Sweeney Todd: A bloodiful film

I just saw the movie Sweeney Todd starring Johnny Depp directed by Tim Burton and this is my critic.

I believe there are three parts for this movie: “the return of the barber and the preparation of the vengeance” part, the “I kill all the guilty ones” part and the “I kill everyone ’cause in the end everyone is guilty” part.

The movie really starts cool, it takes time to put the set on and as soon as the vengeance begins we just are taken into a torrent of blood till the end. This movie is more a drama and a terrible one than a horror movie as I expected. Tim Burton really makes us laugh sometimes but the scene after we just grave.

Every picture in this movie, every take, every time it’s dark and beautiful, only the happy memories are yellow and the blood is red, so red you just know it’s fake but the context is so dramatic, you forget about it. The most beautiful picture is the very last one, so chaotic, so full of despair.

Actors are really incredible, they really sing well and they just act wonderfully. A master peace for our Tim Burton’s movie collection.

I rate it 4.5/5


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2 Comments on “Sweeney Todd: A bloodiful film”

  1. natalie Says:

    Helina and Johny look so un happy

  2. Kim Says:

    anyways i agree . i think its a total wonder i love the acting and singing and just all around love the film
    iv always been a big fan of movies with john in them but theres something in the ones that are created by tim that just stand out from the rest .
    i think its real speacial when you can get an actors and producers that are as close as tim and john, and i think that this is what makes the films that bit more treasurable.

    just something else quickly just on the appearance of the actors in the movie, i hear everyday “why would you agree to looking bad in a movie when you know that a great deal of people are going to see it?” well i personly for instance am interested in drama, music ect and thats what im hopeing to do in the future. but thats a long way off at the moment . even so i know when i get there if i do then the wont be anything i wont be ashamed of doing. acting is about takeing risks, heck thats what lifes about, and when i see people like johnny and helen in this movie, christerpher walken in sleepy hollow and say kate thompson in nanny mc phee , i dont look at them and say o my god why would you do that , or thats just shameful and look away . i give them credit for haveing the guts to do something like that . i personly don’t think johnny and helen look that bad i mean helen still looks alright and johnny looks hott still. people these days judge too much on appearance and not anough on personality. i think that its rare to find people that are willing to chuck all fears away, with beauty. besides i once heard a very wise person say UGLYNESS IS BETTER THAN BEAUTY BECAUSE IT LASTS LONGER, AND IN THE END GRAVITY WILL GET US ALL, and ever since then, when ever my friends at school say how ugly they are or fat i just walk away and go sit somewere else. i don’t think i should waste MY time listening to wat the new fasion is when by next week it would have changed. to tell you the truth i don’t think i’v sat down and have had a conversation with the girls for two months now.
    i prefer to watch the guys play footy or hang out with them anyday. i don’t think i’v ever laughed that much in a long time AT SCHOOL!!!!
    anyway so yer i hope my comment wasn’t to short>>>>>>>>>>>
    Got to go oi but remember never judge people on appearance seriously , thanks for your time , BYE BYE!!!!

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