Title for book Three of the Inheritance Cycle at last!

I am pleased to tell you that the title of Book Three in the Inheritance cycle is Brisingr. Sometimes one’s first thought is best, and so it was with naming this book. After many months of trying to sum up a complex story in a single word, it struck me that I had had the name all along. For reasons that will become clear when you read Brisingr, this title is perfect.

Brisingr is an Old Norse word for “fire.” As you may remember, in Eragon, Brom uses the word brisingr to start a fire. This is the first time Eragon hears an ancient language word, a word of magic. Later, when Eragon is cornered by Urgals in Yazuac, he shouts “Brisingr!” to great effect (see Eragon—chapters “Revelation at Yazuac” and “Admonishments”).

Both elements of the cover, the gold dragon Glaedr and the title, touch on Eragon’s inheritance. With his painting, John Jude Palencar has captured the dignity and wisdom of Glaedr, and Random House has again designed an awesome book cover.

More exciting news is on the horizon . . .

May your swords stay sharp!

Christopher Paolini

For more information and news about Book Three in the Inheritance cycle, visit Alagaesia.com.

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15 Comments on “Title for book Three of the Inheritance Cycle at last!”

  1. DragonQueen Says:

    Ok, I think Its safe to say that I have been waiting for this! I am SO excited to read this book. All I want to know if there is gonna be parties at the bookstores like Harry Potter……

  2. berowl Says:

    I hope so, could be great

  3. Ragnar Says:

    Umm, Brisingr isn’t Old Norse for “fire”. Its another of Paolini’s fabrications.

  4. rizzo Says:


    Five words for fire and three for specific types of fire, none of them Brisingr.

  5. Franklin Turds Says:

    SO any word on whether or not this mincing little PLAGIARIST will give credit to those works he steals ideas from? WHY is this “person” paolini still able to get published. Sick and sad.

  6. argetlam Says:

    The Inheritence Cycle is awsome, whether its off of other ideas or not.

  7. Christopher Says:

    To be fair, brisingr does seem to be an Old Norse word of some sort or another. I’m curious what source you got it from, since what little research I’ve done indicates it means something like shining, flaming, or sparkling.

    I presume it’s related to Freya’s necklace, the Brisingamen?

    In a way, “Shining” is probably a better title then “Fire”.

  8. Kris Says:

    Time to repeatedly cry a single tear again, then?

  9. Zechri Says:

    PLAGIARIST??? Shut up! if one´s inspired by something, so be it! the main element is far from what it is in those series, so what difference does it make? Franklin Turds, if you don´t like the cycle, then dont read it!!!

  10. diaryofashorty Says:

    Zechri, good point. To be honest, i loved the books, and its an amazing feat that -how old was he? 15, 16 old guy to write these books. Even if they do sound a lot like LOTR, and theres so much fantasy out there, that its nigh impossible to NOT be a plagiarist when writing a fantasy novel these days.

  11. Frankilin Turdz Says:

    “PLAGIARIST??? Shut up! if one´s inspired by something, so be it! the main element is far from what it is in those series, so what difference does it make? Franklin Turds, if you don´t like the cycle, then dont read it!!!” – I will NOT shut up, Hitler Jr. There is a DIFFERENCE between being inspired by something and directly copying something. The story of his mentor cutting the bridge guards’ purse – COPIED. Not “inspired” Are we clear? Go to this site and see if you can refute the obvious evidence of his plagiarizing. All he has done is morphed star wars and lord of the rings and changed the names. Do you seriously NOT understand that? You advised me to not read it if i don’t like it. Well, there’s no NEED to read it – i already have – I’ve read lord of the rings, and i’ve seen star wars. Come on now, admit it – you’re one of Paolini’s parents…

  12. Joshua Says:

    i aplotly adoor the inheratence cycle it is my faviriot siries in the hole wide world but the only trouble is that i think some of his idears are off star wars but that is ecseptble
    for someone that young i use to take idears of books and movies

  13. dweeb Says:

    I agree there’s nothing wrong with using other people’s ideas so long as they’re properly given credit where it is due. Otherwise, would you like to never again hear of elves, dwarves and dragons? Or let’s say fairies, Eoin Colfer pretty much got that covered. Or let’s say wizards and witches? There’s Harry Potter for that. So what’s wrong with mixing Star Wars and Lord of the Rings? Though reading is just a past time for me, I enjoy reading paolini’s books.

  14. janey Says:

    Though I am coming in late to the conversation, I am amused by the plagiarism discussion. I have read and re-read numerous books that could be categorized as science fiction, fantasy and historical fiction. They are my favorite genres. I have yet to encounter one that can be called original.

  15. dec Says:

    Can we just stop the plagerizing disscussion and get back to why we like the books and what would possibly come next in the cycle?

    -berowl i like how you have the site set up

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