The Dark Knight: Heath Ledger’s performance

Since I saw the firsts trailers I quite knew this new Batman by Christopher Nolan would be great. Batman Begins was already darker than the previous opuses and it developed aspects from the comics never seen before.

With The Dark Knight, we are reaching the highest levels of acting, suspense, special effects and scenario. I wasn’t quite sure if I would write a post about it, as I mostly write about Harry Potter, animes, Miyazaki’s and Tim Burton’s movies. But now that I saw the movie, I must.

The Dark Knight is a movie like few other ones. It manages to introduce two new villains: the Joker and Harvey Two Face. It’s not just saying they are the new bad guys, it truly develops their psychology and shows us how they turned mad. It’s quite brilliant really. Especially Heath Ledger. This actor was exceptional. His character will forever be remembered as the best Joker ever played I think. I was really surprised and astonished by his performance. He is mad, psycho, unpredictable and violent. Heath Ledger was the Joker. His acting is so intense that actors like Christian Bale, one of my favorite actors, is almost forgotten, thanks for him he plays the Batman!

Anyway, the story is great, the movie is beautifully dark, the realisation is marvellous and the actors, all of them are incredible. I rate it 4.95/5 (there’s no such things as perfect movies but this one closely reaches it). If you haven’t seen it, just run for it!

Here’s the best Joker (Heath Ledger) from the Dark Knight.

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