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All “Ponyo on a Cliff” Wallpapers

July 25, 2009

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“Ponyo on the cliff by the sea” by Miyazaki: Final trailer

August 12, 2008

How have I been able to miss that??? The trailer is released since the 17th of July (the movie’s national release in Japan) and it totally passed under my nose.

Anyway, here’s the trailer. This is Miyazaki’s work and every fan will recognise it, there’s a lot of My Neighbour Totoro as the main character is a kid, but there’s also some Howl’s moving Castle, Nausicaa and Porco Rosso. I can’t wait for the movie to be released in France.

Release date for Ponyo on the Cliff by the See movie and trailer

April 28, 2008

Great news from Studio Ghibli, Japan: Ponyo ga kuru! Or for those how don’t speak Japanese: Ponyo is coming! The release date of Miyazaki Hayao’s new film Gake no ue no Ponyo (崖の上のポニョ, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea) was officially announced by Suzuki Toshio, executive producer and former president of Studio Ghibli. Suzuki showed the trailer of Ponyo at a preview room in Tokyo and announced that it will be released on July 19th.

In the 85 seconds trailer (which will be released on April 19 in theatres all over Japan), Ponyo is swimming freely to the theme song in the sea. In the movie, 80% of it consists out of sea scenes.

Interview with mighty Miyazaki alias Miya-san

December 11, 2007

Full article is here on There was some extra good “sweating on Ghibli” yesterday. Like every Sunday it was time for another Radio Ghibli at Tokyo FM. This week’s Ghibli Asemamire didn’t take place at Suzuki’s Renga-ya, but at Miyazaki’s office Butaya. Suzuki hid an IC recorder in his pocket, recorded it and added comments in a whispering off-stage voice. Of course a podcast version (music excluded) is available for download in Japanese and is providing an English summary.


Lets flashback to Studio Ghibli’s original way of transferring us to their Ponyo press conference…

We hear the sound of the train running… The narrator announces that the train will take us to the interview stage… While almost arriving at our end station, we hear the conductor over the speakers “Thank you for riding this train, you’ll arrive at Studio Ghibli soon! If you transfer to Neko-bus (My Neighbor Totoro’s Catbus), please change here. Exit doors will be at the right side.” The doors open and we hear the ocean waves and seagulls crying…

With a large amount of TV cameras present, Miyazaki Hayao appeared wearing his regular apron which showed that he escaped during the middle of his job. He was joined by composer Hisaishi Joe, Fujioka Fujimaki and Nozomi Ohashi who sat in centre. At first, the host asked Miyazaki to make a statement. Suzuki whispers “It’s different from the plan that was arranged earlier. Miya-san is angry…”

Miyazaki “I’m glad to get such a good song. I would like to reach a good happy ending to go with it, but I haven’t completed the storyboard, so I think I’ll have to hurry.” Hisaishi “Fortunately, when I was showed the A-part and B-part of the e-conte (storyboard), I immediately got the theme melody: “Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyo…”. It was so simple that I wondered to be laughed at and left it like that for 2 or 3 months. Afterwards I still liked the melody and played it to Miyazaki and Suzuki. They both liked it and said its simplicity is needed for the movie.” Fujimaki “Sorry… this is my first time being interviewed like this… so I’m very nervous…(he was too nervous to answer). Fujioka “Maybe all of you are wondering why 2 of these unknown middle aged men are here. The two of us have formed a band for 2 years now, just in order to prepare to enjoy our post-retirement years. So we are also amazed at this situation…” Nozomi mentioned “I sang as well as I could!” and was followed by a big applause. Suzuki whispered “I’m jealous! Small kid’s statements are always welcomed as they’re so simple!

The host asked Miyazaki “What did you ask Hisaishi for composing the song?” Miyazaki “I handed him a memo paper, but I can’t remember what I asked him. Please ask Hisaishi. Maybe he remembers.” Hisaishi “I got a long note like a love letter. Of course its love isn’t for me, but love for the movie. It was over 10 pages long. I guess in the beginning creators haven’t got a complete image of what they want and just have some core images. I felt images like Ponyo coming or the mother of the sea…” Suzuki whispers “Miya-san always makes memos when he “asks” for music. It’s something Takahata once advised him and Miyazaki he has done it like this for over 20 years.”

A Q&A session started. Pia “Can you tell me about the story, if you can?” Miyazaki replies “Later, the producer will tell something except the story. Anyway, till so far we have used computers to make our movies, but I came to think that having paddles and raising the sails is better. So this time we decided to throw off any 3D CG and must make it with pencils only. As it needs so many hand drawn pictures, I can’t guess how much pictures we must draw… maybe it will be unprecedented. I think hand drawing on paper is the fundamental of animation.” Suzuki whispered “Miya-san is cool-headed today. He fended the question well. He didn’t say anything about the contents of the movie.”

A question followed if the theme song is meant to be used for the opening or ending of the film. Miyazaki replied “If it’s played at the opening, many of the audiences might go out for picnic. So it would be better to be set it at the end. Then I must fit the ending to this song without any gap. A good ending suitable for this song will carry out my responsibility to Hisaishi and Nozomi.


Tokyo FM also asked a question “We heard the storyboard is delayed. Can you make it in time?” to which Miyazaki answered “I don’t think it’s so much delayed… Anyway, we must draw so many by hand… so we are struggling now…” Daily Sport was present as well “I think the song has a father’s theme. This is your first film after your son Goro directed Gedo Senki last year. Are you conscious of it?” Miyazaki “We can’t make a movie if we have such evil in mind.” (applause)

A live performance of the Ponyo theme song followed.

“Why did you decide to use Nozomi?” Miyazaki noted that “While the lyrics and music was left unclear, we asked her to sing a demo. When we listened to it we were stunned by its innocence. We ojisans (aged men) were beaten. That’s all. I hope Fuji-Fuji not to spoil Nozomi’s innocence.” “Nozomi, what did Miyazaki say to you?” Nozomi “He told me… good job…” (laughing)

This week’s Ghibli Asemamire ended with Fuji-Fuji’s “Fujimoto’s theme” as ending music. Its lyrics were written by Fujioka and the music was done by Hisaishi Joe. In case of the Ponyo theme song, its lyrics were written by animation director Kondo Katsuya and corrected by Miyazaki Hayao.

Gake no ue no Ponyo-Theme Song

October 29, 2007

Be sure to read it all as there’s a lot of interesting info on Gake no ue no Ponyo!

Theme song on Youtube is here!

Today’s Radio Ghibli guest is Fujimaki Fujioka. A logical decision, as last week the theme song of Hayao Miyazaki’s latest film Gake no ue no Ponyo (崖の上のポニョ, Ponyo on a Cliff) was announced and it will be sung by this duo, together with the 8 year old Nozomi Ohashi. For those who haven’t heard of Fujioka Fujimaki, they are a music duo that first started making music in 2005. It’s actually somewhat of a side project, as Takaaki Fujiaoka is a music director at SONY music entertainment and Naoya Fujimaki works at the well known advertising agency Hakuhodo, where he takes charge of everything concerning Studio Ghibli. However, these things might change, as they will be singing Ponyo’s theme song together with the 8 year old Nozomi Ohashi and Ghibli theme songs are often hits…

As a highlight of this week’s Radio Ghibli listeners were given a preview of the theme song of Hayao Miyazaki’s new film Gake no ue no Ponyo (崖の上のポニョ, Ponyo on a Cliff). It was a very uplifting song, best to be compared with the theme song of Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro). Miyazaki imagined that father and daughter are singing it together in bath. A little girl who can’t speak fluently yet is singing a song and beside her, her father sings along.

The trigger of Fujimaki being recruited as one of the singers of the Ponyo theme song was Miyazaki’s inspiration. Last year, Fujimaki’s daughter, who is in 2nd grade of high school, had some summer vacation homework. As an assignment she had to research what she would like to become or had interest in. To help her out Fujimaki asked Miyazaki to talk with his daughter. Miyazaki promised him to give her 30 minutes, but he eagerly spoke to the girl for 2 hours. When Fujimaki and his daughter left Miyazaki’s room Fujumaki stood up straight and told his daughter “One’s efforts surely bear fruit”. As those were most unsuitable words for him Suzuki and Miyazaki were both very surprised by Fujimaki’s reaction, but it gave Miyazaki a good impression of Fujimaki being a good father. That brought Miyazaki back at Fujimaki when they were making the demo of the Ponyo theme song. In order to make the demo, they asked Ohasi to sing. In an instant Miyazaki and Hisaishi liked it. Miyazaki enlarged his image and proposed an idea “I want a father’s voice singing along with — for example. How about Fujimaki?” And that’s where it started…

Gake no ue no Ponyo Theme Song – Hiragana Lyrics
あおい うみから やってきた
まんまる おなかの おんなのこ

あしって いいな かけちゃお
おてては いいな、つないじゃお

あのこと はねると こころも おどるよ
あのこが だいすき

まっかっかの ポニョ、ポニョ、ポニョ、さかなのこ
あおい うみから やってきた
まんまる おなかの おんなのこ

Gake no ue no Ponyo Theme Song – Romaji Lyrics
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo sakana no ko
Aoi umi kara yatte kita
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo fukurannda
Manmaru onaka no onna no ko
Peta-peta pyon-pyon
Asitte iina kakechao
Otetewa iina tunaijao

Anoko to haneru to kokoro mo odoruyo
Paku-paku chu-gyu, paku-paku chu-gyu
Anoko ga daisuki

Makkakka no Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo sakana no ko
Aoi umi kara yatte kita
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo fukurannda
Manmaru onaka no onna no ko

Gake no ue no Ponyo Theme Song – English Lyrics (first draft)
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo, it’s a fish kid
It came from the blue ocean
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo,
She is a round bellied girl
Peta-peta pyon-pyon
How nice to have feet! I’ll try to run!
How nice to have hands! I’ll try to hold hands with!

When I jump with her, my heart dances along
Paku-paku chu-gyu, paku-paku chu-gyu
I love her so much!

Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo, it’s a fish kid in red
It came from the blue ocean
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo,
She is a round bellied girl

A year!!!! Yes, it’s been a year!!!!

August 31, 2007

Well, well… I can’t say much, this year has been truly full of events. I really hope you enjoy this site, I greatly appreciate your visits!!! 🙂



Gedo Senki high-res pictures

May 10, 2007

I have found these and they are large enough to make wallpapers. Hope you enjoy!

101.jpg 14.jpg 20.jpg 21.jpg 22.jpg 24.jpg