A new anime again: Denno Coil#01: Cyberspace

Quite strange but a very inventing anime: Denno Coil. This first episode really immerses us into the world of our two heroes Yuko and Kyoko, well three with the cyber-dog Densuke.

I explain: in this near future a new technology thanks to special glasses allows people to see a second world filled into ours: a cyberworld. A world we can only see with these glasses, and a world we can influence with cyber technology. But like every good technology, it may be hacked, this world is full of viruses and unauthorised cyber-creatures called “illegals”. In this first episode the cyber-dog Densuke will purchase a cyber-creature into a cyber-reality, and our hero will try to bring him back.

Quite complicated and a lot of new words in this first episode but we know as much as Yuko and Kyoko who just arrived into the city to live with their grand mother.

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