Nodame Cantabile

I’ll write here about a great series I discovered a month ago thanks to carineswan, since I haven’t blogged for a while, I’ve seen all the episodes, I’ll just do a review of them.

This anime has a style of his own, its graphic is greatly done, there is some 3D for the instruments, and it’s a really funny anime. It tells the story of 2 people : an hard working boy but quite genius and successful piano and violin player Chiaki and a really messy and stinky girl who is a really gifted piano player called Nodame. These two will do whatever it takes to realise their dream, for Chiaki: becoming a chef of orchestra and Nodame: have date with Chiaki.

Of course, this anime is about a love story being built. It’s ups and downs. It’s really great, funny and emotional. The classical music all the long adds a touch quite romantic and deep when it comes to Rachmaninoff. Since this series I do like classical music.

I really enjoyed it, the last episode (contrary to Kekkaishi) is really good, I even had the chills, and I nearly cried a few time. Yeahh, I’m a guy…. Anyway, a beautiful series and I recommend it to everyone. I rate the series 4/5.

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