dwarves were not added to the spell, therefore they can not be intimately linked to a dragon. Secondly, what is it with you people and fatally wounding Roran?? There’s nothing in the books to support the idea that he get’s killed. But I do agree that there’s a good posability that he could become king. The idea about Nolfavrell being the next Rider is a nice idea and is possible, I guess, but not entirely plausable. The idea that Eragon might get the first Rider’s sword is also an interesting idea. My main theory is that Brom is Eragon’s father. First of all, Blagden’s prophesy that goes “While two may share two, and one of two is certainly one, one might be two” is said when Eragon asks who his father is. And while this is confusing to understand, I think we can deduce that it’s saying that Selina is both Eragon and Murtag’s mother, but that they have different fathers. Also, Selina died giving birth to Eragon, and Angela fortold that Brom would love a woman, but that this love would be her undoing. Lastly, Orimis compares Brom and Eragon and says that they were both similar in that they were always asking questions. There are other supporting points, but these are the main ones. I’m also a supporter for the theory the Galbatorix get’s his strength from the Vault of Souls. I have other thoughts about the book, but these are my main ones 🙂

    • BRISINGR Says:

      You are a hundred % rite my brother nd by the vault of souls chris means the enduary which is the dragons heart of hearts

      • Laughs Says:

        sorry to burst ur bubble but im pretty sure that the Vault of Souls only opens to one true of heart. And tell me if im wrong but Galbatorix is really um how should i put this, A DOOSH, and that meaning he is not true of hearts.

    • rider Says:

      arya wil be come the next rider bcause her magic is green that is the same coulor as the egg

  36. Imissglaedr Says:

    Ok. For all of you who said Brom is Eragon’s father. You guys have great guesses, cause i NEVER would have expected that until it is revealed in Brisingr. And then those who say Galbatorix gets his strength from the vault of souls, is wrong. He gets his strength from the dragons eldunari’ (dragons heart of hearts) which he has capture of most ever dragon that was slew. And eragon doesnt get the first blade, Rhunon makes him one frombrightsteel that was found under the menoa tree(which solves solembums litle riddle). His sword is blue like saphira, and he names it Brisingr, which explains the name of the book. And every time he says brisingr, even if he doesnt mean it, he shoots flames. Then Glaedr and Oromis reveal themselves to galbatorix, and Galbatorix speaks through Murtagh, and kills oromis while he has one of his seizures. Then thorn bites Glaedr in the neck and kills him, but he is still inside Eldunari’. Orik does in face become the Dwarf king, but thats obvious. Roran proves to be a true warrior, only using his hammer. And the green egg didn’t hatch. Roran marries katrina and she gets pregnant. The Ra’zac die. Another shade is formed but killed only instantly, and the Varden takes over feinster, as the elves took over Gil’lead. Thats about all the important details

    • BRISINGR Says:

      UMM . . . yeah . . a little slow but ok nyways by the vault of souls he does mean the eldunary because if u make sense of it it means tat the dragons soul is trapped in a vault, the vault being the eldunary

      • Laughs Says:

        hey just a question but, don’t ya think that somehow RHunon could like melt down the old riders swords to make new ones for new riders. That’ed be cool cause im guessing that Galbatorix would have like an entire stock of them from after killing all those dragon riders, it’ed be handy, any time he wants one he could just take one from his giant stock of old riders swords.

  37. yeah i said it! Says:

    umm only one thing is wrong imissglaedr nowhere in the book was it conformed that the elves took over gil’lead…. oh and thanks for telling every one how the book ends it not like we were going to read it or anything …….

    • BRISINGR Says:

      U are an idiot oi it DOES say tat the elves have taken over gil ead u idiot it said it now the elves would march from gilead u dim head

  38. Soooooo.... Book 4? Says:

    Any ideas when book 4’s coming out?

    There was a 2 year gap between Eragon and Eldest, then a 3 year gap between Eldest and Brisingr. But I was of the impression that CP has book 4 pretty much finished (in his head at least, not written) but it could take a while to set it all straight on paper, and it can take ages to get then ending right…

  39. ihatemurtagh Says:

    i think that since orimis is killed the elves probly failed to capture gilead and that murtagh probably killed most of the elves. Also i think that in the 4th book eragon will get a chance to kill murtagh but wont be able to do it.

    • BRISINGR Says:

      No murtagh cannot kill most of the elves because do u remember the fight eragon won but only beacuse he had support of the eleven elves well a hundred elves put together could probably wipe him out easily

  40. dweeb Says:

    I think the vault of souls refers to the vault where galbatorix keeps the eldunari. furthermore, i believe murtagh will be killed in book 4, somewhere between the battle on dras leonas and urubaen. yea or nay?

    • Bella Cullen Says:

      nay 4 both. u rlly think tht the vault of souls is in Galbatorix’s possesion even though both Arya and Oromis have herad of it but cant remember nething about it?

  41. Dragonwings25 Says:

    Where Galbatorix keeps the Eldunari will be in the vault of souls and that is why he needs that advice from Sloemnbum, so he can free them. Roran will be the next rider, maybe orik though because he said in his clanmeet how they had been ignorant of the time when they could be riders so the dwarves might soon have the powers to be dragon riders and since it was Orik who wanted to Orik could be the next rider but more probably Roran.

  42. Dragonwings25 Says:

    does anyone know when the 4th book comes out

  43. i like pickles Says:

    i think galbatorix’s dragon that he stole was Blodhgarm’s dragon and that is why he diguised himself as a wolf

  44. Dragonwings25 Says:

    Galbatorix killed shruikens rider so it cant be Blodhgarm’s dragon.

    • BRISINGR Says:

      umm dude u do know tat when the rider is killed the dragon dies with him lol

      • Bob Says:

        Not true, they may die out of mourning, but it is not always so. If they died with him, Glaedyr would have died with oromis. Such was not the case…though he did die shortly thereafter from a blow to the back of the skull.

      • Bella Cullen Says:

        i agree w/ Bob bcuz also Galbatorix’s 1st dragon died, yet he’s still alive. Shruikan was stolen from another Rider and was forced 2 do Galbatorix’s bidding. and Brom’s dragon died. he went mad 4 a little while, but then continued to go on living, trying 2 get revenge on Morzan.

    • Laughs Says:

      ahhh no he didn’t Shruiken never had a rider before Galbatorix. Galbatorix went to the dragon nersery before anyone else could touch Shruiken, and so binding him, cause if Galbatorix killed Shruikens real rider then Shruiken would have died along with him.

  45. shurtugal10 Says:

    First off, yes the stash of Eldunari will be the vault of souls, for sure. Second where are you getting the idea that blodgharm was shruikan’s rider? no indication of that what so ever, especially since Galbatorix killed his rider. Thirdly, Orik is too busy being king to become the rider and Roran doesnt need to be a rider to prove his worth. Arya will only just now start to get the renown she deserves by having killed the second shade. Such a development in her character will bring her to Eragon’s level making it easier for the two to connect and the final nudge in their unity will be when the last egg hatches for Arya. As Oromis said in ELDEST, he is not privy to Islanzadi because of his status as a Rider. Arya wont accept Eragon because of their differences. Once Arya becomes a rider, their differences will be fewer than their similarities and the two wont be able to make any more excuses. Which would explain why there are two elves leaving on a boat with two dragons flying about them in Eragon’s dream. Arya’s dragon will be a male and will be saphira’s mate and arya and eragon will be together and angela’s prophecy will come true as Eragon will in fact be leaving alagaesia. Finally, Murtagh will not be killed but will be somehow preoccupied while Eragon fights Galbatorix (perhaps by then Arya’s dragon will already be fit for flight and battle and will distract murtagh) and then either murtagh’s character will change, changing his name, or Galbatorix will be killed first, either way freeing him from his oath.

    • Bella Cullen Says:

      i agree w/ all but the statement tht the vault of souls is in Galbatorix’s possesion. u rlly think tht he has it if Oromis and Arya have both heard of it?

  46. shurtugal10 Says:

    oh and the elves did capture gilead. murtagh probably fled after almost dying to oromis and glaedr. there was mention of it somewhere in the last or second to last chapter. Either way, how could murtagh possibly have killed off thousands of elves when he was an inch from death if he was bested by eragon and 13 others (including arya)?

  47. question.. Says:

    does anyone know when book 4 will come out? it sucks reading the book in a couple days and having to wait a year. thx

    • Bella Cullen Says:

      i agree tht it sucks. i have no idea when its cuming out. there hasn’t been a set date yet, or even a set title! i cant wait 2 c what it’s called!

      • Laughs Says:

        i hate having to wait, especially in Australia cause we get our books like 2-3 mounths after Americans get it and everyone goes on the net and talks about how good it is and im sitting here wanting to read it.

  48. Jacob Thomas Crofts Says:

    In response to a very insightful observation made previously: I strongly believe Arya will become a rider. It was mentioned that the remaining dragon egg locked away in Uru’baen is emerald green in color. The magic Arya has been known to produce (battle under Farthen Dur) is also green. In the chapter in “Eldest” where Saphira tries to mate with Glaedr, there is a reference to green dragon shells on the floor of the cave. The cover of the next (and final) is said to featue an emerald green dragon facing the right. This motif of color implies that Arya will become a rider and her dragon will be green. Maybe it has already hatched? (Please comment!) Eragon’s magic is blue, and so is Saphira. In one of Eragon’s premonitions, two dragons are seen in the sky, presumably Saphira and Arya’s dragon. Maybe (as mentioned by shurtugal10) the dragons will bring them together and their dragons will help rebuild their race… Sounds likely to me! As a sadder note, I think the man who utters “an aching cry” on the shore of the river when [Eragon] departs is Roran, demonstrating that he can’t be the new rider. Orik is also doubtful because the dwarves were not added to the spell and because he has too many duties as king.

    The Vault of Souls: I think this has yet to be divulged in the series, and I doubt it refers to the place where Galbatorix keeps the eldunari. Freeing the dragons can’t be as simple as Eragon barging into the vault and saying “Everybody out!” I think the Vault has a different purpose: possibly for restoration of power or advice from previously departed beings.

    To those who complain about this website containing spoilers: well, what did you expect?

  49. gaurav Says:

    I was just thinking that the fourth rider could be Katrina or the women eragon blessed in third book.

    • Bella Cullen Says:

      not Katrina, she wud outlive Roran.
      not the “woman” who Eragon blessed in the third book bcuz there were 2 ladies. a woman and a teenage grl and unless specify and have a reason, i rlly dont think so.
      i think it will b Arya.

    • Laughs Says:

      i reackon that the chicks Eragons blessed are like spies for the varden going under cover to spi on the king or something

  50. justwantintocomment Says:

    Now this may just be me but I think that there is a chance of Eragon and Nasuada marrying each other. It mentions how they were getting to become friends more and how they enjoyed each other’s company and both felt lonely in the presence of other couples. That was just something that I was thinking about while reading the third book, comment on it if you like, though it is probably not as likely as Eragon and Arya and how all of the prophecies seem to be leaning toward it.

    And i also was thinking that if all of you guys enjoyed the series so much why are you mad that it didn’t come to an end in the third book. If you liked it so much then you should be glad it didn’t end and there’s more to read about it.

    • Bella Cullen Says:

      im not mad @ all! im vry happy infact! im just impatient! i cant wait 4 the last 1 2 cum out! i finsihed the 3rd 1 2 nites ago and now im bored! do u have ne idea of what i shud read while waiting? ive already read all the harry potter books, all the twilight books, and all the fire within books. i rlly dont think tht Eragon will marry Nasuada. he wud outlive her and Eragon iz already in luv w/ Arya. i rlly dont think tht CP will introduce a new luv 4 him in the last book.

  51. Gracy Says:

    No, you’re not the only one. Eragon and Nasuada becoming more closer in Brisingr definitely made me wonder if they are about to get together. Their friendship is very strong and has continually been developing mutually, like how the best relationships start.

    Nasuada scry-kissed Eragon just before he went back to Ellesmera to train more with Oromis and make his sword. I think there is a special reason why Nasuada gets her own POV chapters in Eragon’s journey, while Arya does not. I think Arya’s just an infatuation, just like Oromis said and that Eragon is becoming slowly more enlightened about how much Nasuada really means to him.

    • rider Says:

      arya will be togther with eragon because if u read the part with the campfire and were eragon told arya about oromis and his buddy they held eachothers for a wile but arya would never alould that to happen in eragon or eldest

  52. Amberose Says:

    okay im almost done with brisingr and my thoughts on what is to come would be that eragon and arya will never get together, he mostly wants what he can’t have and the next rider will be some one none has heard of, im hoping a girl perhaps that way eragon and she could get together and then saphira and the 3rd dragon, they would both understand each other as riders and work well together and for each other. but my hopes will probably prove false. But either way there is still the matter of the location of the egg, as far as i know it is still with galbatorix and unless it is stolen, remains unhatched, or some how its rider manages to escape before swearing oaths to galbatorix, im not really seeing how the last egg can be of much assitance at this point. I am a bit peeved by the fact that i now know the ending because of the above statement, but im sure i’ll still be surprised, hopefully. oh i do hope the 4th book comes out soon 😀 tootles!

  53. Amberose Says:

    OH by the way i flippin hated the movie, it had like hardly anything in common with the book, mostly just names the rest idk, i was too busy complaining in the theater, lol

  54. Major Fan two Says:

    i believe the last egg contains twin dragons, and as mentioned in the third book, the elves just had two new children twelve years ago, twins. i believe the two dragons he see flying above the boat is the twins. and for the vault of souls i believe it is a metaphor for the mind, how eragon might be able to communicate with the other dragon’s udinies and slowly break the control galbotorix has over them, but he would have to release all his feelings, sort of like a buddah thing. Finnaly i belileve the dragons those in the eudinies would finnaly be able to use their emense power stripping galbatorix of his name and perhaps resoring a few of the eudinies to there dragon forms but as eggs if anyone agrees or has anything to say please comment.

    • Bella Cullen Says:

      i rlly dont think tht there r going 2 b twin dragons. i’ve never heard of tht b4. i say it’ll b Ayra.

      • I hate vampires Says:

        just because you’ve never heard of it, you simple minded idiot,dosen’t mean it’s not possible.That certainly is an interesting theory that major fan two has come up with, and I severely hope that it comes true just so you’ll be proved wrong. Twilight sucks!!! Now get out because this is for human, dragon, dwarf, and elf affairs only.

    • Flame Says:

      That would be /really/ cool.
      But Eragon has to leave forever… So unless he dies, what makes the most sense is that one of the dragons flying over the boat is Saphira…

  55. Bruce Says:

    I think that Eragon and Angela will visit the guy that questions everything that he met in Brisngr. Through that guy Eragon will find out what the vault of souls is and where to find it. I believe it will have something to do with taking down Galbatorix. I think it would be interesting if Elva was the next dragon rider (very doubtful though). In the earlier books it talks of Eragon leaving. I wonder if he leaves, and finds some wild dragons to help fight. It would be an interesting twist.

  56. takn all my ideas Says:

    well u all prtty much said everything tht i have been thinkin such as the vault of souls bein heart of hearts an all dat and much more but for eragon findin wild dragons to help fight i doubt it cause it says he will never return. for roran i finf that since he is always tryin to lift the rock wit magic he will end up bein rider and is finally able to cast magic. an he will pwn all of them since he can beat nearly 200 soldiers witout magic or extra strength and i forget what part in the book but arya is about to say something to eragon but cuts off in mid sentence so i think she was bout to say be careful or say somethin like she loves him i could type all my views of what will happen but it will take the whole website

    • i have an idea Says:

      so i think that the vault of souls is going to be an ancient holding place for the elundri that for eragon to enter he must speak his true name. its gonna be out in the middle of the desert at the little mound thingy on the map. and i think that the name that the razac said that galbatorix is getting close to finding is the true name of the ancient language that had been lost for thousands of years.

  57. garrow Says:

    the green dragon rider might even be rorans son/daughte?

  58. garrow Says:

    i also think the vault of souls may be able to bring back someone from the dead

  59. garrow Says:

    the fourth book will be called elundri

  60. lifes shadow Says:

    i think that roran will not be come the dragon rider for a few reasons first off he is married to katrina and she is pregnant with his child,and he loves her more than anything and would not leave without her, and if you think paolini will kill her and her unborn child you are mistaken he might kill her after the child is born but not before, and the prophecy says two people board the boat not two and a child and a woman plus roran wants to go back to carvahall,although it is possible eragon and murtaugh leave alagaesia together i highly doubt it because that would leave the third dragon unaccounted for! therefore i beleive murtaugh will die honorably or not? i dont know but tell me would eragon leave behind without murtaugh noone would trust him after everything that has happenned he has personally , taken out someone the dwarves will want him dead for and the elves too!. so in my opinion reading of what paolini has wrote i have come to the conclusions wrong they may be!!!, there are few choices for the next rider, first off there is orik( not likely) because the dwarves would have to be added to the spell and the elves would have to do it and them being at war i dont see it likely happening ,the their is nassuada (possibly but still not likely) since she is the leader of the varden she would have to give that up as already explained the varden is her life and she would be leaving it behind for the most part and the varden need her as their leader, then their is vanir ( not likely) since hes marching with the elves and he only played a small role in the book!!!!!!, and the their is elva ( highly unlikely) since is already marked by saphira i dont think she will be marked again, last but not least is arya ( highly likely) since she has green magic and we know that the dragon is green that helps plus she could leave alagaesia untide to anyone , plus i think eragon will go to jeob and he will find the vault of souls accidently when searching through his books and in it will be a few eldunari galbatorix hasnt taken control of yet and with them the last dragon egg, since arya is the ambassador she will be the first to see the egg and it will hatch for her and it is more likely because she has a lot of magic already and wouldnt need any training unlike the rest of the canidates besides vanir, that is my resoning let me know if you agree sorry it was so long but unfortunately for ylu i dont really care the im sorry was hollow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. lifes shadow Says:

    oh and eldunari is a good guess for the next name

  62. Braxton Says:

    I think the third rider will be arya, cause if you think about it there are already 3 human riders, and because there are already 3 human riders this means the last one has to be an elf, they are all guys, which mean the last one has to be a girl, and in the vision Eragon has he sees him and a woman bording a boat with two dragons circling over the boat. I know all that proves is that the rider will be a girl and an elf but, there is also the fact that Eragon loves Arya, and that who Saphira loves is greatly influenced by who Eragon loves. So Eragon would love Arya and Saphira would love arya’s dragon.

  63. Breath of fire Says:


  64. Madara Uchiha Says:

    Heh… so wuts with evry1 bein obsessed with killing roran?? First of all Roran won’t be rider hes got a wife and a soon to be child. It won’t be Arya because thats too obvious. It won’t be Orik cuz hes king and dwarves never were included in the spell. I think Nasuada will be the new rider evn tho she is the Vardens ruler.

    • momo Says:

      i don’t think it’ll be nasuada because they’re always talking about how having another immortal ruler would be really bad, also i think it’ll be arya because she is already very familiar with magic and dragons and so she wouldn’t have to be trained as much and she would be ready to fight to start with; though they’d have to trian the dragon….

      • Bella Cullen Says:

        i agree w/ momo, but i think tht maybe Galbatorix has put spells on the egg (not sure what 4, but tht sounds like him) and glaedr’s magic will help Arya’s green dragon grow quickly and w/ the help of Glaedr, Eragon ad Saphira will speed though teaching them.

  65. ashley Says:

    when is the 4th book’s release date??
    i cant wait to read it 🙂

  66. Tim Says:

    Hey breath of fire. You said the fourth books name is Eldunari and is nearly finished. is that 4 real or is it just a rumor/guess? also what’s that about splitting?

    • Bella Cullen Says:

      i think tht the name and ending is a rumor, but i can tell u about the splitting. CP was going 2 make it just 3 books, but the last 1 was so long tht he had 2 split it in2 2, so ow there will b 4.

  67. momo Says:

    tim i think this’ll answer ur Q, someone said that brisinger was originally really long, but he had to split it in half(i can’t remember the reason…)and also yes, the title for the 4th book is eldunari

  68. Arya Says:

    r u guys sure that the fourth book is titled Eldunari?
    i thought it was only a rumour

    • I hate vampires Says:

      It might not be eldunari because I’ve done reasearch and Chris. Paolini said that the title would be something eragon would inherit.I’ve heard that it will be called Empire.

  69. Gwen Says:

    I sure hope CP develops the relationship between Eragon and Nasuada. I prefer those two together. Both Eragon and Nasuada believe in a higher power, are about the same age, are already close friends with a deep care for each other, have similar personality traits, and mutually respect each.

    I think the rocky-road stuff between Eragon and Arya is foreshadowing that they aren’t going to end up together. He wasn’t pursuing her so much any more in Brisingr. It reminds me of when Eragon had a forboding feeling while he was listening to Murtagh speak of Nasuada.

  70. Madara Uchiha Says:

    Bleh. This series is great and all, but really. Don’t just wait around for a year or two for the last book to come out. Just read a diffrent series. The Twilight series is really good… You should all read it. (I’m a guy so fuck you)

  71. Conor Says:

    Roran should for sure be the next dragon rider, him and Eragon get Murtagh to the good side, then all three of them pwn Galbatorix!

  72. rider Says:

    no murtagh dragon will die and arya and eragon will leave forever with the elves and murtaght will be the 1 left crying on the beach because his dragon died

  73. Rider Of Chance Says:

    Vault of souls: i think there is a possibility that it is the place where the last dragon egg is and/or the eldurani so the push of the dragon egg/eldurani or both will let Eragon/the possiblility of the green dragon rider defeat galbatorix.New Rider:My guesses r Arya(likely) because she has green magic and Eragon shows effection towards her.Nausuada(likely) Cause a relationship with Eragon and her is starting.Eragons relationship: probably Eragon will leave alageasia because he can’t deicide who 2 love arya or nausauda but will choose and together they will leave alageasia. Those r the best theories i have come up with!

    • Nathan Says:

      Are you trying to say Eragon loves Nasuada? I would be interested if you could tell me where in the book this is implied?

    • Elisabeth Says:

      I think your theories are legit, but I don’t think Eragon likes Nasuada. I think she and Murtagh had something.

  74. fuck cp Says:

    these books are fucking stupid! if u think about it cp was too young to develop the 1st book properly and that effected the rest of the books. im just gana say that yall need 2 get a life and read some other book. or grow some balls and start dating girls

    • yetiman Says:

      @ fuck cp:you know that just saying something like that makes you look like an inmature asshole and that if you dont like the god damn books just stay in your fucking corner and keep jacking off you stupid prick

    • Diego Says:

      LOL you must be like 14.

      I’m 18, been reading these since I was a kid and I dunno about you but as for dating girls, i’ve been doing that since before the books started coming out.

      Also, go to English class, you write like you are 14, emphasizing my points.

      If you don’t like it piss off. Go see if you can actually get laid for once. Surely you can find a cheap hooker to satisfy your needs.

      Fuck off you lousy prick. Go back to your corner and wank off to pictures of your sister and shut the fuck up. Thanks.

  75. playa Says:

    haha i agree> plus these books are for young kids who have no idea how fucking bad a writer cp is!

    • Diego Says:

      Really? I’m looking forward to when your book comes out. What’s it called again?

      That’s what I thought.

      Now you need to quiet down with a nice bowl of shut the fuck up.


  76. db Says:

    i would have thought that the 4th book would have been nearly completed by now bc cp said that he relised that the 3rd book was gana be 2 big so he split it in 2 books. so doesnt that meen that he would have almost been dane with the series? thats just my opinion plus its been over a year now!

  77. Anonymous Says:

    I was thinking…you remember that girl who got her fortune told by Angela in the latest book? I think she’s the next rider. See, events are happening really fast and the Rider would have already needed to have their dragon raised. The last dragon rider must be a girl, and she is a girl with a mysterious past nobody really knows.. Angela did not tell Eragon who she is, either, so she must be signifigant. I think she may have already gotten that dragon egg a while ago, hatched it, and has been keeping the dragon in secret. It might sound crazy but it kinda fits, right? Eragon could also love her, because they would be equals, two humans. Arya is already an elf; she doesn’t need to be a rider too!

  78. Nathan Says:

    Did any of you consider that there could be a hidden store of eldunari that galbatorix didn’t find, (the vault of souls)?

    • Nathan Says:

      Also, murtagh told eragon that galbatorix had the last egg, and that the dragon was male. It seems illogical to assume it was already taken, although a possibility that the girl you mentioned could become a rider.

      • Diego Says:

        Oromis claimed all the Eldunari were well accounted for when Galbatorix rounded them up. I can’t say I have any idea what the Vault of Souls or the Rock of Kuthian are or what importance they play, but it would seem too cheesy and predictable of Paolini’s maturing writing style to say they contained a flock of Eldunari.

        I would be really surprised if this turned out to be true. I would say i’m 80% sure it won’t be the case. Cheers.

  79. Real Says:

    you know what, you need to watch naruto shippuden on

  80. Ani Says:

    Why can’t the name of d 4th book be “Inheritance” when the cycle itself is named as Inheritance cycle???

    • annonymous Says:

      well i think it is because there is a chapter in everybook called inheritance and he is always getting something of significance or figuring out something about his family

  81. Rider123 Says:

    It’s not a logical name for the 4th book

  82. Amy Says:

    who is the next rider, what is the title of the 4th book, and just saying that the twilight series was good but not the best and people who dont like these books should just shut up and go back too their miserable lives without screwing up our lives!!

  83. Amy Says:

    just found out that the cover of the 4th book is a green dragon for sure.

    • Amy Says:

      Galborix could tell what gender the dragon is by asking him from his mind….. just an idea i mean the dragon knows what is going on inside its shell so it should be able too hear galborix or like i said before can mentally hear him or galborx just sensed it was a boy

    • Eragon Says:


      • Eragon Says:

        I was saying that to your first comment that it was a green dragon for the cover.

      • james Says:

        i really dont think that galbotorix can find out anything bout it being male or female cause when the egg was being carried around by arya with eragons egg the could of easily found out where it was by reading its thoughts the only time he could read the minds was when the dragon hatched

  84. Diego Says:

    Am I the only one here who is absolutely appalled at the terrible English that 9/10 posters adhere to?

    God damn you think after reading well over 1500 pages people would have learned to speak English. It makes my eyes hurt just reading it.

  85. Nathan Says:

    Oromis also claimed that there may be a store of Eldunari somewhere, if they could just find them. I am fairly sure Dragons aren’t meant to have clear thoughts and feelings until they have hatched, although they are alive, I don’t think they would be sat having a discussion with Galbatorix. Also, I was considering maybe that Eragon, the Elves and the Varden could come up with a spell that cuts him from reaching his Eldunari, as it says this in the book, however i’m not sure this will happen, it seems too obvious.

    • james Says:

      i think that galbotorix will eventually find a way to turn the eldunari to eggs somehow it be interesting if it happened

  86. Eragon Says:

    I bet that Paolini already has an idea of how Galbatorix will die but I think that there should be something the every one will not expect on how to die, for instance in some books there seems like there will be a major battle but when it happens it is short and sweet and to the point. Just a heads up Paolini.

  87. james Says:

    i think that theres going to be more then 4 books it explains to much just to be 4 books itd be better to make more books anyway there going good so far

  88. Roran Says:


    • annonymous Says:

      all ive heard was tht is was SUPPOSED to be june 2010 to june 2011 and tht time is coming to a close so im hoping soon

      • N.E.D. Says:

        Thank you I have been waiting for an answer to that question since 3 days after book 3 came out which is when I finished reading it by the way again thanks even though the answer is a little vage

  89. Elisabeth Says:

    I have read the third book. Brom is Eragon’s father. Murtagh is the newest Rider. And Orik is the new dwarf king. I can’t wait until the fourth book!

  90. V Says:

    When the he’ll is dragon 4 releasing dragon was great but not worth spending the rest of my life waiting to be released

  91. The most obvious thing in Alagasia Says:

    Here is what we know, Arya likes green and this dead elf. Eragon stepped on a cracked green dragon egg shell. Galbatorix wants to find the true names of, well… everyone! And here is what most likely would happen, Murtagh has an affair with Nasuada. Roran rules Alagasia. Here is who i think the dragon-rider is… Arya! But she was hiding the dragon because Eragon saw the green egg shell was cracked. Murtagh helps defeat Galbatorix because his true name changes when he falls in love with Nasuada. Saphira and Arya’s dragon, you know, mate to help bring back the dragons and Arya and Eragon fall in love and skip of into the sunset (land of elves on ship) like in the lord of the rings.

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