Update on: the Half Blood Prince movie

I was quite absent these pasts 3 weeks because of my studies and charity activities with the Telethon (movement to get money for the research) but now I’m quite back, I say quite because at the end of the year everything is calm around the news for this site.

Anyway, here comes the news:

The Snitch got word straight from Warner Bros that the characters of Hepzibah Smith, the Muggle Prime Minister, and all three Gaunts have been cut from the sixth film, Half-Blood Prince. This, of course, is indicative to the fact that the scenes those characters were involved with will no doubt have been cut from the film, as well.

MTV has released a new interview with the cast of Half-Blood Prince, where the actors and director David Yates talk about the additions and changes to the series. Evanna Lynch mentions being wary of approaching Hero Tiffin, who plays an 11-year old Tom Riddle; David Yates briefly discusses the Hermione-Ron-Lavender love triangle; and Dan Radcliffe says that if the film is pull off right, “it should be the funniest of the films so far.” Katie Leung, who is back to play Cho Chang in the film, gives detail as to what is left with her character, who, of course, broke up with Harry in the fifth film, Order of the Phoenix. She states that, “There’s still a slight jealousy there with Ginny to be resolved.” Dan and Bonnie Wright, who play Harry and Ginny, respectively, talk about their characters’ burgeoning relationship, as well. Bonnie mentions that, “I suppose our relationship lasts longer than Cho and Harry, but remember — at the end of [Book] Six, Harry and I can’t be together,” she said. “It’ll be funny to do [the make-out scenes], but it’s just a film! Hopefully people will just enjoy it and not get too jealous.” Dan simply states how odd and funny it will be to kiss Bonnie, having known her since she was ten years old.

Direct from Warner Bros., here’s the very first high-resolution promotional picture from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The shot shows Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) carrying the Marauder’s Map, and, more notably, the Half-Blood Prince’s potions book.


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4 Comments on “Update on: the Half Blood Prince movie”

  1. ameya Says:

    they are changing the whole meaning of the sixth book and the entire series by cutting the characters of Hepzibah Smith, the Muggle Prime Minister, and all three Gaunts(though gaunt snr’s role may be shrinked) .

    i don’t think i’ll like this film as well as i did, the others. and nor will any one else who has appreciated and understood the importantce of the deleted scences.

  2. Evan Says:

    I reckon the Gaunt bits are one of the most important pieces into finding out about Voldemort’s history, therefore, his choices of horcruxes.
    I’d like to see how they explain that then.

  3. Jeremy Says:

    David Yates is a waste of his father’s sperm, and mother’s egg. Harry Potter has turned into a big screen love story, which focuses on all the cutesy stuff in the books, and nothing of the real issues that the book have. Cutting the Gaunts, and Hepzibah is insanity, and it sucks that Dan Radcliffe, and Emma, Rupert, and the rest of the cast who have done a wonderful job, have to suffer because David Yates is a pair of clown shoes. Is he just going to cut the Horcruxes as well? Why not, how about just turning it into a big Hogwarts Senior Prom and having sex scenes with a mass murderer and lots of blood. Voldemort can battle Freddy…….. Thats what David Yates is doing to these books, and its a crime, and i already want to be 60 years old so somone else can come along and do the movies like they should be done….. BURN IN HELL DAVID YATES!!!

  4. Amanda Says:

    I think its a shame that there cutting off these scenes..they play such an important role to really understand everything thats happening now that Voldemort is back.But im really exited to see this movie and i think that it will propobly be great even though they cut off the scenes.and daniel,emma and rupert are doing such an increddible job playing the caracters so i cant wait to see it. 🙂

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